ork mega gargant

The Smasher variant of the Gargant … Stompa creation is regarded as the pinnacle of a Mek's work, since, after all, Stompas are not cheap. Sulla describes "massive metal chunks falling from the Gargant" as "odd pyramids blasted at it". Effigies of the Ork Gods Gork and Mork, these towering War Engines compare in size and power to Imperial Titans, dominating the battlefield with fearsome firepower. A detailed explanation of the term "Trivia" as used in the Lexicanum can be found here. Imperator-class Titan faces off against an Ork Mega-Gargant. While all Ork Mekboyz and Big Meks know that a Gargant should be a living idol created in the form of the Ork gods Gork and Mork, a Feral Ork Boilerboy living on an unknown, pre-industrial, backwater planet will have no knowledge of this, and will thus create his Steam Gargants in whatever shape and size that takes his fancy. [5b], The Gargant was first designated as an Ork war-machine during Commissar Yarrick's crusade to hunt down Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka on Golgotha. Steam Gargants are built by Feral Ork Boilerboyz, Orks that specialise in steam-powered machinery.Amongst the Feral Ork tribes there exists a great rivalry between the Feral Ork … A massive Titan close-combat weapon may also be featured, likely a Mega-Choppa. The technical specifications of the Steam Gargant have not yet been determined by the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition, and due to the way these warmachines are constructed by Feral Orks, this may not prove possible. This page was last edited on 22 August 2020, at 11:38. While Gargants do not suffer from potentially fatal plasma reactor meltdowns, they are particularly vulnerable to fires and magazine explosions. There is no set size for a Gargant, although the smaller ones are more often called Stompas. They are constructed by a prospecting Warboss, who is visited by dreams of massive mayhem and carnage, or by orks he has bullied into doing it.
This massive ballistic cannon is powerful enough to cause serious damage or outright destroy Imperial super-heavy tanks like the Baneblade and even small Titans. Armorcast Licensed Great Gargant – circa 1990s.
The Goff Stompa was popularised by the Goff klan, although it is found amongst other Greenskin klanz as well, and replaces the Stompa's ranged weapon arm with yet another massive close combat weapon. The Valhallan 597th Ice Warriors had been sent to deal with an ork invasion force. I know there’s no exact dimensions, but does anyone have an estimate or even a guess as to the cubic dimensions I … Gargants with such choppy attachments are sometimes referred to as Slasherz or Slasher-Gargants[Needs Citation]. It may also sport a small number of additional weapons, likely built into the chest or head sections. They are constructed by a prospecting Warboss, who is visited by dreams of massive mayhem and carnage, or by orks he has bullied into doing it. Known Mega Gargants. The Snapper, like the Gut Buster, is a uniquely Ork weapon, and is actually two weapons in one, consisting of a pair of spiked metal jaws used in close combat, and a large melta-gun with a limited range. The weapons used by a Gargant will depend as much on the materials at hand as the Orks constructing the Gargant. Like many products of Orkoid military engineering, the Gargant relies on a combination of comparatively simple technology and devastating heavy firepower, an attitude summed up by Boss-Mek Badlug One-Leg in his oft-quoted dictum "S'gorra be dead shooty, wiv loadza gunz all over. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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