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The activity includes the Interview Questions Worksheet, the Salt and Pepper Matching Activity, a paper version of This or That, and 8 more activities. All rights reserved. Hand out a paper bag to all your students the first day of school and put a little note on it: Fill this bag with 4 things or objects that tell something about yourself.

Photo credit: Danielle G. Start the year by taking a selfie with each student.

A spin on this activity is to make students get in birthday order without talking. . Activities on the first day of middle school should put students' minds at ease about the upcoming year and provide them with a chance to get to know one another and the teacher.

The other students have to find out which one is the lie. We have temporarily extended the free trial period to 45 days in support of corona virus measures. Guess who’s going to be the most popular teacher this year?

, If you are interested in more activities to build culture in the first week of school (or really anytime), check out, Check Out These Related Products From My Shop, students are out of their seat without permission, 5 Teacher Organization Tips for Middle School, Math Interactive Notebooks and Vocabulary. Every color represents its own story. Then, the teacher asks them to go stand in a certain order.

Consider keeping a file of information for each student or class. Maneuvering the Middle is an education blog with valuable tips for lesson planning, classroom technology, and math concepts in the middle school classroom. Starting the first day in a new grade can wear on the nerves of middle-schoolers. If your students are much older, like college students, you could let them write down the profession they want to practice at the end of their studies. To build culture and practice this routine, students will participate in “Salt and Pepper.”  Essentially, students will all have words taped on their backs (one student might have the word ‘salt,’ and they will have to walk around until they find their match (‘pepper) using only descriptive clues. Practice makes permanent! Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Education, Explore state by state cost analysis of US colleges in an interactive article. For math related activities, you can find all of them here.

), Telephone – If you have 2-3 minutes to kill and you need students to be quiet. All your objects have to fit in this bag.

For more details, take a look at this Pinterest pin. (Or how good your students can lie! Getting-acquainted activities aren't just for the first day of school.

You give students a list of questions and they take turns asking the questions to their table mates.

It’s also fun to just include a bucket list of each student. Would you rather go snowboarding or skiing? Social media and smartphones are going to be omnipresent during this school year. Would you rather live in Hawaii or in Italy?

If you want to make it more challenging, you can set a time limit. Some can be used for all ages too. ×-- Encourage students to complete the "want to know" information under the "W" column. The activity that I am going to try out this year is table interviews.

In Belgium, school starts on the 1st of September, after a summer break of two months. The teacher can give other orders like: “from tall to small.” or “from A to Z.” Every time the students have to change their positions without pushing someone off the chairs. They get to release their wiggles, practice how we move around the room, and use their brains. Would you rather wear flip flops or sneakers? Include examples of work from various times throughout the year in the file.

When they have a match, they are allowed to tick off that square. It is always better to have this stuff on hand ready to go!

In order for students to be successful in class, they have to have the full support of their teammates. BookWidgets enables teachers to create fun and interactive I’m thinking that it is harder to ask for help from someone who is nameless. What do they want to learn this school year? Most first day of school activities are for elementary, but I included a few as well for middle school students and high school students. Choose from over 40 This seems ridiculous, right? Give the leader a list of topics such as, "A person I admire is," "I enjoy/dislike" or "Someday, I hope to." You can also try to make the exact same class picture. You could tie this into how it is important to follow directions. The back to School Bingo is a fantastic icebreaker activity for middle school children as it will help them to get to know their classmates. Prompt them with things like how many children you have or what type of car you drive. To get to know your students you could ask them crazy choice questions. Share this with your teacher colleages to give them some inspiration. Divide students into small groups to get to know each other. Spin the wheel to generate a student and ask them to talk about a randomly selected topic.

The most stressed I get as a teacher is when.

Students have to decorate their paper ball with drawings of themselves. Now, students have to find a snowball, and unfold the paper.

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