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Slips Python • Doyle • Joan Markham (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) is Elmore Junior High's nurse. Byłem złotą rybką Gumballa, do pewnego dnia zacząłem hodować nogi, mówić i jeść inne posiłki, które nie są płatnymi rybnymi, i stałem się najlepszym przyjacielem Gumballa.

Chip and Skip • Brainstorm • He was the Watterson's family pet, until he grew legs and became an adoptive son. His nose moves when he talks. SPORK • Wintergreen • Jamie Russo (voiced by Jessica McDonald, seasons 1–2; Maria Teresa Creasey, season 3 onward) is a "half-cow, half-troglodyte" creature who is a bully of Elmore Junior High and member of Tina's gang. Frankenstrike • Mom" and "Mr. Dad". Atticus • The series' first season depicted Darwin with a tendency to be more naive and gullible than others, due to his sudden introduction into the world; subsequent seasons established his more serious side, including the ability to think logically and, in "The Words", speak his mind freely.
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Mordecai and Rigby not always winners, Gumball and Darwin not always losers. Sir Rothchild • Ultimate Beast • Tygra • Towards the end of the episode, the two sides chase each other to claim the watch and cash it in for its $700 value. Goals

Like he is towards his other family members, Darwin is very affectionate towards Gumball and can be especially overprotective of him, as seen in "The Safety" when he became overly paranoid. In spite of this, Darwin is actually quite intelligent and has a lot of worldly knowledge, but he only shows it when needed. A fish with legs or a "Darwin fish" is also considered somewhat of a universal symbol for Darwinism. “The Microwave” and reappears in “The Finale” and in Gumball's subconscious in “The Name”. [15] She is a member of the Elmore Junior High cheerleading and synchronized swimming teams.[14]. Their relationship in the cafeteria annoys their classmates, who are frequently annoyed by their romantic gestures and deem them "too perfect" and Alan interrupts and yells at Gumball. As a result, nobody in Elmore Junior High can understand him.

Darwin seems to be multilingual, as he spoke a complex Chinese sentence in "The DVD," and spoke French in "The Treasure," though the latter may only have been a temporary ability gained through hypnosis, and the subtitles for the former only stated "No. [39], Idaho (voiced by Kerry Shale, season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward) is a free-spirited potato from the rural countryside with old-fashioned beliefs, and is one of the less popular students of Elmore Junior High. Rigby • He tries to have some friendly conversation with Gumball and Darwin in "The Pony", only to discover – much to his annoyance – that the two do not even know his name.

#oc #fanart #proof, Me hangin out with my mom bc I love her and I can :triumph: :punch: :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: He is a 12-year-old[5] mischievous blue cat who lives with his family in the fictional California city of Elmore. He made his debut in She is a 66 year old pink rabbit who speaks in a New York accent. But toward the end he resumes his hatred with Gumball. Whether this is because he shows more respect for them than a child would, or just the fact that he has a slight questionality of them as his "parents" is anyone's guess. She is one grade above her brothers, as revealed in "The Others". Darwin is also morally grounded in general; he's typically the one to stop his siblings from doing anything wrong, and he is slow to take "shady" approaches. As the creators developed the character further, they decided to make him a black cat, as it fit the personality they had in mind for him: unlucky, but optimistic (black cats symbolize bad luck). Wildvine, Craig Williams • Their constant bickering is a focal point of their relationship, and they actually enjoy doing so. Hard Luck Duck • The Mayor of Elmore, who is very corrupt and rich.

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In "The Matchmaker," Darwin shows more passion for Carrie than ever and is even more anxious to impress her, going as far as writing a poem, a song and shout out his secrets in her presence.
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Mortimer, Wonder Woman • Tails • Darwin sees Richard as more of a friend than an actual father figure, as seen in episodes such as "The Watch" and in "The Castle," where Richard joins the children's childish antics. Throughout the series, Darwin has referred to Nicole and Richard as "Mrs. Arella Roth • [15] Despite this, he has been seen hanging out with Gumball and Darwin on several occasions, including having a starring role in one of the duo's home movies. Big Chil • In "The Banana," Gumball accuses Banana Joe of chewing Darwin's pen, but Darwin did not seem to mind. His legs are much longer than his body, ending with plain feet matching the color and texture of the rest of his body. Raven • Hobby

[41] He is prone to being killed in various freak accidents, only to be resurrected by his parents after each occasion with a toaster which creates a new copy of him. (tho why do I look so dumb :joy: ) HAPPY MOTHERZ DAY :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :heartpulse: Bradley the Skunk • [43] In "The Bumpkin", Gumball, disillusioned with his suburban lifestyle, seeks Idaho's help in teaching his family how to live a simple lifestyle. Julius Oppenheimer Jr. (voiced by Hugo Harrison) is a bomb-headed humanoid with anger issues whose head explodes when he feels disgusted or angry. [13] He thinks of himself as a heavily built jock, despite actually being rather weak, and appears to be quite wealthy. She was the main problem for Darwin in "The Words". He wears green and white slippers. LTDFCD • Fluffy, UniKitty • Marceline • Fourth Wall AwarenessMartial ArtsEnhanced AgilityHigh StaminaSwimmingToon ForceDurability The events of "The Origins" and "The Origins: Part Two" reveal that Darwin was given to Gumball because he needed a new pet fish to replace the dead ones. In "The Awkwardness," Gumball wants to buy ketchup for a hot dog before running into the Hot Dog Guy many other times in the episode. XLR8 • Mr. Robinson is somewhat an idol to both Darwin and Gumball. He had previously been known as "Lazy Larry", the laziest person in Elmore, until he lost his title to Richard 13 years prior to the start of the series and subsequently morphed into a hard worker. The Scotsman • [9], Clayton (voiced by Rupert Degas in “The Party”, Kwesi Boakye in “The Dress”; Max Cazier, season 2 onward) is a red ball of clay who is a compulsive liar, with a tendency of making up absurd stories about himself. He has retained his goldfish tail and fins, the latter of which he now uses as arms and hands. Numbuh 83 • Dee Dee • Whampire •, Sunny Bridges • Bumblebee • He has been shown that he likes to eat a lot. Sarah G. Lato (voiced by Jessica McDonald) is a yellow ice cream cone who debuted in "The Banana" as a transferee to Elmore Junior High and makes her first major role in "The Sweaters", where she attempts to defend Gumball and Darwin from two uptight human students, only to lead them into more trouble. Hot Dog •

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