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A Classic! Jack and Victor find an old friend of theirs drops dead of the cold - is it time to take part in Winston's nerfarious scheme to steal 'leccy? They absolutely must win, but will they be match-fit or have to employ other tactics? Tam finally does the decent thing. Boaby bars Jack & Vic & Co. from the Clansman. With a major boost of Navid's shop being free while he's away on holiday, a turf war begins. this one is the. A retired CIA agent, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), finds his peaceful (but quite boring) retirement disturbed when his suburban house is destroyed by masked assassins. In the movie finale, a perfect spot for shooting was the. Our boys are quickly smitten. Winston's had enough of Craiglang and decides he wants to live beside the seaside. But is he all that he appears to be? Craiglang is plunged into eternal darkness when the sub station goes on the blink. The duo are joined on their voyage by Winston, but the relaxing pleasure cruise soon turns into a nightmare. Tam and Frances are having marital problems. Winston saves the day by thwarting a mugger and becomes an internet sensation. Meanwhile, an old face from Isa's past returns... Navid is giving out invitations to what promises to be the wedding of the year in Craiglang. Tam falls in love with his ex-sister-in-law, a former variety star even more careful with her money than he is. (parking garage for chase scene) 5 of 5 found this interesting. Columbia, California, USA 9 of 9 found this interesting Interesting? The secrets he knows made him CIA target. Jack and Victor contact an old friend to come to town and take matters in his giant-sized hands. Unfortunately, Tam and Winston have the same idea. Isa wants to know who is throwing her a surprise birthday party. Meanwhile Frances gives Tam a ton of Christmas cards for him to deliver. Meanwhile, Isa struggles with her new cleaning job at the undertaker's and Tam pushes his skinflintishness to new depths, In the second of this double-bill, a trip to the cinema ends up creating a mystery for Jack and Victor and the gang. Full Cast and Crew Love is in the air as the gang rally together to create an unforgettable wedding day for one of the pals. 2 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Showing all 4 items Jump to: Filming Locations (3) Production Dates (1) Filming Locations. No. We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of television programmes and films. The drinks are on him! But things go wrong when he actually turns up to see his 'sick' father. Winston receives wounding news about his remaining leg. Isa's unwelcome husband returns once more. Once again, they unite in an impossible mission to stop the operation and rescue the VP, Stanton, from being killed by his own people. After an unusually expensive meal, Jack and Victor decide to take a literal trip down memory lane, when they visit a new exhibition in the city centre dedicated to the Glasgow of their childhood. But can Winston keep up the pretence for long? Why so sure? They meet an old friend, Frank McCallum. Jack and Victor kick off series 3 in an opening episode that picks up where the last episode of series 2 left off - the boys are flying to Canada to visit Jack's family. And what are they to do when an old friend - and notorious tapper - 'dies', and the chance to slip back a few items presents itself? You can actually see the slight look of surprise on Willis's face in the scene. One of the easily recognizable city locations is the Fairmont Hotel and its interior, where they shot scenes in the ballroom (the election headquarters for Vice President Stanton) and in the lobby, later we can clearly see the hotel's façade. Meanwhile, Boaby's losing customers and can't get his hole in a barrel of fannies. The Red House, also known as No Trespassing, is a 1947 psychological thriller film directed by Delmer Daves, starring Edward G. Robinson and Lon McCallister.It is adapted from the 1945 novel The Red House by George Agnew Chamberlain. And fellow OAP Winston looks like losing out to old enemy Stevie the bookie - until racing expert John McCririck arrives to give him a few betting tips. or Retired Extremely Dangerous section in the CIA Headquarters he contacts his former colleagues. He's not managing: he walks around town like a jakie and can't even boil an egg for himself. For more information on our use of screenshots please see our image website terms. But to win the fair lady's heart, a double date is in order. Jack and Victor are fed up of Isa's constant prying, but the plan they hatch causes shock waves across Craiglang. Jack and Victor club together to out-bid Manky Franky to win themselves Danny's old motor. Isa gets into a fix with some animals, while Jack & Victor decide to go on that adventure. Official Sites Is he, as Jack says, setting himself up for a fall? Release Dates Now the council are knocking his place down, but are Jack and Victor the best guides to the new century? Aside from a few scenes shot in New Orleans all the locations are in the GTA (cities such as Brampton, Cambridge, and Mississauga were included) and in the Showline Studios in Toronto, even though the movie claims to have visited New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Meanwhile Isa limbers up for the Craiglang Bake Off and locks whisks with local cake rival, Peggy. Winston is experimenting with turning his house into a cinema. Your email address will not be published. Has someone died, or is Pete suddenly involved in top-secret affairs of the state? The director or this spy-thriller, Robert Schwentke, managed to unite quite a few big Hollywood names in this