9mm vs ballistic gel

I don’t want to volunteer to blow a dude, it doesn’t mean your D is good for self defense! Left to right: Barnes TAC-XPD .380 ACP, 9mm, and .45 ACP. I have to hand it to you, you’re as ignorant as you are obstinate. Plus, now a days most guns chambered in .380 and .38 are geared towards the CCW crowd. No one really buys a full size .380 or .38 pistol in this day and age. 10# DA trigger, 3″ barrel and 600ft/lbs of muzzle energy. The point is that the .380 that you have when you need it beats the .45 sitting back at the house when you’re out and about. I guess Pencils misspell words, Cars drive drunk & Spoons make people fat..... Pablo Escobar built churchs, schools and hospital's, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. It may still holds the record for most murder victims, but I haven’t seen new stats in over a decade. d) .38 Special vs .44 Special? Hope I never have to find out, but I am confident it will perform as required. even standing on the wrong side of a .22 feels not much different from standing on the wrong side of a .45. Of course. If you think you don’t have survivorship bias then you don’t understand what that is. Most folks don’t want to lug around a blaster on the off, off, off chance you run into the Hulk. The lower pressure of the .380 makes a smaller / lighter gun. Jump to Barnes TAC-XPD 9mm 115 grain +Ps and the numbers drop a bit with an average depth of 14.1”. It’s all about shot placement. All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Was surprised to hear the doc say bullet size and penetration were the most important. So, does that mean .380 ACP is all-powerful or is it only deadly on rare occasions? So far I haven’t had to shoot anyone with either. The obvious reason is that it doesn’t have enough energy to do both. If you hold it up against 9x19mm Parabellum it might not seem quite as impressive, but the difference is still there. If he had, he would know that the shakes from an adrenaline dump don’t happen during the incident, but only afterwards, when all that pent-up energy in your bloodstream has nothing to expend itself on, and nowhere to go. And it is less a caliber choice as a what type of weapon would you use as your ccw. I think .380, 9mm and 38 Special produce similar and effective results AT SELF DEFENSE DISTANCES. Neither The High Road nor any of its directors, members, managers, employees, agents, vendors, or suppliers will be liable for any direct, indirect, general, bodily injury, compensatory, special, punitive, consequential, or incidental damages including, without limitation, lost profits or revenues, costs of replacement goods, loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use this forum or any services associated with this forum, or damages from the use of or reliance on the information present on this forum, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Several years ago, ShootingTheBull410 tested many .380 defensive cartridges using the FBI protocol of heavy denim fabric in front of ballistic gelatin. When I butcher cattle, I do the deed with a .22RF solid lead 40gr. Protocols are based on the FBI’s ammunition tests the agency undertook three decades ago following the Pyrrhic victory of the 1986 FBI Miami Shootout (two agents were killed and five were wounded in a firefight against a pair of serial bank robbers. No bad guy wants shot. When he told me this 60 years later he said it still bothered him that he botched the shot and made him suffer. theres been times where ive slept with a .380 on the headboard and theres times when i slept with a 9mm on the headboard, got the same amount and quality of sleep either way, would not want to get shot in the torso or head or arms or legs or hands or feet with either one, would bet the farm the guy coming through the front or back door at 2 am feels the same about the difference between being shot with one or the other being negligible. (This had to go somewhere). Practice, practice and then when you get really good then practice some more. https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/self-defense-ammo-ballistic-tests/#380ACP. Gavrilo Princip, with his .380ACP FN Browning Model 1910, put one in Archduke Ferdinand’s neck for the kill at about 5 feet. if you can actually put rounds on target when your heart rate is 150 and your hands are shaking from the adrenline dump as you pull that 12lb trigger and recovering from the recoil. The .380 is powerful enough at realistic self-defense range that well-placed shots can be plenty effective. http://www.ballisticsbytheinch.com/357mag.html. This proves 1 thing with the new levels of personal defense ammo. It’s pretty much on the low end of ‘acceptable’ carry rounds.

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