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Excellent Condition; never framed or matted. When Andy arrived, he gave Ashton a white t-shirt which he had signed and framed for him (this lot). The opinions expressed in the condition reports are a guide only and should not be treated as a statement of fact.

She was his muse for a while, painting her in different colors.

All lots that do not carry established documented provenance nor any past record of auction history record are described in the catalog as attributed. The author of the article is Anirudh Rawat. The exhibition poster depicts a single emerald green shoe hanging in a starry sky. Warhol was originally from Pittsburg - steel city, the commodity that made the city prosperous and later quite depressed. Revolver Gallery is a Los Angeles-based art gallery with a one-artist program focusing on the life and work of the pioneer of Pop Art, Andy Warhol. When I read the email from Nancy Lee about how she owns the hat and was offering it up to include in our show I was ecstatic!

In 1956, he presented his first graphic works at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Warhol’s obsession with celebrity icons this time took shape in the infamous Mick Jagger series.

The verso is discolored with backboard stain. Campbell’s soup cans also known as 32 Campbell’s soup cans is one of Andy Warhol’s famous works.

Ink, Dr. Martin’s Aniline Dye and tempera on paper; stamped with The Estate of Andy Warhol and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. stamps on the reverse Christened Andrew Warhol, was born on August 6, 1928. Artist Name: Warhol, Andy Title: 10 Marilyns on White Background Medium: Offset Lithograph Edition Size: 1500 Year: 1997 Paper Size: 31.5 x 54.75 inches Image Size: 19.75 x 50.5 inches Condition: A: Mint Notes: Limited edition, not numbered, grouping all 10 Marilyns, printed on heavy stock paper. Andy Warhol (American, 1928-1987) Arguably one of the most influential American artists, Andy Warhol was a leading figure in the Pop art movement.

Portfolio of 10Publisher:Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., New York; Jonathon A Editions, Tel Aviv, IsraelPrinter:Rupert Jasen Smith, New YorkCOA Provided Guaranteed Authentic. Measures: 22 x 18 inches, Estimate: And the reason he painted soup cans is simple, he liked soup, and thought they composed a daily dietary staple.


First on our list is the painting called ‘Banana’ made by Andy Warhol in 1966. Brooke Astor said he was trying to save the South Bronx-the old people and the poor people. The book is inscribed, "to the doc, Love, Andy" and includes a doodle.

With silkscreening you pick a photograph, blow it up, transfer it in glue onto silk, and then roll ink across it so the ink goes through the silk but not through the glue.

He made one in 1962, 1964, and 1967. Black and White 16mm film - Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Warhol created a Myths-series which contained a series of silkscreened portraits of ten fictional characters taken from popular culture.

(267 x 254 mm). With Brillo Boxes, Warhol also has a personal connection.

Warhol has used strong, colorful brushstrokes applying garish colors like makeup on Mao’s face. 28 1/2 x 22 5/8 in. Don’t worry, I am using proper citations. Paper Size: 36" x 36." Absence of reference to such modifications does not imply that a lot is free from modifications. Orange Car Crash is from the Death and Disaster series that consumed much of Warhol's attention in this period. People must be INSANE.

x 22 15/16in). In the painting, the blood-red background is broken up by the violent and black brush strokes. He successfully merged popular culture and art together just like he intended to. The artist used The Factory as a hub for movie stars, models, and artists, who became fodder for his prints and films. The print is in good condition, the full sheet printed to the edges with fresh colors. Marker drawing on poster.

ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987)

Warhol was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, and worked as a successful magazine and ad illustrator. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you accept their use. Marker drawing on paper. Featuring Mickey Mouse. I had known of the hat through conversations with my dear uncle Halston and of course knew of Dr. Giller.

This painting is quite huge and is about 15 feet tall.

7 Famous Andy Warhol Artworks, One of the artists who shaped the pop art movement is Andy Warhol, His impact in this field was so great that he was nicknamed and fondly referred to as, Warhol has been featured in quite a number of books, documentaries, and exhibitions.

famous andy warhol artwork – eight elvises. General Electric with Waiter is typical of the pictures the pair produced together: Warhol contributed enlarged headlines, brand names and fragments of advertisements; Basquiat added his expressive graffiti. So maybe Warhol is not so much involved in popular art, but rather providing very specific and elite art world commentary. Anirudh is a novelist, writer, seo expert and educationist.

His well-known studio ‘The Factory’ was a meeting point for internationally successful artists, actors and musicians. Description:

Well framed with some wear the the edges, measuring 126 x 96cm.

Since we are not professional conservators or restorers, we urge you to consult with a restorer or conservator of your choice who will be better able to provide a detailed, professional report. Warhol actually made a couple of prints of Marilyn. In our family Dr. Giller has always been held in high regard. He stated, “I thought that the Brillo boxes and the soup cans of Warhol’s had a certain power to them.

PROVENANCE: Private estate (Toronto, ON).

His maiden novella “Teicos” is a thoughtful depiction of the development of society and is awaiting publication. In his works, Wyeth celebrated the revival of realism in American art by painting naturalistic yet visually complex portraits and landscapes that captured life in rural Maine, Delaware and Pennsylvania. He is particularly known for the breadth of his oeuvre, as it encompassed painting, hand drawing, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film and music. NOTWITHSTANDING THIS REPORT OR ANY DISCUSSIONS CONCERNING CONDITION OF A LOT, ALL LOTS ARE OFFERED AND SOLD "AS IS" IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS OF SALE PRINTED IN THE CATALOGUE.

Acrylic silkscreen on wood - Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, California.

and participating auction houses. His mediums were painting, screen printing, photography, and printmaking. So, Warhol is credited with envisioning a new type of art that glorified (and also criticized) the consumption habits of his contemporaries and consumers today. Please email to make a request. A major retrospective of Warhol's work took place at the Whiney Museum of Art in New York in 2019. But it then turned out to be a series of wallpaper designs that he sold as prints. $12,500 - $15,000, Description:

The resulting debates on the merits and ethics of such work made Andy Warhol the leading and most well-known pop artist.

This work of art created in 1973, started in the year President Richard Nixon, who was the US president, made his first visit to China, 1972. Condition Report: Warhol believed that much abstract painting functioned in a similar way: instead of artists being able to communicate thoughts through abstract form, as many believed, he thought that viewers simply projected their own ideas on to the pictures.

In 1963, the last two executions by electric chair in New York State took place. The graffiti-like splashes of color, the red rouge and blue eye shadow, literally 'de-faces' Mao's image - an act of rebellion against the Communist propaganda machine by using its own heralded image against itself. Considered an iconic symbol of pop art, Marilyn Diptych was named the third most influential piece of modern art in a survey by The Guardian. The hat (from Halston 1978 collection) is a unique example of one of their collaborations and Dr. Giller was the lucky recipient at his 30th birthday party hosted at Halston's townhouse.

Published by Sunday B.

Description: Partially taped to mat in center.

Fascinated with celebrity culture and status, his silkscreens of pop icons and mundane objects were particularly successful and cemented his place as a “celebrity” artist. Andy Warhol was an American artist, film director, and producer who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. Description: In overall good condition. ConditionRemains of hinge glue verso. I am giving credit where credit is due. But the 1962 is the most important one.

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