movie: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren all play former government agents. Where was Still Game Filmed: Series 8 Highlights, Enola Holmes Filming Locations: Adventures in Mystery Solving. A creepy new undertaker moves into Craiglang. Craiglang is in the grip of a hot spell. Will things come to a climax, or will father and son remain more distant than ever? Enola Holmes was filmed at the Greenwich Old Royal Naval College, Ashridge Forest, a Russell Group university library and on the Severn Valley Railway. So expect a lot of thrill, a lot of action, many guns, and big fun in this adaptation of the cult D.C. Comics graphic novels by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. Boabby attempts to learn to drive, and Methadone Mick enrols in a mysterious online course. Meanwhile, Tam is going through some bizarre changes. But their new freedom comes at a price, and will Tam, at long last, finally get his come-uppance? Twilight Monthly magazine needs a new cover star and Victor is convinced he's the man for the job. Sonora, California, USA The French military base scenes are set at the Red Fort in Delhi, but Beecham House’s Red Fort filming location is actually Amer Fort in Amber, Jaipur. The Bandstand - 1721 S. Manchester Ave. Anaheim, Ca. Watch the main man Mr. Bruce Willis talk about being retired and extremely dangerous: Your email address will not be published. Turning Osprey Heights into a mini Las Vegas, Tam wins Joe's motor-wheelchair. Meanwhile, Winston battles with a neighbour to win a stray cat's affections. RED was shot here for nine weeks. The Neds (hooligans) begin a reign of terror in Craigland. Jack and Victor succumb to the lure of the Dial-A-Bus, but this one doesn't stop where they expected. Winston has a plan to take things into his own hands. The house itself was duplicated in California , on the Disney Ranch in Santa Clarita , north of Los Angeles . Navid's shop is in the Townhead area of Glasgow. After this incident, he jumps back into the world of danger together with Pension Department employee Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker). | Frank Moses' birthdate is March 19th, 1955, which is Bruce Willis' real birth date. Jack and Victor aren't sure what to make of it when one of their pals takes up with a woman half his age. Winston decides to take matters into his own hands. Navid and Boabby settle a dispute over whose job is the cushiest. Meanwhile, Winston prepares for the arrival of his brother, Walter, and Jack needs help after having a long bath. But soon he's seen in The Clansman clean-shaven and wearing a brand new suit. Looks like the Towering Inferno's on at Osprey Heights... For once Winston's complaint to the social office is genuine, and now has a foot that can stun even the most heartless of people into abject silence. But look closer and you will recognize that it's actually not Cleveland but the houses of the. The entrance to the Dolarhyde mansion, and the actual house on which the set is based, is at Darlington, Maryland, but even Hollywood occasionally balks at burning down a historic property. © FindThatLocation 2020. Our database is being continually updated with new content so keep checking back regularly for updates. Finding out that his file lies with the RED. This site uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb, Providing Programme images and descriptions, This site uses the Digiguide API but is not endorsed or certified by Digiguide. Boabby the barman and Stevie the bookie vie for the attention of the new pizza girl. Jack and Victor discover bootleg hooch all over Craiglang. Meanwhile, Jack and Victor have one mix up too many and decide it's time to get mobile phones. And, back in Craiglang, there's a new man in Isa's life... Jack and Vic feel their lives have become routine to the point of redundancy. Filming was also done further afield in Largs, Saltcoats and Dumbarton. Jack and Victor become wedding chauffeurs for the day. Victor's son John calls from Jo'burg and is planning a visit. Navid finds Pete 'the Jakey', Craiglang's answer to Barny Gumball, has been letting himself go, lately. When John leaves an unclear message on the phone, they enlist the help of their mate with superhuman hearing, Shug, to help out. Not to be outdone, our boys set out to win a slogan competition. Meanwhile Winston's embroiled in a war over gigot chops; and is Glasgow city station the paradise Jack remembers? It's the estate at, In the scene where John Malkovich walks with a bomb attached to his chest, he passes, Another popular location for movies with agents and villains and a lot of car chases is underground parking lots. "Plum Number" Christmas choirs, lollipop men and puggy machines all add to the festive fun in this year’s Still Game Christmas Special, starring the two irrepressible pensioners, Jack and Victor, and the Craiglang gang. The trouble is, the baby wants to knock down the Clansman Bar. RED was shot here for nine weeks. Jack and Victor persuade Navid to lend them his caravan for one night only, but end up spending most of their precious time tracking down an unwanted guest. Meanwhile Boabby's video collection contain a guilty secret. Jack and Victor decide to visit Winston in his new home at the seaside town of Finport - but find the local people are even stranger than those in Craiglang. The Red Hoose Where was Still Game Filmed? And if you think it has a presence all of its own onscreen, you’re not alone. Jack and Victor: together again, for the first time! Tam, the tapping king of Craiglang, has fallen on his feet with his latest win: a lifetime's free supply of film tickets and confectionary.

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