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After passing out, Strange was taken to the Moon by Uatu the Watcher and told that a time traveler had caused all of this world’s problems. In this reality, the X-Men lost, and the whole world was transformed into a desolate husk, ruled by the beasts from Limbo and demonic versions of the X-Men.

After the Ancient One died, Doom became Sorcerer Supreme before being fatally wounded in an encounter with Dormammu. It’s worth noting that if the elder Ultimate Doctor Strange was trapped in another dimension, he could conceivably be one of the Ultimate Universe’s few surviving characters. Doctor Strangefate was a combination of Doctor Strange, his mystic DC counterpart Dr. Dormammu wrapped Strange in his own cloak until his head turned purple and burst, graphically illustrated by David Finch and Danny Miki. Fans and Celebrities React to Chadwick Boseman’s Passing, Know Your Marvel Movies: Loki - MarvelBlog.com %, Top Ten Tweets for Saturday, June 6, 2020 - MarvelBlog.com, Top Ten Marvel Tweets for Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - MarvelBlog.com, Top Ten Marvel Tweets for Friday, June 19, 2020 - MarvelBlog.com, Top Ten Disney Tweets for Monday, June 22, 2020 - MickeyBlog.com, Top Ten Marvel Tweets for Sunday, June 28, 2020 - MarvelBlog.com, Newly released concept art shows Doctor Strange could’ve been more like a horror movie - MarvelBlog.com, Top Ten Marvel Tweets for Monday, July 13, 2020 - MarvelBlog.com, Benedict Cumberbatch Visits Store as Doctor Strange - MarvelBlog.com, MarvelBlog News for September 7, 2020 - MarvelBlog.com, New Marvel Studios Heroes Happy Meal Toys.

But we’ll just have to wait and see when it comes out in […], […] hear the same thing over and over again about the Doctor Strange movie! In 1996, Marvel and DC Comics teamed up to create the “showdown of the century,” the miniseries “Marvel Vs. D.C.” Halfway through the blockbuster crossover, the two companies created an alternate reality where their familiar characters were combined into strange new combinations. Collects: Strange Tales (1951) #142-168.

In 1993, Dan Slott, Manny Galan, and Mark Stegbauer offered another variation on Doctor Strange’s origin with “What If” #52.

After Strange rescued Clea from the astral plane, Lindmer gave Strange his power and the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dr. Orpheus is also a member of the Order of the Triad, a group of three supernatural characters including Jefferson Twilight, a riff on Marvel's vampire hunter Blade. While the pilot never resulted in a series, thanks in part to airing opposite of the landmark mini-series “Roots,” it remained the only live-action interpretation of the character for decades. Copyright © 2020, Launchpad Digital Network, LLC. CBR takes a look at some of the weirdest homages, pastiches and alternate-reality versions of Marvel Comic's Doctor Strange! The duo summoned the Phoenix Force to cleanse the world from Limbo’s influence, which burned away all of the demons from Limbo and the corrupted X-Men. In 1989’s “What If” #6, Danny Fingeroth and Ron Lim inserted Doctor Strange into one of the biggest X-Men storylines of all time. When Steve Ditko brought the concept that would become the familiar Doctor Strange to Stan Lee, they originally wanted to call the character Mister Strange.

Having mastered both the darker and lighter aspects of the mystic arts, Strange was ultimately appointed Sorcerer Supreme, the universe’s official mystical protector.

When Strange arrived to train with the Ancient One, the pair taught him simple meditation techniques and sent him on to his new life as a professor at a medical school. In the 1977 story, “The Creator Chonicles,” masterminded and partially drawn by Jim Starlin, Doctor Strange came into conflict with the Creators, a group of magicians backed by the cosmic entity the In-Betweener. While he usually found a way to beat back the forces of darkness, he wasn’t so lucky in the macabre alternate reality of the Marvel Zombies. Beyond Mordrid, most of the film’s cast played analogues for Strange characters like the Ancient One, Baron Mordo. Ducktor Strange was the heavy-drinking “Mallard of the Mystic Arts” from “Howard the Duck’s” Duckworld. In 1978, Doctor Strange starred a somewhat infamous feature length TV movie on CBS. Suddenly, the world of Marvel …

The possessed Punisher was fatally wounded, but was able to convince Wolverine to kill the rest of his vampires. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. Curiously, comics legend Jack Kirby also designed several characters for the film. Between the economical costumes and the focus on Strange’s non-supernatural professional responsibilities, the budgetary and technological constraints of the production show through. Director Reed Richards healed Strange’s hands with cybernetic enhancements, which left the aging Ancient One as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. After being sworn to secrecy for the rest of his life, Strange allowed himself to be executed for treason and aided the rest of the world’s heroes from the afterlife. Ironically, one of the few things the zombified Doctor Strange could still do was peer into alternate realities where they might find new sources of potential victims. In the Mordrid costume, Jeffrey Coombs looked more than a little like his Marvel counterpart. With art by Butch Guice and Sam Grainger, Gillis looked at what would have happened if Baron Mordo had been the Sorcerer Supreme instead of Doctor Strange in “What If” #40. Doctor Strange is a crocodile named Croctor Strange. In a bizarre ending, the ghost of the Ancient One appeared to the ghost of Strange, and took Strange on as his pupil in the afterlife.

Morbius attacks Victor Strange and Doc steps in. At Strangefate’s request, Strange recreated the Amalgam Universe as a pocket dimension and sent Strangefate to his remade homeworld.

In 1991’s “What If” #24, Dracula turned all of the X-Men into vampires before being overthrown by Wolverine.
But the still-ongoing series developed its own complex mythology rather quickly. But in “Secret Wars: Battleworld” #1, by Josh Williamson and Mike Henderson, the spirit of a different alternate reality Doctor Strange possessed the Punisher after being bitten by vampires. The Long Halloween Vs Dark Victory – Which Is The Better Batman Comic? Required fields are marked *. In 2015’s “Secret Wars,” Doctor Strange served as Doctor Doom’s chief sheriff in Doom’s Battleworld.

Doom called on Strange to operate on him, but instructed his Doombots to transfer his brainwaves over Strange’s brain and incased Strange’s body in his armor, forcing Strange to become his unwilling host.

In this continuity, Doctor Strange became the new Ancient One and trained Krugarr, a snake-like alien to be the new Sorcerer Supreme.

While he was a master manipulator, he failed to keep the two universes from separating. As one of this world’s few survivors, Doctor Strange led a small band of heroes that was quickly decimated.
In this story, Anton Mordrid was an alien wizard sent by the Monitor to guard the Earth against the evil wizard Kabal’s efforts to summon beings from the Fourth Dimension. Strange has only appeared sporadically since his debut and remains a footnote of 1960s Marvel continuity. And like so many people, Thor came with a less likable sibling. Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), Cagliostro (O-Bengh) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Peter Parker (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Carol Danvers (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Monica Rambeau (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, "The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold Part II - The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans", 1 Image(s) from Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Vol 1 10, https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Doctor_Strange,_Sorcerer_Supreme_Vol_1_10?oldid=5511773.

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