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Connecticut head coach Geno Auriemma yells during action against UCF at CFE Arena in Orlando, Fla., on February 7, 2018.

As a guest in the first hour, Bird gave Taurasi rapid-fire questions about the WNBA and NBA. 1 draft pick of the New York Liberty has been covered closely by national outlets and has a large following thanks to her talent and off-court marketability. If I'm up against someone good, I just hack them.".

"I love you, goodnight.". Taylor gave the nod to No. I love Arizona. Taurasi: "I'm going to make sure you know when I foul you," claiming she never complains when she fouls. Taylor, of course, knew her rules -- not to cuss and not to tell too many drinking stories -- were unenforceable because nothing is holding back Taurasi in that setting. “You can’t have it all.” Good advice from the Diana Taurasi...and yet watching her IG live with @S10Bird & @mPinoe I feel like I have it all right now! ", Bird: "You were in a bad place.

She described you had to adjust to the different styles in different countries.

#MoscowMules #SmackTalk #RealTalk. 5 after her career at Notre Dame.

Auriemma asked her about the differences between playing in the WNBA and overseas. Like many people across the country, both Taurasi and Auriemma have been tuning into The Last Dance.
", Taurasi: "UA for sure.

And Taurasi wavers on her choice but goes with Ionescu, a move Bird dubs “politically correct.”. Taylor: "We'll leave the decision up to him, but obviously Australia. Then it's on to eating pizza with e… Sometimes when you have a lot of success and you're not a player or a coach, you need the chaos to make your job valid. WNBA training camps were scheduled to open Sunday and the NWSL’s OL Reign would have played at Sky Blue’s Red Bull Arena in the second game of their season.

She was so much better than everyone.".
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Topics included the differences in playing now versus twenty years ago, The Last Dance, Dan Orlovsky, changes Taurasi would like to see in the league and much more. The topic turns to working out during the pandemic. Diana and Sue are now talking about Paige Bueckers taking #5 at UConn and are trying to predict how many national titles she’ll win. The Pussycat Dolls are going to be famous. I'm an elite athlete and multiple time champion. ", Taurasi, sitting outside, pans the camera around her house, crediting it to her money she earned in Russia: "Thanks Ekat (UMMC Ekateriburg), you made all this s--- happen. That's what we do as women.

Taylor: "So she made out with Maradona is what she's saying.

You can't trust anything I say.".

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