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He drove his brother to an audition for a small role in the 1951 film ‘Saturday’s Hero’ and ended up getting the role himself. Aldo Ray is interviewed in this rare 1986 TV appearance with cable host Skip E Lowe, joined by actress Sandy Brooke and director Philip Marcus. He provided voice-over work as Sullivan for the 1982 animated film The Secret of NIMH, alongside fellow character actor John Carradine. I'm going home where I can be a big fish in my small pond. He was also an excellent swimmer and taught swimming to younger kids. He got bored with his monotonous life as a constable and contacted ‘Columbia’ again and expressed his desire to work in films.

[5]) He left college in order to run for the office of Constable of the Crockett Judicial District in Contra Costa County California.

None of his marriages lasted more than a few years. On the May 12, 1955 edition of Groucho Marx's NBC-TV quiz show You Bet Your Life, Mario appeared as a contestant. You take someone like Aldo Ray who was just picked up and catapulted into stardom, and then he was just a sponge for booze.

"Cukor is hypersensitive to reality", recalled Ray.

Battle Cry was a big hit at the box office so Columbia gave Ray a lead role as a sergeant who marries a Japanese girl in Three Stripes in the Sun (originally The Gentle Wolfhound, 1955), then loaned him to Paramount for We're No Angels (also 1955), in which he starred with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, Basil Rathbone, Leo G. Carroll, and Joan Bennett. He was a very sweet guy, but he was gone. [9][15] He was cremated and his ashes were put in an urn and buried in Crockett, with a majority of the residents coming out to pay their respects.

He was elected constable on 6 June. In 1979, Ray appeared in a pornographic movie, Sweet Savage, in a non-sexual role. He then married Jeff Donnell. Ray's work in Pat and Mike led to his nomination, along with Richard Burton and Robert Wagner, for a Golden Globe as Best Newcomer. Ray was originally cast in the role of Gurney Halleck in David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel Dune, as his ex-wife Johanna Ray was the casting director, but was replaced by Patrick Stewart due to ongoing issues with alcoholism. He passed away on March 27, 1991, at the age of 64., Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, The Hottest Male Celebrities With The Best Abs, Celebrities Who Are Not In The Limelight Anymore, 20th Century Film & Theater Personalities, 20th Century American Film & Theater Personalities. [8] However Ray still got his union pension and benefits. He enrolled at the ‘John Swett High School,’ where he was part of the school’s football team. Cukor famously suggested that Ray go to ballet school because he walked too much like a football player. By then, he had also developed a keen interest in politics and wanted to become a politician. Film historians often like to talk about the sea change that occurred in the 1950s, when actor's [sic] like Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando brought a new kind of sincerity to Hollywood. One of his best-known films from the 1960s was the 1968 release ‘The Green Berets.’.

[citation needed], Quentin Tarantino says Aldo Ray would have been ideal casting for the character of Butch in Pulp Fiction (1994), and the look of Butch in the film (as played by Bruce Willis) was inspired by Ray.

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