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shows prior to The Undertaker and Bradshaw (now under the gimmick of JBL, the initialism of John Bradshaw Layfield) facing off at No Mercy for the WWE Championship in a Last Ride match, a series of Ministry-reminiscent events occurred between Undertaker and his former servant: JBL would beat The Undertaker at No Mercy with interference from Jon Heidenreich to retain the WWE Championship. The Brood were often victims of beatings at the hands of the Ministry to both prove their loyalty to the Undertaker and to punish them. He challenged D-Generation X member X-Pac for his WWF European Championship in a losing effort.

Ambrose was in a secondary role when Rollins became the top heel and Reigns became the top face. [29] They aided the Hardy Boyz in defeating the Dudley Boyz for the titles on March 5, 2001 edition of Raw is War and then two weeks later,[30] they defeated the Hardy Boyz themselves for their record breaking sixth WWF Tag Team Championship.

* The Brood …   Wikipedia, King of the Ring — is a professional wrestling single elimination tournament held by World Wrestling Entertainment. The Hardys later teamed with Lita to form Team Xtreme. The following week, Long announced that if Edge or Del Rio touched each other before WrestleMania XXVII, they would both be banned from it. They lowered a noose into the cell, and the Undertaker proceeded to hang The Big Boss Man from the top of the cage. [4][6][7] The fans gave both teams a standing ovation the next night on Raw is War.

No longer entering the arena through the crowd, the two engaged in various antics including making fun of their opponents or the city they were performing in, using strange exclusive phrases (the most notable being "reek of awesomeness"), and dressing in outlandish costumes. The Brood was a stable known for its time in the World Wrestling Federation during The Attitude Era of the late 1990s. Edge & Christian are two of the best performers to ever step foot in a WWE ring, both as individuals and as a tag team, and their relationship in the company began in a very odd way, as members of The Brood … [4] In 1998, Sexton and Christian began teaming up in independent promotions such as Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) and Southern States Wrestling (SSW).

In 2012, WWE named them the greatest tag team in WWE history. The trio continued the tradition of making their entrance by the rising elevator that lifted them through a ring of fire onto the elevated stage floor. By Harrison ... Another thing was the idea with the Brood was to do the Freebird gimmick where any two members could work a tag team match we even …

Ultimately Cena would give in to Rollins' demands, saving Edge but bringing back The Authority. Other trademarks of theirs included the "five-second pose" where, "for the benefit of those with flash photography", they would stand still in odd positions in the middle of the ring so fans could take pictures. Gangrel, known previously as the Vampire Warrior, [1] made his WWE … Edge made his debut in the WWF on the June 22 episode of Raw is War as a loner who entered the ring through the crowd. This group came to an end when The Undertaker suffered a legit injury in September and was written out by quitting, rather than taking a match ordered by Mr. In March, after Undertaker's Hell in a Cell match with The Big Boss Man at WrestleMania XV, Edge, Christian, and Gangrel were lowered onto the cage from the ceiling. They often entered arenas by rising through a ring of fire onto the (elevated) stage floor, with Gangrel carrying a chalice of "blood". The Brood … Afterwards, Edge attempted to destroy Del Rio's Bentley. As one of their first orders of business, they abducted Dennis Knight on the December 28 episode of Raw Is War and took him to a renewed, druid-like master "He" which they were referring to. When it came to the point Undertaker tried to force the Brood to sacrifice Christian alongside Shamrock, Edge and Gangrel refused, as they were more loyal to Christian than the Ministry. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On one occasion, Christian was sentenced to a flogging at the hands of his fellow Brood members, and from the Undertaker himself after he was forced to reveal to Ken Shamrock the location of Stephanie McMahon when Shamrock held Christian in an ankle lock. The storyline then focused around the "mutual respect" between Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz, along with both teams' pursuit of the WWF Tag Team Championship. Edge chased him off but was then attacked from behind by Del Rio. [18] At the King of the Ring pay-per-view, the duo defeated Too Cool, Hardy Boyz and T & A (Test and Albert) in a Four Corners elimination match to win their second WWF Tag Team Championship. Edge eventually won the match with a spear, however moments later Randy Orton revealed that The Undertaker was in fact his real opponent. Following his title win, and prior to Edge's ninth world title win that same night, the duo interacted on television for the first time since Christian's return, with Christian criticizing Edge for not being "fun" anymore. For the Marvel Comic villains, see The Brood Infobox Film name = The… …   Wikipedia, Brood — may refer to:* Brood, a collective term for offspring * Brooding, the incubation of bird eggs by their parents * Brood (honeybee), the young of a beehive * Brood : to think deeply about something, often in a dark or melancholy manner. This led to a feud with the Ministry of Darkness, specifically The Acolytes. [18] On the October 16 edition of Raw Is War, they defeated Dudley Boyz,[18] and on the October 19 edition of SmackDown!, they won a tag team battle royal to earn themselves a tag team title shot. They are best known for their time in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), later renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where they won the WWF Tag Team Championship on seven occasions. On one occasion, Christian was sentenced to a beating at the hands of his fellow Brood members after he was forced to reveal to Ken Shamrock the location of Stephanie McMahon. In 2004, during the final three SmackDown!

