philip baker hall seinfeld

That was really fun, so that was kind of a blow. That’s fine. Gender Sour Grapes (1998)—“Mr. I really loved that Bookman. So, anyway, I’ve had an interest in this particular trial, but I’m obviously not the only one.

Hellllloooooooo! But let me tell you the reason I got cast. says: That would be a scary job.

It’s a film that people still talk about and remember, even though it’s been almost 25 years. Really, he’s one of those writers where stuff just keeps coming out of him.

It’s always fun to have a good part on one of the best shows on TV.

But it was his relationship with writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson that propelled Hall into a popular and widely recognized performer.

And at that reading, I remember that it created quite a stir among all of the people who came to see us that night. Millennium (1997, 1998)—“Group Elder”PBH: Yeah, well, that… I don’t know what they were doing with that. Bad year for libraries, bad year for america, PBH: Yeah. He’s resourceful and clever with his writing. At Sundance, they liked it and asked if he had a feature he’d like to workshop, and that’s when he wrote [Hard Eight]. That movie got eight Academy Award nominations, and, of course, in the end it didn’t win anything, but once CBS allowed themselves to be cowed by the fact that somebody said, “Well, a lot of the facts here are not accurate,” the tobacco industry mounted a big campaign against the movie and accused the studio, Michael Mann, and the rest of the group of manufacturing some untruthful moments.
It was a two-parter. After the second one, maybe we shouldn’t take credit for this.” So we exercised our right to appear in it but not take an onscreen credit for it.
says: As I say, I remember it was a two-parter. On the third one, I even said, “We don’t know where this is going. But it was a front-page story because the protagonists, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden, and, of course, the bad guy, Judge Julius Hoffman, were like superstars at the time. There’s a bottom line of money and career, and looking at me, they had to make decisions, and a lot of them said, “Judging by this résumé, you’re probably a skilled actor, I have no doubt, but there are a lot of people in line ahead of you.” I remember a couple of agents actually used that phrase: “There’s a lot of people your age in front of you who’ve been out here for 20 years, who actually know how this game is played, and who are very skilled in front of a camera.” And I must admit, I was not confident or skilled in front of a camera. Rock was never my bag.

But it’s a job I wouldn’t want. I had to do scenes with him. They would all say things like, “Well, if you get a good job in a movie or if you get some good film, be sure to call me first, because I think you might have a future out here, but I just can’t in good conscience submit you for anything, especially at your age.” I was about 40 years old then. Let’s put it this way: She was a powerful force, and she knew it. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Philip Baker Hall For fans of Phillip I recommend the movie Hard Eight. I don’t think it’s funny.” From that point on, I don’t think we had much of a chance. Anyway, when I went to Jane, I thought I had a good reading, but I was also well-prepped by other actors, who were, like, “Well, it doesn’t matter how well you read for Jane.

Nice to meet you. But I understand that Jane is capricious, and you have no idea which way she’s going to go.” He had given her one of her first jobs years earlier, so he had a connection of having helped mentor her when she was younger. Otherwise, we didn’t want it to get out down the line and have them say, “You should’ve told us.” So my agent told them, and they said, “Oh, yeah, we know.” They knew before I had the meeting with them or even before my agent called.

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