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Then a new store is built, McPherson's Store. Does she stutter to irritate her mother and gain her father’s attention? The Swede wants to take it down, but knows he can't. He's sure Rita is behind some of them, and he's sure they'll catch her, the other bombers, and Merry. By Philip Roth. As the gloves are being made, and as the Swede is talking, he's thinking about Merry, thinking he's "half insane" (4.51) and that he's grieving. A neighbor gives them clothes, but when she leaves them alone, they run away. Part 1 is called "Paradise Remembered." She couldn't imagine her daughter involved with dynamite and blowing things up. Bob Orcutt fills his role... Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this American Pastoral study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. "Bombs are going off everywhere" (4.165). She tells the Swede that Merry is safe, among people who love her. He is vicious in his close agreement with Merry’s psychiatrist:Out there with Miss America, dumbing down and dulling out. He starts making soup for them and thinking back to when Merry loved her mother's cows and wanted to be a veterinarian. The Swede knows the party Rita is talking about, and says it was a birthday party, that it had nothing to do with Merry getting her period. He explains how he himself began as a glover, first by learning to cut leather from Harry, the Master cutter, the same man who's cutting the leather for Rita's gloves. He fantasizes the conversations he has with her. Jerry, the carnal, often-married Miami surgeon, gets his chance in the climactic scene of part 2 finally to level with the square older brother/American hero he had endured all through their youth. When the Swede's Dad, Lou, was running the plant, he just put his desk in the middle of the floor, and he knew everything that was going on. It must be the excitement she loves, he decides. ("Self-immolation" means to light one's self on fire. Edgar and Merry had been to the movies together. He has no proof of her existence; no fingerprint or photographs. Part 1, Chapter 1. Notably, the story also briefly settles on the happenings during the Second World War, which narrows on the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. The day after that, the Swede goes to the Newark airport, meets Rita in the parking lot, and gives her the scrapbook. The narrative structure of American Pastoral is much discussed. Afraid of what might be going on in her head, he tries to distract her, and eventually when the immolations finally stopped, she seems to forget. After the bombing, Dawn was convinced of Merry's innocence, convinced either that she'd been kidnapped, or that she'd been tricked by someone. The article is reproduced in the novel, 4.205-4.219. The novel begins with the following sentence: "The Swede." Again, he demands to know where Merry is, reminding her that a man is dead, and Merry has been accused of the murder. The FBI took all of Merry's books and papers, so he can't be sure. Previous Next . He appears in American Pastoral primarily to recall convincingly the aura that surrounded the Swede as a high school athlete. He's quoted as saying, "I only hope we can find her so that she can get the help she needs" (4.204). Maybe she did a little investigating and pieced together her story by talking to students at Merry's school. It's a sermon. The Swede becomes obsessed with Angela Davis. Genteel and innocent. Roth offers the diagnosis of her psychiatrist—that Merry feels burdened by her beautiful mother and perfectionist family, an explanation that Rita Cohen shares—but the diagnosis somehow seems too easy and clichéd. The final article tacked to the board is an interview with Edgar Bartley. In the article some of the teachers have nice things to say about Merry. I would have thrown a bomb. Edgar has only nice things to say about Merry in the article. Again, the Swede defends Dawn, saying that all her actions toward Merry have been out of love, care, and worry. A Jew with blond hair, hence “Swede,” he can with no trace of postmodernist irony be called a hero. The Swede is watching the news with her when it happens. Near the end of the book, Seymour is... Where is Zuckerman's transition from narrator to storyteller in American Pastoral? He's feeling really talkative, more talkative than he's felt since Merry disappeared. But that costs, too, Seymour. It takes a year for them to rebuild the store destroyed in the blast. The first crack in his world came with the Swede’s marriage to a Catholic, and the scene in which Lou Levov interrogates Dawn Dwyer, prospective wife to a dutiful Jewish son, strikes comic high notes as clear as any in American literature. While they are gone, a huge explosion destroys their house and two women, one in her late teens and one in her early twenties, come out of the house. The children and the teachers see the blank space for over a year. The Swede, she says, doesn't own her. The Swede begins fantasizing that Davis comes to his kitchen. Rita calls him a "capitalist criminal" (4.108). In the first part of the book, we meet the famous author Nathan Zuckerman (author Philip Roth's self proclaimed alter-ego). Still, from time to time, he'll personally give a student a tour. Eventually, the Swede can't take it anymore, and he runs from the room, leaving the money behind. