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The game itself saw about fifty West Ham supporters invade the pitch on three occasions, forcing the game to be temporarily suspended once. Two people were arrested for public order offences. The fight before the game erupted when about 20 Millwall fans threw pool balls through the windows of the Windmill pub, where their rivals were drinking. [32], After a game against Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road in September 2010, manager Kenny Jackett said Millwall's hooligan problems are to a certain extent exaggerated by media sensationalism.

There was fighting inside and outside the ground during the game between both sets of supporters, with one Millwall fan sustaining a broken jaw.

The author has also turned his book into a play, which was critically acclaimed at this summer’s Edinburgh Festival and will be performed this autumn in central London and Brighton. But Chris was a bit of a gawper. The video shows a large group of men outside the pub, before chairs are thrown at the windows. “It’s just a case of turning left or right, isn’t it?” he says. At the time I felt very let down, but I’d also seen another side of policing which I hadn’t seen prior to working undercover. Yes, I was working as an undercover police officer but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the football I watched at the time, they were a class side. The book is written from a true standpoint and I will stand and defend it. The game saw hundreds of West Ham fans invade the pitch on three occasions, forcing the game to be temporarily suspended once. There was also widespread fighting in the stands. Cup final", "Millwall 1964–1966 Back to Back Promotions", "Leeds United v Millwall: Police mount anti-hooligan operation", "Millwall v Leeds United: Police issue behaviour warning", "Millwall angered by Carling Cup ticket decision", "West Ham and Millwall mount defence over Carling Cup violence", "West Ham fined £115,000 over violence against Millwall", "Football: Crowd trouble may lead to closure of New Den: FA charges south London club after disturbances at play-off match", "Liverpool fans jailed over Hillsborough taunts riot. "Around seven of them charged in the pub. [4], In the 1960s, hooliganism in England became more widely reported. Seven months later, three Liverpool fans received three-month prison sentences and a further two avoided prison sentences but received banning orders. In August 1993, Millwall relocated to the New Den and ended that season third in Division One, entering the playoffs to try and win a place in the FA Premier League. We would like to grab a pint or two ( will definitely be two) before the match. “They just steamed in,” says Bannon. Three Millwall fans received three-month prison sentences and six-year banning orders. No arrests were made – it was thought the evidence they’d gathered wouldn’t stand up in court. That is the sad thing about it. I’ve had no reaction from former colleagues where they’ve said anything to me personally, but I’m sure there has been a huge reaction in relation to people who have read the book. “He needs to take a good long look at himself before he starts looking at everyone else for reasons why he did what he did,” says Bannon. This is due in part to ex-Millwall chairman Theo Paphitis’ introduction of a membership scheme following the events outside The New Den on the evening of the Birmingham City play off semi-final in May 2002. With its artisan flapjacks, this middle-class establishment is not the sort of place that existed when he patrolled the streets in the mid-Eighties. The scheme introduced by Paphitis now only applies to perceived high-risk away games. This has led to a siege mentality among supporters of the club, which gave rise to the Millwall fans' famous terrace chant, No one likes us, we don't care, being sung in defiant defence of themselves and their team. I was just a bit sad about it really as a Millwall supporter, irrespective of what I did. I was behind the bar and was too scared to put my head too far above it. The hooligan firm still exists today. Do you have any favorite pubs near the stadium? Police were called at 6.20pm "to reports of a disorder involving a number of people at The Luckwell Hotel on Luckwell Road.".

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