800 words season 3 finale recap

Tandi Wright as Laura, Elizabeth Hawthorne as Trish, Rob Williams as Zac, Jesse Griffin as Sean, George (Erik Thomson) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) have trouble coping with her. 1.027 million viewers (3rd) Written by Maxine Fleming and James Griffin George is worried that Katie could lose her home and Woody's worried hes about to lose his daughter. Written by Maxine Fleming and James Griffin Directed by Pino Amenta. Lindsay insists that Shay hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. George throws himself into solving the mystery of the missing head of the Sir Frederick Weld statue. John Leigh as Constable Tom, Ascia Maybury as Penny, Tue, October 27, 2015 Shay speaks with Ike (Alex Tarrant). George goes on an epic manhunt through the local populous to learn the source of the scandalous gossip. Big Macs space race plans divide the town. Alex Tarrant as Ike, As the episode begins, Shay (Melina Vidler) questions why Ike decided to break up with her. Bridie Carter as Jan, Directed by Mike Smith. Fiona's baby plans hit an emotional and financial snag. Phil Brown as Bevan, Paul Glover as Bill Jnr,

John Leigh as Constable Tom, Shay and Arlo also feel the heat from their dad's article and decide it's time to stand up to their schoolmates.
Jesse Griffin as Sean,

Reon To Aorangi Bell as Billy, Rick Donald as Woody, Bridie Carter as Jan, Rob Williams as Zac, Written by James Griffin Stephen Papps as Doug. 800 Words Series 3 Episode 3 Recap. 1.170 million viewers (1st) Matt Holden as Jared, Tue, September 29, 2015 Olivia Tennet as Siouxsie, Directed by Pino Amenta. Rob Williams as Zac, Smiler and Woody agree it is best to keep Mary a secret from Tracey. Greg Smith as Dennis, Jesse Griffin as Sean, 1.019 million viewers (2nd) Olivia Tennet as Siouxsie, Peter Hayden as Roger, Benson Jack Anthony as Arlo Turner, Poppy's outback justice upsets some of the Weld locals and the republican presidential race hots up. Brenda (Renee Lyons) gets in touch with George and tells him about their problem. It screened from 12 September 2017 with a mid-season finale after eight episodes. 1.082 million viewers (1st) Phil Brown as Bevan, Peter Elliott as Big Mac,

Olivia Tennet as Siouxsie,

Questions are raised over Laura's death, and the Weld rumour mill goes into overdrive. He suggests using genealogy to track down Mary.

But at the museum's annual wine-and-cheese fundraiser, the locals' behavior gets a bit out of control.

NZ: Thu, Nov 05, 2015 Paul Glover as Bill Jnr, Shay and Arlo believe their father is overreacting when he complains about the school bus driver's recklessness behind the wheel. Alex Tarrant as Ike, George feels Laura's absence more than ever as he tries to deal with Shay's recent behaviour. He tells her that he heard voices when he was in the water. She speaks with Tracey and soon gets the job.

Shay struggles with the fallout from the sea rescue.

David Fane as Smiler, Best Turntables and Best Vintage Turntables. Weld mounts operation search and rescue for Ike, Zac and Steve. Reon To Aorangi Bell as Billy, 1.151 million viewers (6rd) Manon Blackman as Lindsay, Arlo and Poppy grow closer while Shay struggles with Ike moving on and Big Mac has a grand tourist plan for Weld. After his wife's sudden death, George moves his family from Sydney to the small town of Weld in New Zealand. George and Shay grow further apart. 800 Words: episode guide. Jonny Brugh as Monty, This episode scores a 6.5 out of 10. He admits he cant, but he is afraid of what she might do. But George's plans for a fresh start don't go as smoothly as he had hoped. Reon To Aorangi Bell as Billy, Written by James Griffin Paul Glover as Bill Jnr, Jonny Brugh as Monty, George and Katie test their new relationship with a winter camp. Episode 1.08 (finale) > Tue, November 03, 2015 1.151 million viewers (6rd) Written by James Griffin Elizabeth Hawthorne as Trish, George tries to convince Woody to tell Tracey the truth. George wakes her up and encourages her to get out of the house. Peter Elliott as Big Mac, Rob Williams as Zac, Manon Blackman as Lindsay, Tom shows them two possible Marys.

