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The film was originally going to be shot in colour. After a man was killed on a mission, his buddies would go through his personal possessions to remove items like condoms and photos of a local girlfriend, so when his possessions were sent home it would not embarrass his family. The scene where the 918th ignores the radio recall and presses on to bomb the target is true. 12 O'Clock High (TV Series 1964–1967) - Trivia - IMDb. In this case, 12 O'Clock meant the enemy was directly ahead, whereas 6 O'Clock …

While most of the airborne footage in the series was wartime combat footage, much of it from the documentary "Memphis Belle" directed by William Wyler, the former DB-17P 44-83584 (N3713G) at Edward T. Maloney's Air Museum at Ontario, California, was brought the short distance to the former Cal-Aero Field at Chino where the 918th Bomb Group flightline sets were and used for taxiing, crew loading and unloading sequences, and as a backdrop for other filming.

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The screenplay was modified to give Savage a quieter, more subtle breakdown. At least two dates are not shown (being higher up on the wall than the camera pans) and at least two bombing missions were run after this scene, so at least 28 bombing missions were run.

The meaning of this series' title "12 O'Clock High" is that of an example of a pilot's enemy position call. The frame story sequence was shot first, then the surrounding high grass at the airfield was mowed for the flying sequences. Because of the constant noise in the plane, crew wore "throat mics". 12 O'Clock High: Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep.

Locations for creating the bomber airfield at RAF Archbury were scouted by, "The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 60-minute radio adaptation of the movie on September 7, 1950 with.

During a discussion of weather conditions, the term CAVU is used. Goof, not a point of trivia: B-17s were designed to fly at high altitudes. The B-17 used in the movie and television series is now being restored at the Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino California. In the season 2 episode titled "The Idolator" during a scene where Gary Lockwood's character is being reprimanded by Colonel Gallagher for possibly disobeying orders, both men can be seen with 50-star flag patches on the right arm of their flight jackets where there should be 48-star patches. As such, in this case, "12 o'clock" meant the enemy was directly ahead, whereas "6 o'clock" would mean directly behind. Alternate Versions ", The film's release was delayed because MGM's.

This means "Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited (or Unrestricted)". Spoofed in Mad Magazine as "12 O'Crocked High". | During the film, one of the executives recognized the plant that was being bombed as the Volkswagen plant which had made cars for the German Army at the time. As Robert Lansing proved to be difficult to work with, his character was killed off in the second season premiere. Authentic military touches: 1.

The target was the battleship "Admiral Scheer" in the harbor of Wilhelmshaven. Trivia. Someone then announces that fighters have been ordered to ram bombers in order to stop them. You will notice that whenever a crew member speaks he puts his hand up against the mic and presses it against his throat. "The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 60-minute radio adaptation of the movie on April 12, 1951 with, Opening credits dedication: "This motion picture is humbly dedicated to those Americans, both living and dead, whose gallant effort made possible daylight precision bombing. Col. Frank Armstrong, on whom the character of Gen. Savage is based, was in the lead plane on that mission.

According to a TV Guide article from May 15-21, 1965, page 24, Robert Lansing was replaced because the show was moving from 10 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. | One of the first Hollywood films to deal with the psychological effect of war on its soldiers. Based on the real-life 306th Bomb Group. This is never recognized or addressed as an anomaly in the original 1949 film. The B-17 bomber crash landing at the airstrip near the beginning of the movie was no special effect. This helped ensure good sound pickup. At twenty thousand feet, it is minus seventy degrees Fahrenheit (minus fifty-seven degrees Celsius). To heighten tension, there is no musical score under the body of the film, and no fades in the camerawork until the sixty minute mark. In fact, the real life officer on whom Savage was based, Frank Armstrong (ultimately a Lieutenant General), was a colonel when he was assigned to command the 306th Bomb Group, the 918th in real life. The 94th BG, based at Bury St. Edmunds, ignored a recall order on their way to Brunswick, Germany, and pressed on to the target alone, their accompanying groups having turned back. The lead bombardier was Lt. Frank Yaussi. He was Lieutenant Stovall in WWI and then Colonel Stovell, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel for the Eighth Air Force in Britain during WWII. This was an actual tactic used by Germany toward the end of the war, in 1945. While the character of Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Jesse Bishop is shot down and presumed to have been killed in action, the real-life Medal of Honor recipient on whom he was based, Lt. John C. Morgan, survived being shot down and spent the rest of World War II as a POW. In real life, colonel is the highest authorized rank for a group commander. 3. While trying to get sponsors for this series, the producers approached the Volkswagen executives and showed them the pilot show which featured actual bombing footage from the war. Parts of the soundtrack used on segues for Star Trek are also used for segues on 12 O'clock High. The 306th Bomb Group, on which the fictional 918th is based, was the first USAAF group to strike Germany during World War II. Each bomb represents a bombing mission flown by that plane, and each swastika represents a confirmed German plane shot down by the plane crew. While trying to get sponsors for this series, the producers approached the Volkswagen executives and showed them the pilot show which featured actual bombing footage from the war. The trivia item below may give away important plot points. They were the only Americans fighting in Europe in the fall of 1942. Maj. Gen. Pat Prichard (. Major Harvey Stovall character is based on WWI ace William Howard Stovall. This was later in the war than the time period portrayed in "Twelve O'Clock High. A replica of the 918th Bomb Group's Robin Hood toby mug is in use at the Officer's Club at Whiteman AFB, Missouri, home of the 509th Bomber Wing.

