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How could anyone genuinely think this would have been a good idea to put on screen? James Cameron's 1991 movie "Terminator 2", with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and her son John (Edward Furlong) defeating Skynet's T-1000. Then they remember they’re on a boat which is designed only to look for things in the ocean and they all know where the diamond was dropped. Bonkers. And that was it. After the operation is completed, Marcus actually turns on the remaining leaders of the resistance and kills them all, later making Skynet the final winner in the human-machine struggle. In the second alternate ending, designed to follow this, we see the girls being rescued from the cottage, except without Jim by their side. The theatrical ending is a sweet one, but Tarantino’s ending is emotional for entirely different reasons and is an interesting end in its own right. Director Frank Oz prefers the alternate ending to this day, but test audiences back in the 1980s hated the fact that Audrey and Seymour died, so producers forced Oz to change the ending to something happier. The alternate ending puts a bittersweet twist on Mike’s fate, having him perish in the fire, meaning he never reconciles with his wife. A movie that divided many upon release (I loved it), one thing most people can agree on is the seemingly rushed nature of the ending. The ideal ending not only wraps up the film’s plot points, but can also drive home the movie’s main themes and is a chance for filmmakers to give one last powerful emotional punch before their audience leaves the theater and goes home. In another twist, Katie again kills Micah downstairs, before returning to the room, walking up to the camera and slitting her own throat. read more: Seven – The Brilliance of David Fincher’s Chase Scene. Still, its ending is a disappointing one: its last scene is completely reliant on a “jump scare," one of the cheapest scare tactics in the genre. This footage reveals that Grandpa Quill saw Peter’s abduction and is still waiting for him to return. The movie holds up great," he said. The end credits would then show the blades slowly shutting down, as the helicopter ran out of fuel, showing that they would have been doomed anyway. Peele said that he debated on which ending he should use for the theatrical cut, and eventually landed on the happy ending because he wanted to give the audience some kind of relief and hope after such a twisted storyline. It was cinematic immortality. When on the plane, and after the boy has asked for some of Lecter’s food (implied to be brain), the serial killer asks if the boy’s mother had ever warned him about strangers, before saying it doesn’t matter as she’s asleep, and he’s feeding the boy himself. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? After successfully smuggling out the gold and double crossing all his partners, Simon is tracked down by a bitter and jaded McClane, who has been blamed for the crimes committed by Simon and forced out of the NYPD. The ending to Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi Interstellar might be the filmmaker’s most contentious ending ever. The 2001 sequel to "Silence of the Lambs" ends with FBI agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) handcuffing herself to serial killer and cannibal Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in an attempt to trap him until backup arrives. Of course, Ash being Ash, he messes it up and wakes up in a future apocalypse overrun with Deadite hordes. I fought it for two weeks. Even though the Die Hard franchise just won’t die (a Die Hard 6 is currently on the horizon), there’s no denying the huge effect the original trilogy had on the action genre. he thinks it's a better ending, but said it was changed after it was "wildly rejected" by test audiences: , "Clerks" almost had a very different ending. The scene is completely unnerving, unexpected, and far more memorable than a conventional jump scare. So we had to re-shoot the ending," the film's director Howard Deutch told. An alternate ending to Return of the Jedi actually had Han Solo die (a move that Harrison Ford himself supported) and Luke traumatized from his encounter with Palpatine and his father. It also features Dr. Strangelove wriggling around on the floor, before unsuccessfully attempting to shoot himself, then suggesting that the U.S. President and the Russian Ambassador (who have stopped throwing pies in order to build sandcastles) should be institutionalized. While in one case, the theatrical ending was far better, for the other, it wasn't. read more: That Time Little Shop of Horrors Took over the Oscars. We are adventurous, searching for experience, and if we don’t got any, then we’re not going to be able to survive in this world. It’s brutal, realistic and leaves you with questions – was this the IRA getting revenge, or the CIA tying up loose ends? Star Lord’s Grandpa Quill is shown with a photo of Peter as a boy, staring up at the stars. According to ABC News, test audiences didn't like the ending that was originally shot, where Alex framed Dan for her murder and then killed herself. Written into the script, and only changed at the last minute, instead of our heroes Peter and Francine deciding not to kill themselves and instead fly off into the sky in a partially fuelled helicopter, they actually do commit suicide–Peter by shooting himself, and Francine by putting her head into the helicopter blades.

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