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Kichi Kichi style Omu Rice now available in Singapore, Saigon Stories Part 2, Vietnam Travel Log 2018. All rights Reserved.


Read more of our fun experience Shanghai (China) September trip 2017 as follow: ~ [SHANGHAI] TIPS Travel Itinerary 7 Days Backpacking Shanghai Guide, ~ [SHANGHAI] Visa, Social Media Use & Rent Bicycles Tips. There have been thoughts to shut it down, thoughts on changing my tone, reflections on…, The long anticipated list of awarded restaurants for the 2019 Shanghai Michelin Guide are here! The soup tasted great, and we fell in love with the delights of xiao long bao made by Yang’s Dumpling (8RMB for 4 pieces – equal to IDR 16K). #MYFUNFOODIARY

10 things you must eat when visiting Singapore for the first time! The crayfish was slightly spicy yet tasted sweet, boiled in chili oil in large vats outside the restaurant. Unlike in Shanghai where you can hop off the bus and easily find a local eatery that serves xiao long baos that…, Sorry for the hiatus. For me, a good brunch restaurant, or rather restaurant serving brunch needs to have: A couple of good egg dishes A…. 3rd Floor – Bailian Xuhui Shopping Center 百联徐汇商业广场, 2038 Huashan Lu. Add all this to the dipping sauce with chopped ginger and it is very satisfying.

But at the end of the day, there is nothing like home-cooked Chinese food and by home-cooked I mean by my parents, not me. Highly recommended as well. 10 types of foods you need to eat when in Shanghai for the first time! Each time we had a very good meal. The dough on the outside was the right amount with a good texture and taste. [SHANGHAI] Top 10 Foods Must Eat in Shanghai, China, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Percaya gak sih, kolesterol itu ga, October bulan ceria, banyak promo di. Pasta Bar – Hand-made artisanal pasta in Singapore. Unfortunately, his stall was closed that day, and hence we rerouted ourselves to the timeless Tekka Market smack…, Quite a lovely dinner from canton paradise, except, Quick and dirty 10min work from home lunch, made u, lovely fare at Punggol Seafood! Copyright 2013-2019 Fred “The Shanghai Kid” Lin. I’ve been writing about food & drink in Shanghai for multiple English media publications since 2011. I also found from the internet, the Crayfish House (number 17 and 23) by far is the most popular outlet for crayfish, and when we came that evening, this restaurant was quite crowded with locals even though it was on the weekday, so we decided to try it. one of the shops along Huaihai Middle Road (opposite the World’s Largest Flagship Store – Uniqlo), Shanghai, [JAPAN] 10 Things You Should Do + Eat + Visit When in Tokyo, [LONDON] Top 10 Attractions and Things To Do, [JAPAN] First Preparation on Backpacking to Japan Guide, 8. However, you should give it a try, and you can find them in most breakfast street food spots. [SHANGHAI] Wai Po Jia / Grandma’s House, Must Try! [SHANGHAI] Best Xiao Long Bao at Jia Jia Tang Bao, [SHANGHAI] Famous Sheng Jian Bao at Yang’s Dumpling, [SHANGHAI] Disneyland Park and Disney Town at Disney Resort, [SHANGHAI] Line Friends Store and Cafe – Choco House, [KULINER JOGJA] TRAVELING NAIK KERETA API WITH TRAVELOKA, [NEW POST] Freshness Japanese Green Tea from Ichi Ocha, [NEW SPOT] Delicious Indo Orient Cuisine Lunch at Blue Jasmine Restaurant, [NEW] Tucano’s Churrascaria – Brazilian BBQ & Buffet Jakarta, [NEW] Segarnya Mango Pop Magic dan Chubby Corn di Restoran A&W,,, BANDUNG PET FRIENDLY HOTEL Lembang Nature, Tips Gigi Rapi Clear Aligner Rata Indonesia, 7 Michelin Street Foods Must Eat in Bangkok, [RESEP] Ayam Goreng Hongkong Style – Fried Chicken, [RESEP] Air Fryer Ayam Panggang – Roasted Chicken, [PET FRIENDLY] Bandung Hotel & Cafe Hopping with your Dog, [NEW] 12 Kuliner Chinatown Pancoran - Nostalgia di Petak Sembilan, Glodok, [NEW MENU] Ini Dia Cheeseburger Pizza dan Meat Puff, Inovasi Baru Paket Mantap PHD Indonesia, 10 Kuliner Bakmi Favorit & Enak Wajib Kamu Coba di Jakarta, [KULINER BSD] 7 Makanan Harus Kamu Coba di Lulu Hypermarket, [BANDUNG] Dapoer Pandan Wangi, Restoran Sunda Wajib Coba Bila di Bandung, [ALL YOU CAN EAT] Korean BBQ at PREMIUM MAGAL Senayan City, [NEW] 12 Kuliner Chinatown Pancoran – Nostalgia di Petak Sembilan, Glodok, [KOREA] Oryukdo Skywalk Busan, Walking in The Sky (오륙도 스카이워크), [YOGYA] Wisata Alam Hits Bukit Mojo Gumelem, Jurang Tembelan, & Rumah Hobbit, [BANDUNG] Chinatown Bandung Museum, Wisata Pecinan. The filling was savory and good – not the sweet filling that I usually associate with Chinese Steamed Pork Buns.

