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Some viewers switched off after the first episodes, which took time to set the scene.

How was working with Shaun Ryder from Happy Mondays? I’m typecast as a heavy smoker. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. Or simply driven by some massive internal dynamo, a soul-quest to improve our ability to relate to penguins? D: Are you trying to compare The Bottle Factory Outing to Brexit? Beneath the shagging, drugs, excrement, manipulation and malice were pockets of tenderness, but you had to look pretty hard to see them. The pilot episode is repeated on the same channel on 3 August at 10.30pm, Diane Morgan: ‘It sounds mad that I wrote, directed and star in Mandy.

It’s tricky wrangling the kids too. Not that there’s much difference between us…. She unashamedly laughs at all her own jokes. That is a scenario most people will be familiar with so do you think it will resonate with people? You either love Julia Davis or think her sick filth ought to be banned. Nah, you can take the girl out of Bolton! Are you? It’s tricky wrangling the kids too. This was originally going to be a project for the two of us, about Mandy and her long-lost sister Maxine. I’ll probably get cancelled, but I’m ready for it. I’m so impatient. You work with Ricky Gervais, who exercises similar control over his projects. Do you worry about causing offence with your comedy?You can’t censor yourself when you’re writing. 'It was fab! Luckily there were also gales of laughter. Award winning desert artist and photographer, Diane Morgan, may be soft-spoken, but her paintings, whether watercolor, oils or acrylic, pack a powerful punch. I’m in! I’m glad. The Cockfields creator tells us why meeting the new in-laws is such fertile comedy ground. I had my own potatoes and peas for dinner last night. Who wants warm comedy? Do you get grateful feedback from mums about it?Oh my God, yes. I tell him, ‘Oh look at this treat you’ve been sent. The ageing patriarch and his scheming children.

I wanted Maxine to play a version of herself, but she wasn’t keen on that.

I get women running up to me in the street and saying: “Thank goodness for Motherland.” Parenting on TV is usually cutesy kids and parents who are mildly frazzled, but not furious and frustrated like in Motherland. Spontaneous human combustion or quick sand, you say?

Slouched comfortably on a sofa at the BBC’s Broadcasting House, the duo speak to The Independent about their friendship, political woes, and the sitcom they’re writing. I get women running up to me in the street and saying: “Thank goodness for Motherland.” Parenting on TV is usually cutesy kids and parents who are mildly frazzled, but not furious and frustrated like in Motherland. If you have yet to see it, please do not watch it with your parents or children on Boxing Day and then write in to complain. Create a commenting name to join the debate, There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts, There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. I’d never grown anything before but when lockdown started, I went on Suttons Seeds’ website. I was working in telesales at the time and it seemed incredible to me that I could earn the same money for 20 minutes on stage. I bought some nice noise cancelling headphones for Ben and I, but we just sit in the same room with them on, ignoring each other. You lull someone into a false sense of security, then slip in some weird questions when they are too polite or it’s too late to leave.”. It’s stressful, this horticulture business. P: We went to the canteen after and I sidled up to her. For sure. Hilarious. Eventually you get to know them better and you can relax and be yourself but initially it is a strain so two days max and then have a break. I was with a friend who never loses their shit, but they did when they saw Diane. Not like you at all, Maxine. But I’d like to be remembered as ‘Not an a*sehole.’ That’ll do me. It's insane. I go mad if people are walking slowly in front of me. Morgan as Mandy in her new sitcom. “Women were coming up to me in the street and saying they were so grateful. I’ve only got a little roof terrace and now it’s like a jungle out there. Mark E Smith’s died, so it had to be Shaun Ryder. P: It’s true! I’d like my mouth to be slightly higher up, it’s a bit low on my face. Were you to compare them to an iconic twosome, Morgan would be the comically silly Laurel while Peake would be the more parental Hardy. You sound like you’d be good if they did a new series ofCelebs In Solitary…. She is played by Bolton-born comedian Diane Morgan. Seeing bad parenting makes people feel better about themselves. All my favourite sitcoms, like Hancock, Fawlty Towers or Rising Damp, were about angry old men. “They are just told they are being interviewed for a BBC history documentary, I think. Co-producer Charlie Brooker's fingerprints are everywhere in the way Morgan's vain, poorly informed, easily distracted Cunk operates within a ruthlessly satirical production, which sends up the tropes and cliches of every dodgy documentary and history programme. Have you passed your test yet? Is he fuelled by anger at the world's response to climate change? Register with your social account or click here to log in. Look at the Cumberbatch Brexit film, where people were annoyed it was even happening. ‘There’s nothing funnier than people furious about how their lives turned out’: Diane Morgan. Oh yeah, that old chestnut. I asked myself, if Mandy had an ex-husband, who would it be? Bolton-born Diane Morgan, 44, went to acting school, then worked in a chip shop and in telesales before trying standup aged 30. Reality TV. A long-time collaborator with Joe Wilkinson (the pair form the sketch group, Two Episodes of Mash), Diane is also a stand-out in superb sitcom Motherland and takes incredulous stupidity to new levels as her comedy persona Philomena Cunk. Larry David gets away with all sorts of dreadful things because it’s in character and it’s hilarious. A long-time collaborator with Joe Wilkinson (the pair form the sketch group, Two Episodes of Mash), Diane is also a stand-out in superb sitcom Motherland and takes incredulous stupidity to new levels as her comedy persona Philomena Cunk. There was a lot of multitasking, but the advantage is that you can shape it exactly how you want. Especially in this climate – they are two very complex, funny female characters. Like The Rolling Stones, he has been on his farewell tour since about 1970, but unlike Jagger & Co, the returns are not diminishing. Forget it if there’s no prize. We were both just auditioning. We’re quite different. I wanted to do something mad and silly. Jack Shepherd sits down with the duo to find out more about their lasting friendship, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile.

