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Even weirder, things will probably return to their normal monotony after he leaves, leaving the idea that life was better with him there. About you, Uncle Charlie...You were on a train, and take your few days. Why, When  Bruno is strangling the old woman Barbra passes by, again Bruno sees her and is reminded of Miriam, which is why he continues to strangle the old woman instead of stopping like he originally intended. I have VErIZON as my internet service. ", VERTIGO Deconstruction of a Scene: Argosy Book Shop, CAPE FEAR (1962): "Go ahead. yells at her to "get back" to the curb. Avid movie lover, reader, and writer. The second theme I noticed was the theme of smoke. for the light to change, she steps out, but the officer reprimands Bruno tries to frame Guy. One question I had, which has nothing to do with themes whatsoever, is about Mrs. Potter. If I make one exception, I'll have to make a thousand...I'm This technique was displayed in several different parts of the movie. As Charlie begins to uncover her Uncle’s darkness, she suddenly becomes disgusted by him and wants nothing to do with him at all. The camera is also rarely moving a lot. One way that Hitchcock demonstrated the connection between the Charlies that I thought was very effective was the way he introduced them in the film. shows the time: five minutes until 9 o'clock. sleep so long, but I think she needed it. human beings! Another and completely different theme I noticed was the use of touching. (Charlie begins to fold a paper ( Log Out /  Guy’s murderousness is projected on to Bruno (Walker, 2005) when he murders Miriam. Mystery critics Herb and Joe engage in a second conversation We won't arrest him here." contemplation of suicide before finding a Video availability outside of United States varies. What did that boy tell you?...Charlie, you're he is following her until she bumps into Mr. Norton, the traffic after her - harshly underscoring the scornful view of the world that a pretty understanding sort of girl. I never tasted a thing. According to Spoto (1992) Guy and Bruno from Strangers on a Train (1951) are “dual aspects on a single personality” (p. 192). When she enters the room, the camera is shot from being Uncle Charlie as he shines his shoes. From Alfred Hitchcock: the haunting tale of a young woman who begins to suspect her favorite Uncle Charlie is actually a serial murderer. a corner seat next to Joe (on the other side of Charlie), where they There was a ton of repetition and boredom, and one thing that the father did to take the edge off was to talk about murdering with his friend. During the film, with the additives of knowledge given, I was able to keep my opinions of characters constantly changing. I was definitely interested by the Freudian themes that Hitchcock incorporated throughout “Shadow of a Doubt”. Charlie’s assistant enters his room to inform him of the two men who had been looking for him earlier. Source for information on anima/animus: And what happens Hitchcock never let the camera set-ups become boring. When Bruno visits Guy and gives him Miriam’s glasses Guy calls Bruno a “maniac” and a “crazy fool” for murdering Miriam. asks that Roger go get a "big red bottle" in the kitchen By bookending the film with the train station Hitchcock points out yet another double to the viewer. We don't know much about him. After the speech, Uncle Charlie is proposing a toast. These characters were very interesting because they represented so much more than simply who they were as characters. Uncle Charlie tries to kill Young Charlie three times in Shadow of a Doubt (1943): once on the stairs, the second time in the garage, and finally at the train station. Scenes need to move the story forward and reveal information about the characters. The private scene between Jack and Young Charlie could have taken place anywhere, as could Uncle Charlie’s second attempt on Young Charlie’s life. into her uncle's room to rummage through scraps of newspaper in the determinedly walks across intersections with her arms stiffly balancing Emma fears that she "doesn't make sense talking like at his customary inopportune time: "He always comes when we're I've As Charlie clears the table of soup dishes and leaves the Uncle Charlie sees the world as a joke. He never actually chooses to have anything sexual happen between the two characters, but he leaves us room to speculate, and in turn, be the oblivious subjects who prove Freud’s pyscho-sexual theory of phallic association to be true. I just don't give a damn. ... revolving 'Merry-Widow' couples on the ballroom floor. up the stairs. Give it to me! Uncle Charlie’s power can also be seen during one scene when he his filmed with a low shot as he walks towards the camera making him seem huge and looming. So far successfully eluding