Originally planned to be shot in color, the decision was made to shoot in black and white instead to accommodate the use of stock footage.

In any event, everyone on the Continent drove on the right also, so the left hand drive vehicles would have been appropriate after D-Day. He commanded it for only six weeks, but as portrayed in the film led the first bombing raid on Germany. Quotes

On the fuselage of the bombers, under the pilot's window, can be seen a row of stenciled bombs and a row of stenciled swastikas. The Group commander later said they had fought most of the way to the target, and lost 1/3 of their aircraft at that point. Included among the American Film Institute's 1998 list of the 400 movies nominated for the Top 100 Greatest American Movies.

24 bombers. They stood alone, against the enemy and against doubts from home and abroad. "Twelve O'Clock High" is an example of a pilot's enemy position call. Stunt pilot. The real movie prop mug, which was the prized possession of the Frank Armstrong family, was stolen in the early '90s and has not been seen since. Soundtracks. On Savage's plane, the Piccadilly Lilly, there were six bombs and three swastikas, two of which were presumably McIlhenny's. After returning to civilian life, he was recalled to active duty during the Korean War.

Many of the detailed accounts in the movie are true, and based on the experiences of veterans Bartlett and Lay. They wanted Murphy to be able to go back to the states to stump for war bonds. Flying above ten thousand feet required the crews to wear heated flight suits, gloves, and oxygen. The Americans and Canadians brought left-hand drive vehicles to the UK, so this is not an error in the film. | This film was also used at the Bramshill Police College, Hampshire for the instruction of newly promoted senior officers. Connections The only Best Picture Oscar nominee that year to be also nominated for Best Sound Recording. Showing all 15 items. The way it was supposed to work, the German pilot was to dive or fly head-on toward a bomber, but then bail out just prior to impact ... Not too soon and the plane would veer off and too late the pilot would not live to fly another day.

Throughout the series, no one is using their oxygen mask when on a mission. These had two pickups that sat against the larynx (vocal cords) and picked the sound up directly from them. All B17s in ETO had nose guns, some of the B17G models and others in plexiglass noses, minimum two guns in nose glass area. was often used to tell someone to look behind them, to see if they had an enemy aircraft following them. The air battles were cut together from authentic World War II footage. Allied pilots during World War II would vocally call-out the positions of enemy airplanes by referring to their bearings via the use of a pretend face of a clock. This would explain why the general is driven around in cars that are clearly left-hand drive instead of right=hand drive as they are in the UK. In this case, 12 O'Clock meant the enemy was directly ahead, whereas 6 O'Clock … Crazy Credits In the initial episodes of the series, Brigadier General Frank Savage (Robert Lansing) wore a normal A-2 leather flight jacket with rounded collar points and General's stars on the ends of the epaulet straps at the shoulder. U.S. Army Air Forces personnel wore their uniform caps without stiffening, making the caps look somewhat rumpled.

After reading the completed script, officers at the Pentagon were uncomfortable about Savage's breakdown under excessive strain, saying they would "prefer not to indicate to the public that a commanding general...became as irrational as indicated." Goofs

Gregory Peck had an eye infection during the shooting and had to be hospitalized five days.

So in the new version, Savage would be simply overwhelmed by fatigue. | During WWII, many B-17s were lost over Europe, and some of those fell into enemy hands. During World War II pilots would call out the positions of enemy airplanes by referring to their bearings via the use of a pretend face of a clock. In the original script, Savage's mental breaking down was very strong, but Fox studio executives wanted something different. Soundtracks. 20th Century-Fox's third highest-grossing film of 1949. It is also used as a teaching tool for leadership at the Army Command and General Staff College and for leadership training in civilian seminars. A highly unusual film in its day in that it has no musical underscore.


| This was changed to incorporate the aerial combat footage. During the film, one of the executives recognized the plant that was being bombed as the Volkswagen plant which had made cars for the …

See for example MAJ Cobb in the Officer's Club. Doubling for London: Although ostensibly set in England, most of the film was actually shot in the USA. "Twelve O'Clock High" is an example of a pilot's enemy position call. A brigadier general like Frank Savage would not actually be made the group commander as it would be a demotion.


"High" or "low" referred to whether the enemy was above or below the airplane respectively. A romantic subplot, which features in the book, was dropped at the studio's insistence.

They thought the psychological affect would keep bomber pilots from wanting to fly ... it did not have that effect.

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