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. When Merry has been gone about two years the Swede sees something on the news. With Rita, for the first time in a long time he feels relief from ". He should have done it so Rita would take him to Merry. The Swede feels like the words coming out of his mouth as he talks about the glove industry are his father's words. She says Merry never wants to see the Swede or Dawn again. Across America, all sorts of places are being bombed, some of them nearby. The Swede asks Rita, if she wants "black or brown, honey" (4.41). Even when she herself becomes a political protester, she doesn't talk about the monks to the Swede. The young Zuckerman had been obsessed by a 1940 baseball novel called The Kid from Tompkinsville, and the Kid of this novel was matched in real life by the Swede—first baseman on the baseball team, offensive end on the football team, and center on the basketball team. She's asking lots of questions and writing down everything he says. Then he thinks that he should have had sex with Rita Cohen. I have a test on American Pastoral tomorrow. These people's daughter definitely killed three people, and they get to know she's safe. She wears a four. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. He and Dawn are sure Merry is innocent because the kids at school said she'd bragged beforehand. American Pastoral Part 1, Chapter 1. The next week, he meets her there again and gives her Merry's ballet slippers and leotard. There on the television is a monk of about seventy-years-old. Find sample tests, essay help, and translations of Shakespeare. Soon, however, Morrison troubles the idea of the romantic American Pastoral that Jacob and Rebekka dream of by connecting … He wonders, in agony, if anything is the cause. He waits for them, for Merry and "the girl Weatherman" (4.169). The book is styled as a memoir written by Nathan Zuckerman, who is the in-universe... How does American Pastoral explore "the consequences of forsaking one’s Jewish origins?". She never would have bragged. The Swede explodes, and Rita tells him to calm down and have sex with her. It's actually an improvement over the old one. A few times a year someone writes asking for a tour of Newark Maid. Part 2 is called "The Fall." (This is the first a several mini-sections where the Swede discusses what it means that five years pass.). He knows Merry would have outgrown this revolutionary stuff like she did everything else. It's even harder for him to believe she's the person who helped turn his daughter into a revolutionary. She writes down everything he says and keeps asking questions. Even his father wanted him to get out of Newark, but because of Merry he just can't. The Swede tells Angela Davis about Vicky, the forelady in charge of Newark Maid. She cries and cries. One of the girls is "the twenty-five year old daughter of the owners of the townhouse […]" (4.168). He wishes he could find a way to make her stay there with him so he wouldn't have to think about Merry. So, it's totally safe for Merry to come home. They've been using the house to make bombs. Everything he sees reminds him of his missing daughter. He can't sleep and can't stop punishing himself. There is a community club bulletin board on the street near where the store used to be. She says Merry doesn't want to see him and that she really hates him. Zuckerman’s adolescent hero-worship of the Swede presents him as a model of All-American decency and honesty that remains untarnished in Zuckerman’s imagination. Everything he thinks Angela want to hear, he tells her. The Swede sits up late in the kitchen, waiting for Rita to come back. Thanks in advance! In the article Edgar is said to be Merry's boyfriend. The Swede's daughter has been framed, and probably didn't kill anybody, and he doesn't get to know. For a whole week, Merry has to sleep with Dawn and the Swede because she is so disturbed. He tells her she doesn't know what she's talking about. She has a "bush of wiry hair" (3.1) and "a bland baby face" (3.1). Rita shows up at the factory one day, sneakily evading the FBI agents keeping watch and taking note of everyone who visits the Swede's office. According to Rita, Dawn hates Merry because she isn't beauty queen-level beautiful. The Swede is sure that one unidentified girl is Merry. American Pastoral illustrates a picture of the old America that spans about ten decades, from the 1890s to the 1990s. Soon, he tells Rita he's going to have a pair of gloves made for her right now. He should have done whatever was necessary. Some people in Greenwich Village (part of New York City) go away on vacation. The monk has to be what did it.

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