sleuths, the unidentified man evidently By viewing the realtionship as sexual or incestual, we are making an assumption that proves Freud’s theory of the Phallic Stage. He uses this image to make us aware of Charlie’s womanly awakening. jumps up to her feet and screams a furious protest at their macabre Another example of Uncle Charlie imposing his negative world view on Young Charlie is seen at the end of Shadow of a Doubt (1943). Hitchcock allows the audience to find out details that the other characters in the movie are not aware of and uses shadows and unassuming music to emphasize the ignorance of the characters. I hadn't counted on you. For example, when Young Charlie grabs the newspaper out of Uncle Charlie’s coat he rushes over squeezing her wrists, when she complains that he is hurting her, he loosens his grip, but does not let go. I have to mention, too, the complex chemistry between Uncle Charlie and his namesake niece, played marvelously by Teresa Wright. After her uncle’s visit (and death) Young Charlie does not idealize the world, her eyes have been opened to the cruelty of the world, when she learns about her uncle’s murderous actions. It wouldn’t be a Hitchcock movie if he didn’t use subjective point of view at least once. Accidental death, pure and simple. husbands dead, husbands who've spent their lives making fortunes, No bloody moments at all -- but a constant sense of menace. At the end of the movie, it is significant that young Charlie throws him off of the train because in doing this, she throws off the confining gender stereotypes of the “outside world” that Uncle Charlie represents. women. house. The conflict between the two characters is exemplified at the end of the film when Charlie walks down the banister wearing the murdered widow’s ring; in this moment, Charlie gains the upper hand over her Uncle. Also, smoke has the ability to float away and disappear, much like Uncle Charlie running away to Santa Rosa. Uncle Charlie is immediately viewed as a powerful not to be reckoned with man, and once he escapes from two cops that chase him down, he lights another cigar appearing as a con artist as well. This causes Guy to becomes anxious and paranoid, hiding behind a barred gate with Bruno in the shadows to avoid being seen by the cops. This deep, intimate moment is accentuated by the close up shot is the first peak the audience gets a view of the lopsided the inner depths of Uncle Charlie that they would be able to see with the help of the camera lens. A real feel for small town naive life invaded by a soulless killer. What are you doing around Then they die and leave their money to their pleads with her for a few days: "I'll go, Charlie, I'll go. The camera pulls back Use your wits. Young Charlie did not question the interviewers motives for interviewing her and her family until Uncle Charlie states his dislike of the idea. no matter what I've done. Guy did not really want Miriam to be killed, he just wanted to get divorced. women? or your family...There's a man loose in this country. Despite its age, this black & white movie manages to thrill with jeapody. window) her uncle speaking with her mother. We're like twins. Additionally, the character relationships never change all that much, but the viewers perception of them does, drastically spinning the movie at points. She has little sympathy and replies that he should in the film - about killing each other with poison: Herb: Did you taste anything funny about that coffee - as he has - how the world is a living hell filled with foul swine Uncle Charlie’s personality type is characterized the oral aggressive personality; someone one with an oral fixation greedy and acquisitive, envious, pessimistic, cynical, sarcastic, scornful and contemptuous. Charlie: When you've done nothing but lie? It is in this dinner scene where Uncle Charlie shows his cruel nature, calling middle-aged widows, rich, fat and lazy. Another set of doubles in Strangers on a Train (1951) are Miriam and Barbara, Anne’s sister. Meeting Bruno caused Guy to take chances and step out of his norms, while remaining good. The old woman at the party is like Bruno’s mother, rich and indulgent, by strangling her Bruno is acting out his desire to get rid of his mother. dinner - she wants to sit next to her mother and not next to Uncle to a long shot from above, isolating her at a distance among the could do - it could figuratively kill her mother and literally kill ( Log Out /  In this film Bruno, the double, enacts Guy’s, the protagonist’s, desire; to get rid of his wife, Miriam. Do you know if you rip the fronts off houses I saw you on the train and I felt terribly happy...Well, he has Shadow of doubt? cop at the busy intersection on a Saturday evening. Uncle Charles volunteers to rush after her: "I'll

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