In March, after Undertaker's Hell in a Cell match with The Big Boss Man at WrestleMania XV, Edge, Christian, and Gangrel were lowered onto the cage from the ceiling.

[1][26][27] A week later, they lost the WWF Tag Team Championship to The Undertaker and The Rock but eventually regained them. Gangrel continued working for the WWF until he was released in 2001, reportedly for weight problems.

By that time, Edge and Christian had found success as a tag team, and Gangrel had turned on Edge. He called the group The New Brood. Christian continued at the side of Gangrel to help him in his feud with Edge, and he won the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship in his first match in the WWF.

[1] At In Your House: Breakdown, during a match pitting Edge against Owen Hart, Reso, cited as an unknown person looking similar to Edge, came out to the ring distracting him enough to allow Hart to get the win. Christian would force Edge to reveal that he had manipulated the fans, challenging Edge to a match.

WWE held off from reintroducing him to the main roster due to his ongoing weight problems. The Brood : The Radicalz : The Union The Un-Americans : Remove Ads.

Christian stopped him though and hit Del Rio himself. On May 29, 2000 edition of Raw is War, they dropped the titles to Scotty and Sexay. By that time, Edge and Christian had found success as a tag team, and Gangrel had turned on Edge. Gangrel Reveals Which AEW Star Was Supposed To Be In Christian's Role In The Brood Triple H Praises WWE NXT Superstars For Last Night's Match Mystery Man Makes Reveal On WWE's … Usually, Gangrel took a drink from the chalice and then spit it towards the crowd, although occasionally, he simply shared the drink with his partners. His wish was about to come to fruition, until the ceremony was ruined successfully by Stone Cold Steve Austin, after two attempts by Corporation members Big Show and Ken Shamrock failed. Eventually, the duo convinced Edge to join them, forming the stable known as The Brood. [1][17] They began a feud with Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay and Rikishi). On one occasion, Christian was sentenced to a flogging at the hands of his fellow Brood members, and from the Undertaker himself after he was forced to reveal to Ken Shamrock the location of Stephanie McMahon when Shamrock held Christian in an ankle lock. Del Rio attacked Edge afterwards but was stopped by Christian. Learn how and when to remove this template message, John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL)'s WWE Profile, (Official Website of Paul Bearer),, Articles needing additional references from February 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 August 2020, at 18:25. However, Gangrel and Christian both wore white shirts and dark pants, while Edge wore the long leather coat he wore before joining The Brood. A "blood bath" consisted of the lights in the arena turning off, the flashing red lights of Gangrel's entrance coming on, and then the arena lights turning on again to reveal the target bathed in "blood". Edge and Christian (E&C) was a tag team made of Edge (Adam Copeland) and Christian (Jason Reso). [1][38] They reunited again on November 15, 2004 edition of Raw but ended up losing to Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin. He debuted in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) at its Genesis pay-per-view under the ring name Christian Cage, which he used in Canadian independent circuit. [1][21] Edge and Christian stated that instead of doing the "time-honored tradition" of shaking the hands of their opponents, they would instead do the time-honored tradition of mocking their opponents, and had four little people show up dressed as the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz, with toy ladders and tables, with a "37 second pose" when the fake Hardys and Dudleys bowed to Edge and Christian, who stood on the table.

The tag team feud with the Hardy Boyz intensified as Gangrel became Matt and Jeff's new manager, combining to form "The New Brood", in the summer of 1999. Undertaker's vile schemes were delayed when Kane cost him the Buried Alive match to Austin at Rock Bottom: In Your House on December 13 and he was not seen until the following month. They also utilized the same "gothic" gimmick as the original Brood.

[1][12][13] However, shortly after Terri betrayed the Hardyz at No Way Out, the truce between the two teams imploded and they began fighting each other once more. McMahon, shook up, put Undertaker in the second-ever Inferno match, a rematch in which Undertaker faced off against Kane (who had joined Vince's Corporation to avoid being committed to the asylum). The New Brood was formed after the Hardy Boyz dumped Hayes as their manager in August 1999, turned heel and became briefly associated with Gangrel. Their new show debuted on February 21, 2016, immediately following Fastlane. Live Event Results - October 13, 2002", "Edge def.

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