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จิตร ภูมิศักดิ์ 1976: "ความเป็นมาของคำสยาม ไทย ลาวและขอม และลักษณะทางสังคม ของชื่อชนชาติ" (Phumisak, Jid). Starting in the 1950s, Bengali nationalists used the term in political rallies in East Pakistan. ", "The origins of the name 'Brunei Darussalam'", Late Antiquity: a Guide to the Postclassical World, In Search of the Lost Tribe: the Origins and Making of the Croatian Nation, The Geography and History of British America, and of the Other Colonies of the Empire, "Canada: A People's History – The birth of Quebec", " Incógnita Sobre el Origen de la Palabra Chile", "Picunche (people) – Britannica Online Encyclopedia", The Polity of Yelang and the Origin of the Name 'China', "The Polity of Yelang and the Origin of the Name 'China, "El nombre "Colombia", El único país que lleva el nombre del Descubrimiento", The Making of Modern Colombia: A Nation in Spite of Itself, Historical Dictionary of European Imperialism, Zaire: Post-Independence Political Development, West Africa, Colonial Map. Only states whose entire sovereignty is disputed by another state are listed. The Strange Case of Somaliland", "The Conflict between Self-Determination and Territorial Integrity: the South Ossetian Paradigm", "Russia condemned for recognizing rebel regions", "Ma refers to China as ROC territory in magazine interview", specialized agencies of the United Nations, political status of the ROC and legal status of Taiwan, Dates of establishment of diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China,, Articles with inconsistent citation formats, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Some of these include notes on indigenous names and their etymologies. [286], The English word Palestine is derived from the Latin Palestina ("Roman Province of Palestine"), which is derived from the Ancient Greek Παλαιστίνη (Palaistine, "Philistia and surrounding regions"), which is in turn derived from the Hebrew פלשת‎ (Pelesheth, "land of the Philistines")[288]. ", "Now or Never. The Kingdom of Denmark as a whole is a member of the EU, but EU law does not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Israel is not recognised as a state by 32 UN members (including most Arab states) nor by the SADR. Correspondence. ". It can produce thousands of fake country names. Sarajevo: BZK Preporod. [97][98] Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah proclaimed himself as the first "Shah of Bangala" in 1342. Formerly referred to as, A simpler official short name has been encouraged by the Czech government, ". Azerbaijan contains two autonomous regions. Bosnia A Short History. [28] The designation "Denmark" can refer either to continental Denmark or to the short name for the entire Kingdom (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel (22 January 2008). [89] The term Bangladesh was often written as two words, Bangla Desh, in the past. [m] The ROC participates in international organizations under a variety of pseudonyms, most commonly "Chinese Taipei" and in the WTO it has full membership.

cit. Countries in italics are endonyms or no longer exist as sovereign political entities. To the north, it was separated from, Robert H. Hewsen. See China and the United Nations. (with) Mouth of the Cameroons River, Taino Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean Dictionary, Discover Dominica: an Introduction to Our Caribbean Island, Leyenda e Historia Envuelven la Fundación de Santo Domingo, Historia oficial de la ciudad de San Salvador, A New Theory on the Etymology of the Designations of the Georgians (Excerpt from the book), The History and Description of Africa and of the Notable Things Therein, "El Almirante Christoval Colon Descubre la Isla Española, ÿ haze poner una Cruz, etc.

", Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales. The continental territory of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland form the three constituent countries of the Kingdom. [disapprovingly] in. The term Vangaladesa is found in 11th-century South Indian records. Some of these include notes on indigenous names and their etymologies. Harmatta, J. Op. The conventional name for the People's Republic of China. The exact origin of the word Bangla is unknown, though it is believed to come from "Vanga", an ancient kingdom and geopolitical division on the Ganges delta in the Indian subcontinent. The generator will create a new random country name each time you click. in international organizations). There are lots of funny country names and lots of weird and crazy ones as well. 11th ed. Maybe you need a cool country name for an exotic country in a story you are writing.

Op. The earliest known usage of the term is the Nesari plate in 805 AD. The continental part of the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten form the four constituent countries of the Kingdom. Biely, Ales.

