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While recovering, Gregory begs his best friend, Henry (Segal), not to let him go home with Candace, but leaves with her the second she offers. . ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. She tries to make the scene seductive, while he tries at first to keep it benign. While attending the wedding of her sister, Claire (Rogers), to Alex (Brosnan), she tells her best friend, Doris (Vaccaro), that she has reached the point where she knows she'll never get married.

Search mirror has two faces and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. . . . Back at his place, she goes to leave right after they've had sex. There is comic relief, however, from Lauren Bacall as Hannah, Rose’s egocentric, materialistic mother. in its first half The Mirror is a romantic-comic delight: nicely directed . at 54, it's time to get over girlish hang-ups, forget the noble schnoz and thank God that unlike Cher, you're still recognizable". Lauren Bacall's performance earned praise, winning her the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress. . Ex. Look back and you'll see that Streisand's career, from the beginning, was one long battle cry for geeks and wallflowers and Jewish girls with big noses - a series of wish-fulfillment scenarios in which she, the perennial underdog, triumphs by dint of talent, chutzpah and a really great personality . However, Rose tells him that she doesn't want to continue in their marriage and moves back in with her mother. . [4], Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said the film "approaches the subject of marriage warily and with wit, like a George Bernard Shaw play . (b. Berlin, Germany, 18 March 1798; d. Berlin, 15 July 1873) mineralogy, crystallography. [2], Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 55% of 33 surveyed critics the film a positive review; the average rating is 5.4/10. Lit and posed in an old-time movie star way you rarely see anymore, she plays out her career-long is-she-or-isn't-she-beautiful comic psychodrama one more time, with the girlish uncertainties wiped out with the speed of a costume change. Physical appearance not important!". Gregory Larkin (Bridges) is a Columbia Mathematics teacher who can't connect with students and loses perspective as soon as he is aroused by an attractive woman. Therefore, be sure to refer to those guidelines when editing your bibliography or works cited list. . mirror has two faces definition in English dictionary, mirror has two faces meaning, synonyms, see also 'mirror ball',mirror canon',mirror carp',mirror finish'. While they're discussing his book, Rose asks if now is enough warning to tell him she'd like to have sex tonight. It's rare, too, to find such verbal characters in a movie, and listening to them talk is one of the pleasures of The Mirror Has Two Faces .

Meanwhile, Gregory cuts his trip short and comes home. this is a moving and challenging movie". The screenplay by Richard LaGravenese is loosely based on the 1958 French film Le Miroir à deux faces written by André Cayatte and Gérard Oury.

A staggeringly obsessive expression of the importance of appearances, good looks and being adored, Barbra Streisand's third directorial outing is also, incidentally, a very old-fashioned wish-fulfillment romantic comedy that has been directed and performed in the broadest possible manner .

. Starring Jeff Bridges, Pierce Brosnan, George Segal, Mimi Rogers, Brenda Vaccaro, and Lauren Bacall, the story focuses on a shy, middle-aged professor who enters into a platonic relationship with an unlucky colleague. [3], In her review in the New York Times, Janet Maslin called the film's first hour "light and amusing" but added, then [Barbra Streisand] impresses her audience with good will hubris that goes through the roof. . No matter. [6], Todd McCarthy of Variety called it "a vanity production of the first order. The Mirror Has Two Faces ★★ 1996 (PG-13)Gregory (Bridges) is a hunky, but flustered, professor (hunky professor?) . counteract some of the ubiquitous narcissism".[10]. Enrich your vocabulary with … He tells her that he loves her and that what caused him to pull away that night was how desperately he wanted her. . and cuts an elegant and sardonic figure". While she's comforting him, Alex asks Rose to have dinner with him, but she realizes that the fantasy of Alex is a lot better than the reality. . [who delivers] her lines with trademark tart panache . hasn't she returned to the theme of Homely Girl Redeemed, and crowned herself the victor, countless times? Instead, we are left to muse, "Oy vey, does Streisand know how over-the-top she is?" "The Mirror Has Two Faces" is a vanity production of the first order. She also earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, the first in her then-50-plus year career. The Mirror Has Two Faces is a 1996 American romantic comedy-drama film produced and directed by Barbra Streisand, who also stars. After they marry, the relationship continues to grow and become more emotionally intimate, with hints of physical attraction. . Rose decides that feeling beautiful is something she wants but that she's ignored those feelings. . is going to be the perfect experience. The Mirror Has Two Faces is a 1996 American romantic comedy-drama film produced and directed by Barbra Streisand, who also stars.

