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Dumbledore : To Miss Hermione Granger, for the cool use of intellect when others were in great peril, 50 points. He's far better off growing up away from that, until he's ready. :


Dumbledore And the boy?

: It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live. Also, our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has asked me to remind you that the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a most painful death. : Camelot also revealed that Harris had a pleasant singing voice, which led to a recording career that included the critically praised album A Tramp Shining (1968), as well as the song “MacArthur Park,” which became an international hit.


The good... and the bad.

What is it? Professor McGonagall By this time Harris’s appetites for alcohol and drugs had damaged his health and his career, and he accepted mostly supporting roles in minor films throughout the 1970s and ’80s. Harris, the son of a miller, played rugby football while in school, but his hopes for a future in sports ended when he contracted tuberculosis and had to endure a long convalescence.

Parvati Patil says that she wouldn't come out of the girls bathroom. Dumbledore Yes,Yes well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin, however recent events must be taken into account, and I have a few last minute points to award.

More theatrical work followed, and he notably had roles in A View from the Bridge (1956), Man, Beast and Virtue (1958), and The Ginger Man (1959).


This boy will be famous. [walks onto Privet Drive and takes out lights with tool]  Harris became an international star with his Oscar-nominated portrayal of a brutal self-centred rugby player in This Sporting Life (1963), a performance still regarded by many as his finest.

: : [Dumbledore and McGonagall stand up, all the kids stare at Quirrell]. Professor McGonagall

I'm afraid so, Professor. Dumbledore


Dumbledore They're the only family he has.

: | Dumbledore Richard St John Harris was born on October 1, 1930 in Limerick, Ireland, to a farming family, one of nine children born to Mildred Josephine (nee Harty) and Ivan John Harris. : :

I kept turning it down," said Harris. There yeh go. : That is one of my more brilliant ideas. There won't be a child in the world who won't know his name! Dumbledore : :

No, no. All rights reserved. I would trust Hagrid with my own life. Where's Hermione? Company Credits It was because of your mother. First published on Fri 14 Sep 2001 15.55 BST. No problems, I trust, Hagrid?

Are you sure you could trust Hagrid with such an important thing?

Dumbledore Professor McGonagall Neville Longbottom [transforms into a human]  : [kids follow Percy, while Snape walks away and closes the door].

They really are. Dumbledore : Yes,Yes well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin, however recent events must be taken into account, and I have a few last minute points to award. Harry

We're tied with Slytherin!

Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. However, Harris's granddaughter Ella, heard of the offers.


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He gave noted supporting performances in The Guns of Navarone (1961) and Mutiny on the Bounty (1962). : There was a time when writers could hardly mention the name of the actor Richard Harris, who has died aged 72, without using the dread epithet "hellraiser". :

Only a person who wanted to find the Stone - find it, but not use it - would be able to get it.

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