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But then again the longer they’d be together the hard it would be. I don’t know what other people think but I think he loved her in the way that he could. This is a brave ending. I am a teacher and taught a story called Occurrence at Owlcreek Bridge which dealt with a man ready to be hanged who seems to escape and goes through a lot only to reach home and his wife comes running out to him in slow motion, puts her hands around his neck and then the story goes back to the beginning with him on the bridge with the noose around his neck and he drops.

He had no life compared to how he had lived before the accident.

This book really makes you think and think about the correct ethical decisions. I still want to see the movie but what I hear from it is he dies because he doesn’t want to live.

I get so connected and develop care and love for the characters and then just like that… theyre gone. His life was nothing but suffering and being ill. It’s just such a well-told story that rings so true. No, that is not true. I don’t think this is a ridiculous ending at all. The night terrors and screaming. July 16, 2017 at 10:41 am Reply. The father losing his job and Lou as well. I don’t see them finishing this one. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!
I feel this is more of a book about making the most out of your life and making decisions for yourself. Movies are very condensed and just give a slight idea of what is happening.

I walked to the living room.

To me it’s simple: She taught him how to love, and he taught her how to live. “I think that’s a hugely cathartic thing. I looked at the clock on the wall and then they came.My tears.I didn't even say goodbye to him. Essentially, all I got from the ending was that we’ve been tricked all along into thinking that yes, there will be drama, but ultimately there will be some kind of realization within Lou and Will that changes them forever (which is what I was lead to believe from reading the back and getting about halfway through). Had I known that the direction of the story would not change, I would have stopped reading there and then. Amazing actor and a MAJOR hotty! I didnt expect Will to not do it at all. For some it may be getting up everyday and just surviving, for others it’s about status, wealth, not being dependent on anyone else. Even if I did, it would have been from a pirated download. I was drawn in from the first by Louisa.

Reviewer: To whom do the “me” and “you” refer to in the title? I like books like Watership Down and such not so much of the romance stuff. Because if we know GOD and his purpose, we will still fight and let GOD’s will be done.

I could see it from Nathan's face, he could guess what had happened. I was bursting in tears. A man, not able to walk and yet being able to bring out the mysteries of universe in front of our eyes, isn’t that ironic ? Although I do agree with a poster above with the idea that her love should have been enough, but then have him die from something.

And I touched his bed.

Email me the closure line as well? He said that Will had tried before to commit suicide and botched it and this was the better way.

He wanted her to leave her cocoon and experience as much of the world as she could on her own terms and not be tied down by his limitations. Here, the reality is, love makes a positive difference, but it does not change conditions. Great comment – I thought the ending was hard – but realistic.

Very sad indeed. 'I'm absolutely sure.' 'Louisa' he said as he turned his head towards me. Will is the greatest manipulator in this story (aside from his mom)!.

Finally, I passed the entrance to the castle grounds. I reached out to both the author and several online book discussions but never received a reply. I have so many thoughts. Loved it until I realized what the author was preparing me for and skipped to the end read it….stopped reading it then…I’m not a fan of suicide and feel he still had a lot give and learn and life still could of been worth living. They NEVER said ‘i love you’. will loved louisa and louisa loved will. Get The Latest IndieWire Alerts And Newsletters Delivered Directly To Your Inbox. The movie made me cry so hard because I thought that her love for him was bigger than life, and it wasn’t reciprocated. ", "It’s an incredibly serious and important subject," she added, noting she's not surprised by the backlash. 3. I think that although the book seems to be about him, if you consider the growth of the characters, it was about her. He called last night to ask if “Me Before You” was the title and I said yes. Me Before You director defends controversial ending after outcry, Read more Me Before You makes having a disability seem worse than death, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification.

What makes for a better ending is the beauty of life and hope. I totally got why Will didn’t want to live any longer and admired Louisa for wanting to put a spark back into his life. 4.Will dies and leaves a lot of Cash to Louise . And I know that to some i might sound mad and crazy and like im a psychopath but even tho they might not be real to most.. books are real to me. At some point I realized the sun was setting and remembered I had one more thing to do. Very sad. I cried for a whole night .. Sad choices all around. He was in pain, also. I couldn’t just let that slide, being Lou. I felt like it was oddly placed and made me feel really disconnected to the story at the most pivotal point.


I hope the movie will have an alternate ending! Patrick is not important any more x) He wanted her to learn.

When you’re rich you really do get away with murder.

The way the author described every little thing, Will's smell…the room, Paris, everything! I opened the door with my key. ', Will looked deep into my eyes.I could see a glint of smile on his face. It is about being selfishness and selflessness, The only part i just cant get over in the film is the strange contradiction and the disgust about the ending “sorry I died, now here is some money” everyone is OK somehow now.

and that’s why i believe that there should be a different ending.
“Clark , you are scored on my heart” means i love you. Subscribe now to keep up with the latest in movies, television and music. Would I have liked the book to end differently?

As far as Will’s mother’s going along with it, she did not want to and was angry with the father when the letter from Switzerland came and he was for it.

He started a new life for her. It would be difficult to see your child struggle day after day, but also so hard to imagine giving your blessing to ending that struggle…, I cant wait to discuss this with my book club and hear what they think of his choice. She told my friend to come visit her one night that she was going to do it that night. And like Dumbledore once said to harry potter, if it is in our minds, why does that mean it isn’t real?

He wanted to change her life as he recognized all of her talents and he tried to give her more self- confidence. I can’t wait!!!! Was he administered the medicine and already dying or was he ready to have the medicine administered … it would help me to interpret the end a little better. I hate Jojo Moyes end the life of Will Traynor!

Having said that, I think I would have a lot of trouble letting go if I was Will’s mom.

The six months Mrs. Traynor insisted on served two purposed – it gave the family the opportunity to get prepared for the inevitable, and an opportunity for Will to either get through the grief for all he lost and move in acceptance or not. But this way… this is the more interesting way. I'm sure she would resign. I can totally relate to her as I imagine the humongous tole such a choice would put on you as a parent knowing the aftermath (as we see in the book) will fall on you as the mom. “And I guess that says a lot about movies and how out there they are in comparison to books.”. I often cry myself to sleep wondering what life will be like when his time comes.

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