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[48] In late 2011, Borderlands was named 35th on IGN's Top 100 Modern Video Games list. He noted that fans of RPGs would enjoy the streamlined item management, and treasure hunting, but criticized the lack of character skills. Despite the circumstances, the Vault and its rewards transformed into a legend that attracts mercenary "Vault Hunters" to the planet. The Guardian Angel explains that the monster is called the "Destroyer" and was imprisoned in the Vault long ago by the Eridians, the alien race who left behind the ruins and created the Vault, in order to prevent the destruction of the universe, and that the Guardians were posted to prevent anyone from opening it. EMBARQUE NO UNIVERSO DE BORDERLANDS! The PC version was released via Steam with SecuROM on December 9, 2009. [20] Hibon has stated that while he was contacted by Gearbox to possibly work on artwork for Borderlands, nothing ever came of the talks. When more players are present, the game alters the statistics of the generated enemies, balancing the game due to the larger number of players. [45], Borderlands received positive reviews. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Borderlands te coloca no papel de um mercenário no planeta desolado e sem lei, Pandora, obstinado a encontrar uma reserva lendária de poderosa tecnologia alienígena conhecida como The Vault. [29] The installment was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions on November 24, 2009, which was celebrated with a trailer. [40][41][42], In conjunction with the announcement of Borderlands 3 in March 2019, Gearbox announced a Game of the Year Enhanced edition of Borderlands co-developed by Blind Squirrel Games, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows (as a free patch to the existing version of the game on Steam). The Vault Hunters finally arrive at the Vault only moments too late to stop Steele from using the Key. Each character's class defines the style of weaponry they specialise in, along with the unique skill they can use - Brick can enter a rage state for increased melee strength and a short period of health regeneration; Lilith can turn invisible to enemies, moving much faster in this state, and capable of shock blasts when entering and exiting this state; Mordecai can call his companion to attack enemies in his crosshairs; and Roland can utilize an automated turret to take on enemies, and provide additional cover. However, the game's original art director was so disappointed with having her work discarded that she left the company and the video game industry all together.

[62], Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb gave Borderlands 4 stars out of 5, called it a successful loot-driven first-person shooter "where plenty of other Diablo-inspired games have failed miserably", but criticized the "paper-thin story" and the predictable AI. The game's commercial success was enough to turn the Borderlands intellectual property into a large gaming franchise with numerous mainline sequels and even a spin-off game. The Guardian Angel is revealed to be transmitting her signals through a Hyperion satellite in orbit high above Pandora. Items collected can be sold back at vendors for money that then can be used to buy better items. Desbrave Pandora, um planeta desolado, em busca de uma poderosa tecnologia alienígena: a Arca. The Vault Hunters secure the second and third pieces by following Tannis' instructions, but the final piece, supposedly in the possession of a bandit lord named Baron Flynt, turns out not to be where it was expected. [33] This was followed by an official announcement from Gearbox via Gearboxity on January 29, 2010, confirming the release, level cap increase, brand new weapons, and "brutal, never-before-seen enemies in a huge new environment complete with tons of brand new missions" according to Gearbox, developer of the game.
Further, the game initially had three Vault hunters; Brick had not been included yet, as Gearbox thought that it would be interesting in the co-op to have two or more players playing the same characters but with persistent improvements that the players had made to them. The game itself is rendered in cartoon-style graphics, to provide greater detail on weapons and environments, and was inspired by various action role-playing games of the time, such as Ultima and Diablo.
Pitchford felt these two loops were not mutually exclusive due to the different time scales, and believed some type of fusion could be made from the two genres, thus forming the basis of Borderlands. She claims she was forced into betrayal and urges the Vault Hunters to restart the ECHO network and stop Steele and the Crimson Lance before they reach the Vault.

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