Daniel Hambury/@stellapicsltd Oh my God. I put it off for years because the thought made me feel physically sick. Square in the face. Whatever the motivation, Dynasties was wonderful, telling complex stories of the animal kingdom with beautiful photography. [Diane pinches Maxine’s cheeks] You were in that bloody children’s TV programme. It’s hard to forget that when I see her being all successful. I went to Diane’s house and there were Monty Python posters on the wall. In her broad Bolton accent, Diane could happily talk about her former job for hours (she even asks us what the lifts are like now, she has a lot of questions), but she’s here today to talk about her current job – making people laugh. And there's a new brother-in-law to deal with in David, a stepdad in Ray. P: Intelligent. She messaged me on Twitter one day and we started chatting.

Better still, she’s based on a real person Diane once knew. One would expect TV critic Mark Lawson, for instance, to realise what is going on. Or doormen would assume I was a male comedian’s girlfriend. I read that you were working on a sitcom together? I need to calm down. Peake found herself at the centre of a news storm recently when Rebecca Long-Bailey was sacked from the shadow cabinet [Long-Bailey had retweeted an interview in which Peake referenced an antisemitic conspiracy theory. I tried to get Jarvis Cocker to sing it but he never got back to me. I went through packs and packs. They have always been really nice! Although many of the people she interviews in her series are not aware of this, as she explains between sips of water.

Did you learn from watching him? This woman was having a clear-out, selling her whole wardrobe, and it was all so Mandy. So it's the first time I've been to stay with Simon's parents on the Isle of Wight. Lennie James's missing-child thriller Save Me looked as though it might be a paint-by-numbers affair. I wouldn't go that far but it's certainly at the top. Her interviewees are kind of in on the joke but clearly briefed to take it as seriously as possible. Diane has a new comedy series called Mandy on BBC2, Diane says she was happy 'staring in to space' during lockdown, Diane in Ricky Gervais's Netflix hit Afterlife, Meghan Markle and Harry share new official photo - and it's very different to royal snaps, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released several official royal pictures before stepping down from their senior roles, but their new jobs also involved posing from the camera, Phil Collins 'devastated as wife dumps him by text and marries someone else'. She’s quite un-PC, especially in Chinese restaurants. But we cared for them, too.

Apart from once. The result is extremely funny. That was a strange turn of events. He got so angry and that’s more entertaining. M: “She’s got blonde hair and I’m a redhead.

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