what is special about the month of september

The 'sport' of bear baiting was banned by parliament. Just like any other months of the calendar, September is also known for its birth flowers for all those who are born in this exciting month. Select the day for the month of September that you would like to see Curfew was the time when household fires were supposed to be doused. Sapphire is the precious birthstone which is famous for the month of September. Bloom for St Michael's valorous deeds. The fateful date was 11th, and the year was 2001, The 3 cities that still felt the pain was Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and New York. Hijacking is a crime, which is committed in an airplane. September month holds an important place in history because World War II started in this month in the year 1939. Michaelmas Day is traditionally the last day of the harvest season. The two websites projectbritain.com and primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk are the new homes for the Woodlands Resources. September in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to March in the Southern Hemisphere. Featured Events and Special Days in September A day-by-day calendar of special days, historic events, birthdays and holidays for the month of September. Conkers - A traditional game for this time of year • The Romans believed that the month of September was looked after by the god of the fire and forge – Vulcan. Constitution Week takes place during the month of September. The Anglo-Saxons called it Gerst monath (Barley month), because it was their time when they harvested barley to be made into their favourite drink - barley brew. church. The rest of the article is merely a rephrase of the page where the first link leads to. The name “September” comes from an old Roman word, “septem,” which actually means 7. So, I made a comment here last week and it didn’t get placed. Farmers made loaves of bread from the new wheat crop and gave them to their local In celebration she said that henceforth she would always eat goose on Michaelmas Day. September may not have any major U.S. holidays, unlike the months that follow it with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; however, it does have a few fun, little-known holidays. 25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 236, 25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 176, 25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 258. • There are three traditional flowers of the month of September: the aster, symbolizing love; the forget-me-not, representing memories and love; and the morning glory, symbolizing unrequited love. After a while they pass each other straight over the the other side and they start again. Isn’t September the 9th month of the year? All rights reserved, Adolescent Depression: What Parents Can Do to Help, Kala Bhairava Mantra Meaning And Benefits, Bhagavad Gita: 50 of Most Easy Techniques to know Almighty Pt 1.

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