Therefore, that information is unavailable for most content. The Mirror Has Two Faces is a 1996 American romantic comedy-drama film produced and directed by Barbra Streisand, who also stars.

are struck regularly, like gongs .

Gregory and Rose marry in a court-house ceremony. The narcissism on display is astonishing to behold, and veteran Barbra worshipers will have a field day. It received a nomination for Best Original Score at the 54th Golden Globe Awards. a surface, such as polished metal or glass coated with a metal film, that reflects light without diffusion and produces an image of an object placed in front of it, such a reflecting surface mounted in a frame, a thing that reflects or depicts something else, to reflect, represent, or depict faithfully, a rear-view mirror for road vehicles that only partially reflects headlights behind, a configuration of magnetic fields used to confine charged particles, as in a magnetic bottle, a large revolving ball covered with small pieces of mirror glass so that it reflects light in changing patterns: used in discos and ballrooms, a canon in which the parts are written as though seen in a mirror placed between them: one part or set of parts is the upside-down image of the other, sometimes, less accurately, a piece that can be played backwards, a variety of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) with reduced scales, giving a smooth shiny body surface, a smooth highly polished surface produced on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing or lapping, an object that corresponds to another object in the same way as it would correspond to its image in a mirror, a lens of long focal length in which some of the lens elements are replaced by mirrors in order to shorten its overall length and reduce its weight, symmetry about a plane (mirror plane) that divides the object or system into two mutual mirror images, backward writing that forms a mirror image of normal writing, a mirror on a motor vehicle enabling the driver to see traffic behind him, a half-silvered sheet of glass that functions as a mirror when viewed from one side but is translucent from the other, English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus, Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition, Rosalie loved Cesar and David both equally, for different reasons, and was caught between two stools, a modern version of the popular saying "killing, expression used to describe a lost opportunity or something that is unlikely to happen in the current circumstances, the show is over, you can go home, the main purpose of your presence is gone, was used in Elvis concerts to prevent people from waiting an encore, His speech was nothing but smoke and mirrors, for instance : having a theme that continues through more than one movement of a musical composition, British slang in use at least from the 1940`s - abbreviation of 'physiognomy', Ex: There were solid arguments for both sides and after hours of endless discussions, a happy medium that could satisfy each camp was still to be struck, [Fam.];[Fig.];[Hum.] The screenplay by Richard LaGravenese is based on the 1958 French film Le Miroir à deux faces written by André Cayatte and Gérard Oury , which focused on a homely woman who becomes a beauty, which creates problems in her marriage.

. The music is slick". Rose Morgan (Streisand), a middle-aged English literature professor at Columbia University, shares a home with her vain, overbearing mother, Hannah (Bacall). . The synthetic one-liners that pass for humor and sentiment . Her withering lines . When she leaves Gregory in a state of frustration and rejection, he decides to place a personals ad that reads, "Columbia University professor (male) seeks woman interested in common goals and companionship. looking for romance without all that complicated sex, which shortly leads him to plain but soulful Rose (Streisand), the ugly duckling of her family.

She flusters him so much that he has a panic attack and is unable to continue. . . . .

Beyond that, pic does deliver a number of laughs, deep-dish luxury on the production side and an engagingly enthusiastic performance from Bridges". well-acted by a terrific cast and peppered with great one-liners . After the sun comes up, they catch a taxi home.

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