     Observer in a UN Specialized Agency – JCB Archive of Early American Images", Singto – Dedicated to Thai Boxing, and all things Thai, "Controversy over unique Maltese bee population", Lexicon of Reconstructed Pronunciation in Early Middle Chinese, Late Middle Chinese, and Early Mandarin, "Baxter–Sagart Old Chinese Reconstruction", "Now or never: Are we to live or perish for ever? ", Fletcher, Giles.

and Brčko District, a self-governing administrative unit.[8]. The neighbouring Kamba tribe do not have the "R" and "G" sound in their language and called it "Keinya" when acting as guides to a German explorer.

Full name of Brunei is Brunei Darussalam, Darussalam is in Arabic which mean the Abode of Peace. [99], From the Kikuyu word Kirinyaga a contraction of Kirima nyaga "Ostrich mountain", so called because the dark shadows and snow-capped peak resemble the plumage of a male Ostrich. Additionally, it has sovereignty over the Special Administrative Regions of: China claims, but does not control Taiwan, which is governed by a rival administration (the Republic of China) that claims all of China as its territory. Historija Bošnjaka. Malcolm, Noel (1994). Dobrev, Petar. Maybe you need a cool country name for an exotic country … Maria Luise Wagner. The term vanga(वङ्ग) was used in the Sanskrit texts. [35][36][37] They have full treaty-making capacity in the UN,[38] and are members of some UN specialized agencies.

Both North Korea and South Korea claim to be the sole legitimate government of. 1588. Countries in italics are endonyms or no longer exist as sovereign political entities. North Korea is not recognised by three UN members: Nicaragua contains two autonomous regions, The declared State of Palestine has received diplomatic recognition from. ". [95]Sanskrit language influenced the name of Bangladesh. For the etymologies of the UK's constituent countries, see, Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик, sfn error: no target: CITEREFBarfield2012 (, Wheatcroft, Geoffrey. UN Member states ". The legal name for Canada is the sole word; an officially sanctioned, though disused, name is Dominion of Canada (which includes its legal title); see: In 1949, the Republic of China government led by the, Also known as Congo-Kinshasa. The government changed the state's official name in English from "Union of Myanmar" to "Republic of the Union of Myanmar" in October 2010. four provinces, 1 capital territory, and tribal regions, 17 autonomous communities and 2 special autonomous cities, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, 23 states, 1 capital district, and federal dependencies, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, received diplomatic recognition from 113 UN member states, Provisional Administrative Entity of South Ossetia, participates in international organizations, "Chapter 44: The Barbuda Local Government Act", "Pakistan Worldview, Report 21, Visit to Azerbaijan", Nilufer Bakhtiyar: "For Azerbaijan Pakistan does not recognise Armenia as a country", "Pakistan the only country not recognizing Armenia – envoy", UNASUR: El camino hacia la integración sudamericana, "Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus",, "Hvert er formlegt heiti landsins okkar?

The generator will create a new random country name each time you click. ("derived, it is said, from the Quichua chiri, cold, or tchili, snow"), CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (. 1995. Presidential Public Relations Department (, Belau National Museum, cited by Pelnar, Bonnie.

Azad Kashmir describes itself as a "self-governing state under Pakistani control", while Gilgit-Baltistan is described in its governance order as a group of "areas" with self-government. It was located in southern Bengal, with the core region including present-day southern West Bengal (India) and southwestern Bangladesh.

This list covers English-language country names with their etymologies. Hence, the name Bangladesh means "Land of Bengal" or "Country of Bengal".

), "But the most important development of this period was that the country for the first time received a name, ie Bangalah. [30] The government of East Timor uses "Timor-Leste" as the English translation. The ROC was a founding member of the UN and enjoyed membership from 1945 to 1971, with veto power in the UN Security Council. The names can be used for fantasy games and stories. [94] The Indo-Aryan suffix Desh is derived from the Sanskrit word deśha, which means "land" or "country". Are we to live or perish forever? [m], China is not recognised by 19 UN member states and the Holy See, which, with the exception of Bhutan, recognise Taiwan instead.[n]. It was coined in 1933 as Pakstan by Choudhry Rahmat Ali, a Pakistan Movement activist, who published it in his pamphlet Now or Never,[282] using it as an acronym ("thirty million Muslim brethren who live in PAKSTAN") referring to the names of the five northwestern regions of the Indian Empire: Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Kashmir, Sindh, and Baluchistan".

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