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I'd back Bruce in every round, would be willing to CaV this. Based on what is known about The Batman, the black-and-white, noir vibes of the poster seem truly appropriate for it, as the film gives off a more crime thriller vibe than is featured in most superhero blockbusters.In the month since the trailer's release, The Batman has received some notable comparisons to memorable crime and detective films of the past, including David Fincher's Se7en. 4. What about round 3 where Batman can use shock gloves? This includes both titles with the Elseworlds Logo, and titles retroactively declared as Elseworlds Stories. 1 Takes an Academic Approach to Monsters, Helstrom Reveals the Origin of Daimon's Chest Marking, The Haunting of Bly Manor's Recurring Song Is Actually an Easter Egg. Round 2 Batman if he fights intelligently would win.

Though he's no physical match for DC's gods and alien, much like the Boys in the face of Supes, when given enough time to prepare, he can go toe-to-toe with anyone. Unlike Homelander, who often sets his own agenda and has to be managed by Vought, Noir simply takes orders and carries them out. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

BATMAN NOIR: EDUARDO RISSO spotlights the art of 100 BULLETS illustrator Eduardo Risso, which casts the Dark Knight in deep shadow on every page. Plus there's the massive speed and skill gap. Takes place in the Final Offer Ship Arena. I added round 3 to give him a shock glove. Even then, that feat isn't really enough to say he would fodderstomp any version of Base Batman. Bly Manor's Biggest Surprise Is The Room's Greg Sestero, Star Trek: Lower Decks Turns a TNG Joke Into a Threat, Cobra Kai: It's the Battle of the Boyfriends in a Teenage Romance-Fueled Supercut. Human level doesn't quite justify most of Batman's ridiculous feats, and he would be considered super human irl and in some other verses. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community.

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To prepare for the future, they'll need to devise some kind of plan for stopping him, and there's one hero that can be looked to for inspiration. Black Noir's durability and regen will be pain in the ass. Deathstroke, Solomon Grundy, Bane, Clayface, Killer Croc and the TITAN thugs all had physicals just as good if not significantly above Noir's.
This suggests that he may have some underlying psychological trauma in his past that was triggered by the news. He famously squared off against Superman in Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's classic The Dark Knight Returns and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, exploiting the Man of Steel's weakness to kryptonite in both cases.

Gotham City Police Department/Appearances, Discuss Batman: Gotham Noir on the forums, Batman: Gotham Noir at Ed Brubaker's site, R2: probably Batman in a long fight. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. One of the Caped Crusader's more well-known traits is his ability to always have a contingency plan for any situation. The Boys have been shown to be able to collect dirt on Supes to use it against them, such as when they visited Mesmer in Season 1. Bek Aliev is a writer, film buff, and gamer based in New York, NY. No one seems to be able to handle Black Noir, but Batman's legendary preparation may just be the solution the Boys desperately need. Comparably Durable - Noir's best is tanking Starlight's blast, admittedly a great feat but he only takes one, Bruce took a ton of Bane's attacks, who could shake an entire area with a punch. Still black noir. Through almost two full seasons of The Boys, The Seven's Black Noir has lost a fight just as many times as he's spoken: zero. The story takes place in Gotham City in the year 1949, and is told through the character of James Gordon, written non-traditionally as a. Batman: Gotham Noir is a one-shot with a cover date of March, 2001. Batman may not exist in the universe The Boys takes place in, but if The Seven are a parody of the Justice League, then Noir is certainly their Dark Knight. Graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles in Political Science/History and Film. RELATED: How Each MCU Guardian of the Galaxy Would Stand Up Against Batman In A Fight. This is a mismatch. yeah I think it would help a lot, Batman can now bathe Black Noir in explosive gel while he's getting stun locked. He's even gotten the best of Marvel's Hulk in Len Wein and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez's DC Special Series #27. @hydratedfubuki6: Would his shock gloves do good against Noir? "Gotham Noir": Gotham Noir is an Elseworlds story that reimagines Batman in a film noir setting. Seriously? With his clear invulnerability to pain and his loyalty to Vought, it's fair to wonder if anyone could take him down if it became absolutely necessary. If Batman had to deal with Black Noir, he would most likely avoid an outright confrontation unless he had a trick up his sleeve. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: Who Is Scarlemagne? Part-time producer and writer for independent pictures. 3. 1. One of the Caped Crusader's more well-known traits is his ability to always have a contingency plan for any situation. Noir didn't seem even slightly bothered by any of the three, with only Kimiko able to put up any fight at all. This comic issue, event, or limited series takes place in its own separate continuity as an Elseworlds story; although it may exist within a larger Elseworlds continuity as part of its series. In each scenario, The World's Greatest Detective used strategy and his own technology to his advantage. RELATED: REPORT: The Boys Season 3 Changes Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy, Introduces Starlight's [SPOILER]. Regardless of what route is chosen, the show's heroes need to start doing some long-term planning as their profile grows and run-ins with Supes become more frequent. Will talk for hours about sports analytics, a huge fan of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC, and a committed Mike Myers' Cat in the Hat apologist. Way more skilled - fodderized Azrael who could 6v1 Militia Ninjas untagged. $24.99 This groundbreaking work is a twisted tale of insanity and human perseverance. Better striking power - Noir's best striking feat comes from hurting Starlight in their fight, Bruce was able to do the same against Killer Croc, who no sold Sniper Rounds, as opposed to Starlight being dropped by them and in moderate pain at least. Television Line, Animaniacs' Creator Is NOT Pleased With the Revival, Star Trek: Lower Decks Points Out Starfleet’s Biggest Flaw, The Walking Dead in Memoriam: The Major Deaths in Season 10, Swamp Thing's Blue Devil Promises Horror on a Level Never Before Seen on TV, Oh Hai Mark! OP Gear - One Explosive Gel punch and it's over for Noir, Shock Gloves are gonna mess him up too. All I had figured out was that things were definitely not going my way, and I had no real idea why. I’m not sure how Batman wins without gadgets. This is something sorely lacking from the Boys, as can be seen when Butcher tries to foolishly face Noir one-on-one and both Mother's Milk and Hughie get injured trying to intervene because there was no coherent plan in place. While, in the show's most recent episode, Billy Butcher was able to convince Stan Edgar to call the Supe off, next time the heroes may not be so lucky. well, you know what I think it's stalemate in R2.
The most mysterious Supe has so far faced off against Kimiko, the supervillain Naqib and three-fifths of the Boys. They are caught up in a massive conspiracy involving the corrupt Mayor's office and connections to Gotham Organized Crime when a beautiful young woman turns up dead and Gordon is framed for her murder.

However, the Boys are always stronger as a whole than they are individually, and even the Dark Knight sought help from time to time. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Gotham Noir is an Elseworlds story that reimagines Batman in a film noir setting. In Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman: Endgame, Batman took on the entire Justice League, who were being controlled by a strain of Joker toxin. New episodes of Season 2 release Fridays on Amazon Prime Video. Gunshots, explosions and even the super-strength of those who were also exposed to Compound V seem to have little effect on him.

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