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I appreciated your website very much. The VERY 1st actor to play James Bond was Barry Nelson in the 1954 CBS Television version of Casino Royale. These are all Harry Potter movies in order of release date, including some basic... [Updated May 4th, 2020] Here's a fun list of all the Fast and Furious movies to date in order of release date, including some interesting details and rumors about upcoming releases. easy pierce and timothy!how does flemming do it! Daniel Craig he is the worst of all James Bond character Movies. all the rest fall short compared to connery, although they grew into the role. Fun fact: Sean Connery turned down the then astronomical sum of $5.5 million to play James Bond.
Although registered as the son of his mother's husband (William Edward Graham Niven), he was, in fact, the result of one of the many extra-marital flings she enjoyed while her husband was off fighting in the ... David Niven played Sir James Bond, a retired spy, in the 1967 satire Casino Royale. They are both smart and good in acting….Love the way they act. Roger was great but too tongue in cheek, Shaun brilliant, but 007 is my role-model. Craig is listed as having played in 3 movies, yet 4 are listed. Even if he was the first actor to ever play Ian Fleming’s famous spy, Barry Nelson is rarely included in any James Bond list. Fuck you all! –, Fun fact: To build the gigantic three level Space Station set interiors at France’s Epinay Studios, the production utilized two tons of nails, one hundred tons of metal, two hundred and twenty technicians and ten thousand feet of set construction woodwork. he is wooden and i don’t find him even a screen presence. My money is on Michael Fassbender, but maybe that’s just because I have a man-crush on him since the latest Alien movies. Peter Sellers played Evelyn Tremble, one of the “other” James Bonds. I think they should ask him to do a bond movie again.

Being a die hard of 007 brand. Sean Connery is my favorite……2nd is Brosnan…more movies for James Bond….Goodlucj! It was sweet to see the names n photos in order. I was a bit disappointed it starts out slow it put me to sleep for the first part.

4 craig. DENNIS. http://allyouneedislists.com/lifestyle/list-major-fast-food-chain-flagship-burgers/, James Bond and The Watch – Omega Seamaster Diver 300M | How to be Swell. They should have got Hugh Jackman or Liam Neeson. By the way, “It was a mistake, like casting George Lazenby as 007″ is a simile, not a metaphor.
A real pitty. All have their own good points, but Roger Moore made the Bond movies I want ti watch multiple times and never tire of. Pierce Brosnan was a very mixed Bond to me. These were for Best Art Direction – Set Decoration, Best Score, and Best Song – “Nobody Does It Better”. Since when does James Bond have white hair and run around with a great big sword and a red coat? yeah, at least two as Daniel Craig signed for two more Bond movies.

We'll start with some basic information about the Fast & Furious movie franchise.... cool list!!! The tall, handsome and muscular Scottish actor Sean Connery is best known for being the original actor to portray the character of James Bond in the hugely successful movie franchise, starring in seven films between 1962 and 1983. All Rights Reserved. Daniel Craig is the biggest joke as a Bond man. i like all james bond movies & all caraters in james bond Tell us what you think about this feature. I have to agree with you! I think and this is only my opinion. The films were Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's secret Service, Moonraker, License to Kill and Die Another day from Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton and Brosnan respectively. Share your opinion in the comments below! I was visiting the city (Nairobi in Kenya, Africa) from the country and my bro decided to take me to the movies. [Updated May 5th, 2020] We already have some lists of movie franchises, but most are about one series of films. Third, what the hell happened to Timmy since his days of Bond ? We rank the best James Bond movies starting with the worst! Sean Connery for me typified Bond.. Roger Moore did well.. though I didnt warm up with Lazenby in OHMSS..he did his best but that was one emotional bond.. Daniel Craig is kind of overstretching the xter for me.. Brosnan was the right peg in the right hole.. but the storyline in The World is not Enough was overstretched as well..Dalton held his own as he only starred twice.. Fun fact: The destruction of Valentin’s factory operations took approximately 5 months to complete. The older ladies like Sean Connery. I loved all of Roger Moore’s “Bond” movies, Pierce Bronson and Daniel Craig is also good. I bet you can name quite a few countries by heart. Required fields are marked *. James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun. Roger Moore was too comic.

However, Niven was the one who portrayed the original character. Hi Sietse – See my entry on October 30th above – I think I got them all – most of the ‘others’ were in the 1967 casino royale spoof ! Short, blonde and not much going on upstairs. mr dalton i think lacked the presence on screen to portray bond. So, without further ado, here’s the list of all James Bond actors from the 1950s until today, with details about 007 Actors Barry Nelson, David Niven, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and of course Daniel Craig! anyway that’s just me noticing some old boring, soo boring movie tricks. it dramatized the moment of murder & death. Sean Connery no doubt. The best James Bond will always be Sean Connery, he the favorite, like Tom Baker is to Doctor Who. And, perhaps more importantly, who do you think should be the next James Bond actor? Raju , I think what you are is more than wrong. photographs very well also. If I remember correctly, when he was chosen to move Ian Fleming’s great character from the page to the screen, Mr. Fleming wasn’t pleased because Sean is a Scot and he wanted a Brit with a little more polish. It took some time to look everything up, but it was worth it! As for the matter at hand, I enjoyed Connery and Brosnan, but I think Craig has beat them out as my favorite Bond. 2 bond after Connery. And I watched the movie twice. –. I feel sorry for 007, 2 more heartbreaking movies to all genuine Bond supporters and fans…….. Hope to see an end to worst performance of Craig.

But when I take into consideration that Connery acted the part in the 60s and 70s, I tend to want to vote him. I think it would be roger Moore!! why dont americans act. 4rm Nigeria. realism and seriousness is lost. Seem to have overlooked your comment, so here’s my reply after 11 months . mr. lazenby was the 1st human bond, he fell in love. James David Graham Niven – He as James Bond 007 in 1967 copyright ” Royal Casino”, Thanks for your comment. IT’s very disappointing that Daniel Craig is the new Bond. Bond itself 007 died since Pierce Brosnan, the number 2 Bond. Sean Connery at his age still very much good looking and sexy. Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by. I’ve never wanted to be a short blonde guy who has about as much personality as my.little finger. this is so old movie, old trick, boringly old. Also, this list has moved from actofrage.com to its original home and all new allyouneedislists.com. Sean Connery! He is mystique, strong and subtle . This list covers all the original all Marvel movies in chronological order of release date! I have seen nearly all of the 007 films when they came out on the big screen, and I have enjoyed all the actors. Some great and not so great comments. I remember finding the character a bit too old to be pulling stunts like that in his last films, and now I see why – he was nearly 60 back then! i think brosnan is the richest of them all. However it might soften the blow if Tom Hardy was the next 007. Went to see Skyfall last night, brilliant, would want Daniel Craig in my corner.

Connery was unquestionably the best, despite the first “official” EON production coming 8 years after the CBS-TV version with Barry Nelson in the role. –. Though I was always a Roger Moore fan by birth rite due to the time I was born and grew to love. As with Sajib and Syed, I think the next Bond should be an Indian Actor. He is the man who really looks like James Bond.

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