Each of our tours covers one or more neighborhoods of historic Shanghai that most tourists wouldn’t dare to venture into.. We are all local Chinese who live in Shanghai, and eager to show you the hidden sides of the city with authentic Chinese cuisine and tea, desserts, cocktails and craft beer.

Visiting a country is often the best way to experience the most authentic flavours when they haven’t been adapted or mass-produced for restaurants. ^_^. The Shanghai Xiao Long Pao at MBK is one of 12 branches. After we visited World’s Largest Uniqlo Flagship store located at Huaihai Road in Shanghai, we spend some time to find some of the local snacks by looking from the crowds in front of the shops. It is a rich, delicious treat. Given our desire to find a great Shanghai dumpling, we had to try this place out.

The filling works very well in the dumpling, with the chopped cashew nuts adding a effective contrasting taste as well as a different texture to interest the palate. We also ordered some BBQ skewers (shaokao) from the restaurant, from chicken wings, enoki, and chicken meat. It was a dumpling with a sweet filling of black sesame beans with the dumpling dipped in chopped cashew nuts. The Shanghai Kid (TSK) is a food blog by award winning Singaporean chef-restaurateur and foodie, Fred Lin. Fred lived and blogged in Shanghai between 2007 and 2017, and has currently returned to his hometown of Singapore. Their Xiao Long Bao is loved by the locals, and also known as the best steamed Xiao Long Bao in town. Well, of course, there are a few facts that you should know before you come to Shanghai (Click here to read more about it). We ordered them because of the picture (the menu has pictures of all the dishes), where we could see succulent-looking pork belly in a sauce. MIZUKI: My Birthday Treat at an Omakase Tempura Restaurant in Singapore, Interesting cuisine to watch out for on your next trip, Weekend Brunch in Singapore at The English House by Marco Pierre White. More on Eating and Dining in Shanghai. Generally Kasma and I don’t eat at a lot of chain restaurants – we prefer individually-owned, Thai-run restaurants, though when we have eaten at Thai chains, the quality of the food has often been fairly decent, if not superb.

Of the other dim sum we tried, the Shanghai Style Steamed Pork Bun was excellent. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. People usually refer this food as Sheng Jian Bao 生煎包 (the pan-fried version of xiao long bao). (December If you love cheesecake, I highly recommend you to visit Bon Matin Paris, a French bakery chain that is very popular among the locals in Shanghai. All photos, text and video by Fred Lin unless otherwise credited. The filling is made from fatty pork and is savory and delicious. When she’s in Thailand Kasma likes to take her mom out to malls for sightseeing and meals and it was on one of these excursions recently that she came across the restaurant “Shangkai Xioa Long Pao” at MBK Center (Mahboonkrong), which bills itself as “the most visited mall in Bangkok.”. Read more about Fred Lin, My friend, R, wanted to bring us to his favourite Nasi Biryani place at Little India, Singapore. They fill it with various fillings; option available: Beef, Preserved Vegetable, Fresh Pork, Dark Brown Sugar fillings. Nomfluence — A Shanghai Food Blog. 1018 Changning Rd, ZhongShan GongYuan, Shanghai. From recommendations, restaurant experiences, events, travel destinations, and recipes, readers will find anything food related in this website. The crepe is made fresh upon every order on a flat griddle, wrapped, and folded into half, and are usually available as breakfast takeaway for people in Shanghai. If you ever eat Bakchang, you’ll recognize the flavor of this Rice Ball, another favorite street food among the locals in Shanghai. As good as it is, Jingzhou Style Baked Filling Pastry is another must-try street food when in Shanghai. I’ve still be doing a lot of soul searching on how to continue with this blog. We finished our second meal up with a dessert that was on the dessert menu on the table.