Jay Skelton is a fan of all television shows and movies. On 17 August 2018 Seven Network cancelled the series after three seasons. Peter Elliott as Big Mac, John Leigh as Constable Tom, Arlo returns home and tells Shay and George about the video. Manon Blackman as Lindsay, Shay warns her father about the Weld women's interest in him, and George soon becomes hyper-vigilant around the ladies. Manon Blackman as Lindsay,

Arlo tells Shay that she should just get over it. Shay makes the decision that she is going to move forward from Ike. She offers to help Shay. Paul Glover as Bill Jnr, Alex Tarrant as Ike, He musters up the courage and calls Mary. Reon To Aorangi Bell as Billy, Cian Elyse White as Hannah, With: Written by Natalie Medlock and James Griffin

It isn’t his Mary. George (Erik Thomson) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) have trouble coping with her. In the midst of the stress, he struggles to finish his column but can't get in touch with Jan back in Sydney. With: Written by James Griffin Your email address will not be published. Bridie Carter as Jan, Jesse Griffin as Sean, Directed by Mike Smith. Series 1 | Series 2 | Series 3 Episode 3.01 (25) > Tue, September 12, 2017 696,000 viewers (11th) Written by Tim Balme Directed by Mike Smith. Erik Thomson as George Turner, Reon To Aorangi Bell as Billy, Phil Smith as Bevan, Read this next TV Netflix finally announces Daredevil season three premiere date and releases new teaser However, I am sick to death of Shay and Ike. The family's attempts to commemorate Laura's birthday are disrupted by the discovery that their new home's piles are on the verge of collapsing, forcing them to move temporarily into the local motel.

George takes Arlo to work at the boat club. August 2018 TV Calendar: Series Premiere and Return Dates. Erik Thomson plays George Turner, a man who once skated through life but is now stumbling. Cast. Alex Tarrant as Ike, With: Cameron MacDonald as Noah, Jonny Brugh as Monty, At school, Arlo tells Billy (Reon Bell) and Lindsay (Manon Blackman) about Shay’s troubles. Manon Blackman as Lindsay, Billy isn’t happy to learn about his mom becoming the teacher. George helps Monty write the best man speech and ponders his own wedding. Shay goes nuts and hides in the freezer. The season four finale of 800 Words airs Tuesday, 8:45pm, on Channel Seven. Jay loves skinny dipping in the dark too. George's latest column causes quite a stir among the residents of Weld after he calls it a "dead-end town." Lindsay believes that she might have hit bottom. Tracey arrives.

Peter Hayden as Roger, They convinced him that his relationship with Shay might not have been a good idea. Olivia Tennet as Siouxsie, He tells her to go to the store. He eventually manages to convince Shay to return home. Big Mac (Peter Elliott) and the family visit the boat club.

Siouxsie comforts Shay, until George arrives. Shay gets more unwelcome attention from Ollie. Bridie Carter as Jan, Smiler (David Fane) soon joins George and Woody. Renee Lyons as Brenda, Tue, October 13, 2015 Soon, Katie (Anna Jullienne) arrives with Billy’s soup. Melina Vidler as Shay Turner,

He runs into Fiona (Michelle Langstone). Shay gives Katie a serve after the fallout with Joe Cettino and Poppy cuts a chunk out of Lindsay. Arlo and Poppy grow closer while Shay struggles with Ike moving on and Big Mac has a grand tourist plan for Weld. Required fields are marked *. She learns that the kids don’t have a teacher. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words right now.

Alex Tarrant as Ike, George struggles in the parenting department and worries hes causing Billy's stress problem.
Reon To Aorangi Bell as Billy, Elizabeth Hawthorne as Trish, Peter Hayden as Roger, Bridie Carter as Jan, They’re waiting for Tom to bring in his information.

Ike receives unlikely help from Shay in his spiritual quest. Bridie Carter as Jan, George contemplates possible fatherhood while comforting Shay.

Ascia Maybury as Penny, Shay has been turned into a meme. George and Woody fail to make up after Arlo's shenanigans. Monty (Jonny Brugh) and many others are there. Rob Williams as Zac, John Leigh as Constable Tom, He calls one Mary and learns that she had died. Jonny Brugh as Monty, Her outburst is captured on video and it quickly goes viral. And boot camp comes to Weld. Directed by Mike Smith. The following day, Woody arrives at headquarters. Rob Williams as Zac, Woody spots the Mary (Rachael Carpani) that he knows. With:

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