hellraiser revelations cast

With Steven Brand, Nick Eversman, Tracey Fairaway, Sebastien Roberts. After being torn apart by Pinhead's hooked chains, Joseph awakens back in the motel room where he solved the box and believes he has been given a second chance, only to discover upon going to work that he is still in Hell. Taken to the morgue in the bowels of the police department, Trevor is confronted by Pinhead, who restores Trevor's memories; Trevor had bought the Lament Configuration and planned to use it to kill Kirsty, though his plan backfired when Kirsty made a deal with Pinhead, offering five souls in exchange for her own. [6], Julia Cotton is a character in the film Hellraiser where she is portrayed by Clare Higgins. Hellraiser creator Clive Barker had originally intended to have Julia become the main villain of the Hellraiser series and be one of the few female slasher villains, but these plans fell through when Clare Higgins declined playing Julia again and the popularity of Cenobite leader Pinhead rose dramatically. | Returning to the now abandoned Leviathan House after receiving a fake cell phone call from her friend Jake, Chelsea is chased to the attic of the mansion by the Cenobites and undead versions of her friends Mike and Allison. Managing to kill Cenobite Pet the Chatter Beast by causing the monster to explode via tampering with pressure valves in the hallway the beast is in, Rimmer eventually regroups with Paul (her fellow soldiers having been slain by the Cenobites) and together the two escape the Minos on a space shuttle. His blood revived his deceased brother, Frank Cotton, whom Julia had an affair with and secretly began luring men to the house while Larry was at work to get Frank more blood to help him regenerate. Hellraiser: Revelations (also known as Hellraiser IX: Revelations) is an American horror film written by Gary J. Tunnicliffe and directed by Victor Garcia. | | When it becomes apparent that something really is stalking through the space station, Paul is released by the soldiers, who are killed one by one by the Cenobites. Club wrote that the Hellraiser films intentionally alienate casual viewers and instead appeal to the type of fan she compares to a "humorless art student" who prefers dark poetry to the more fraternity-oriented slasher films. Tracking down Winter and the Deader's home, Amy is forced into experiencing something of a vision quest by Winter, who wishes to use her to solve the Lament Configuration, something neither he nor his followers can do. In Hellraiser: Inferno, another being called the Engineer appears, a faceless and near-mythic criminal played by Ray Miceli. A skinless being (played by Deborah Joel), Julia seduces Channard and has him bring her victims which she can feed on to restore her human form, which she succeeds in doing. Official Sites [10], The Engineer is referenced to in Hellraiser: Hellworld as an enemy in the online computer game Hellworld; later in the film, when the characters begin to question whether they are actually in Hell, one of them sarcastically asks "Where are the Engineers? While in the attic, Chelsea is called by Jake, who realizes that everything they are experienced is some sort of mass hallucination. Tim Clawson ... executive in charge of physical production: Dimension Films Jeff Hynick ... executive in charge of business and legal affairs: Dimension Films He convinces his sister-in-law, Julia, to murder men for him so that he can consume their blood and internal organs, which progressively regenerates his body and allows them to resume an affair they began on her wedding day. At first horrified of Frank, Julia begins to do his bidding in attempt to resurrect him, seducing men and bringing them to the house so Frank can feed off them.

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