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I pried open a pair of voluptuous eggs.

I opted for the Beef fillings (10RMB, equal to IDR 20K) and pretty much loved it! and a stretch of street in Ao Nang Bay with more non-Thai restaurants than Thai restaurants (Are We in Thailand?). It is a Jakarta based Food and Travel Blog managed by Mullie Marlina, a young, lovely, cheerful and blessed wife who loves to share her culinary and travel experiences through her writing.

It comes with a plate of succulent, juicey steamed chicken, a broth with melon, some spicy cabbage (very reminiscent of kim chee), a spicy dipping sauce, a pickled vegetable and a bowl of chicken-fat rice. Lovely lunch at Afuri, Funan. Thai Food and Travel Blog is proudly powered by

When in Shanghai, don’t forget to eat Crawfish/Crayfish (Xiaolong Xia) as many as you can, Scallops in Garlic sauce, and Shao Kao (Chinese style of BBQ Skewers).

This blog aims at sharing some useful knowledge about what is happening in Chinese food law, and how this is shaping the behavior of food-industry stakeholders. This simple comfort food is called Jian Bing (also known as Shandong Jian Bing), made of a crispy layer crepe, with an egg cracked on top. As you may have heard, Shanghai is a vast cosmopolitan metropolis, much more modern and fascinating in terms of transportation, futuristic buildings, technology-wise, and more than what we have in Jakarta (Indonesia). 2019 see some improvements,…, The Shanghai Kid (TSK) is a food blog by award winning Singaporean chef-restaurateur and foodie, Fred Lin.

The Shanghai dumplings were verygood indeed. Is it worth it? She would really appreciate your feedback, and would love to hear about any suggestions, events regarding food, or just to drop in to say "Hi". Luckily, we had the dried red pepper, which I added in quantity. All blog content copyright © 2009 - 2020 Kasma Loha-unchit or Michael Babcock. With that said, as I am a Shanghai girl, I can’t resist xiaolongbao 小笼包, shengjianbao 生煎包, little wontons 小馄饨, and scallion oil noodles 葱油拌面.

The signature Chicken pot with flavored tea (45RMB, equal to IDR 90K), and Steamed Prawn with generous minced garlic and glass noodles (35RMB, equal to IDR 70K), both were fantastic! Hello!

If you’re searching for a unique yet authentic-tasting hawker eatery in Singapore, Da Da Da Shi Jia prawn noodles might be the place! Yuyuan Garden Station, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai. We ordered a fish dish each time.

(Well, along with a small basket of Xiao Long Pao.) 247 Wulumuqi Middle Road, near Wuyuan Lu, Shanghai, (at the intersection – across Little Catch Cafe / walk left from Wuji Dept Store – in between Fuxing Lu and Wuyuan Lu), Closest Metro Stop: Changshu Road / Shanghai Library, 4. It’s quite similar to Jian Bing, but different in terms of the skin that they use, the sauce, and the ingredients. Note: This blog dates from May 2, 2011.When we visited this restaurant in December 2012 the name had been changed to Shanghai Xiao Long Pao and the dumplings were not very good. People called it as Guo Kui, a thin meat-stuffed flatbread cooked in the oven. One of the greatest joys of travel is the opportunity to enjoy cuisine from around the world. We posted a second blog about the restaurant as of January 2014 and were still pleased. I would definitely order that again, though I’d give the Shanghai Chicken Rice an edge (as a chicken dish) because of the delicious, rich rice.

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