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), When I saw that the trailer for ‘The Girl on the Train’ was first a book I figured it was a safe bet that it was well-written. Online and in-store stock may differ. There was really only one person who could have done it, and because of that I kept thinking it must be someone else. In the beginning, this book was okay- good enough that I felt interested in pursuing it. I swear I did! It kept me guessing as to who the killer is and the twist in the end is quite believable, not too far-fetched. . I'm exhausted (in a good way) after reading The Girl on the Train.

The only reason I can see for this book being so popular is because it's salacious, fucked up, and a fast read. The story was interesting though. Fantasy, I guess, right? The massive chore of a writer of a mystery is keeping the key from the reader, while dangling it just enough that you keep trying to figure it out. The tabloids report that a new link has been found connecting Miranda to this sadistic serial killer locked away in a psychiatric hospital. As each viewpoint brings us closer and closer to why Megan went missing that Saturday night, each character is drawn tighter into the web. Good murder mystery. Please feel free to leave comments on anything, and excuse any random construction, I have an itchy design finger. Daphne’s recollections of her childhood and her growing anxiety over her own young daughter eventually lead to an explosive realization that propels her to confront Ralph and their years spent together. It's a book of suspense and eager reading. The Girl on a Train had plenty of information, it was just right. Rachel is a divorced woman who is having a hard time getting back on track. Right away, they have several female characters, and the dates are different. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Oh, sees that house over there going by? It's well written and a first novel by somebody is often the best. None. Me and my husbadand lived there. I love thrillers and mysteries, and I wanted this book to be like "Into the Darkest Corner" or even "Gone Girl." The hype told me that I had to! An exceptional read!”. “The Girl on the Train has more fun with unreliable narration than any chiller since Gone Girl. Just for french people I have a level C1 I guess. and the more terrifying and deadly it is.

It's all so sordid and gloomy.

Voici une intrigue originale et une belle écriture pour ce roman policier psychologique avec quelques policiers en périphérie et une enquête menée par un paumée alcoolique au rythme d'un train de banlieue poussif avec vues plongeantes sur jardinets , terrasses et maisons mitoyennes.Rachel se débat avec un mariage raté,la perte de son job et l'alcool comme palliatif à son désespoir;mais elle est têtue et refuse de laisser sa mémoire lui jouer des tours.On la suit d'un bout à l'autre de son périple intérieur en se demandant constamment où il va la mener. She looks out the train window and passes her ex-husband's house every day and she also watches a couple in another house. so. At the same time, it's a well-written psychological read with a female character revealed at its fullest.

With every passing year, Ella has come to resemble more closely the sister she lost—the same dark hair, the same piercing blue eyes—and now she’s the same age Miranda was when she disappeared. It was unexpected but executed SOOOO well.

I went through a period (years and years actually) where I just inhaled them, but I really had to stop because my brain was so full of icky who-dunnit deaths and scares and horrid images from talented authors stuck in my already over-active imagination. Just completed 'The Girl on the Train' by Paula Hawkins, Need clarification about a few lingering plot points.. [Spoilers]. by Riverhead Books. Did she send him a nasty email?

I was not disappointed. January 13th 2015 Paperback, Large Print (7/12/2016) We’d love your help.


Each one of them seemed plausible! The main character quickly becomes an evident idiot, and I am shocked at the lack of a life she has. It started to pick up it's pace right at the middle and became the riveting thriller that it purported to be. A real anti-stress book that will keep your mind safely distracted from everything except the storyline.

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