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But with Graveyard of Honor, I can only imagine how fantastic the original Kinji Fukasaku film from the 70s was if this might possibly be Miike's best "serious" Yakuza movie. Share This! The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher. Vom absolut unterirdischen "Ichi the Killer" war ich alles andere als begeistert. A full on masterpiece. Nun erzählt Miike den Absturz des Yakuza Rikuo Ishimatsu. Der Japaner bombadiert uns nicht mit unzähligen kranken und perversen Szenen so wie in "Visitor Q" und billige CGI Effekte ala "Ichi the Killer" bleiben uns auch erspart. One thing is to act like a lunatic, but acting like somebody who doesn't give a fuck about anything? Unlike the original, it focuses more on Ishikawa's relationship with his heroine addicted girlfriend. Or better Miike Style. This film, despite some thoughtful stuff in the final act, is strangely derivative of Takeshi Kitano (which isn't necessarily a good thing in my book). Wir führen Sie zu einem zufälligen Treffer zu einem Thema Ihrer Wahl... Wollen Sie eine andere, Copyright © 1999-2020 - Die Online-Filmdatenbank. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Health Films" currently streaming on Night Flight and Amazon Prime. And the editing is sadistic - watch a guy slip around on ice for 45 seconds straight, watch a guy climb a rooftop ladder for 35 seconds, watch seemingly identical rape scenes, watch seemingly identical heroin usage scenes, and my personal favorite: watch the lead actor scowl into the camera over and over and over, blah blah blah. Imagery gallery (0:50) are production stills and a poster. Rouven Linnarz. This is a remake of the original 1975 classic, and it doesnt disappoint. drama, Coming Soon. Arrow Video presents Graveyards of Honor. A Portrait of Rage (19:46) is an archival appreciation of Fukasaku and his films, featuring interviews with filmmakers, scholars, and friends of the director. Coming Soon. Also Kenji Fukasakus Version von 1975 und Takashi Miikes remake von 2002. Z Ravas February 12, 2015 "Graveyard of Honor" DVD Cover. Pull List Roundtable 10/14/2020 – Rorschach, Killing Red Sonja #4 & More. When director Kinji Fukasaku adapted the yakuza novel Graveyard of Honor for the screen in 1975, he was coming off of an extraordinary streak of Japanese gangster films that began with Street Mobster in 1972 and ended with New Battles Without Honor and Humanity in 1974.

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