sega genesis fighting games

Sonic the Hedgehog. The second installment of this game (not much different from the first) made multiplayer racing fun. Such was definitely true with 1989's Sega Genesis, a 16-bit console that distinguished itself with a speedy CPU, a 512-color palette, and a deep and raspy FM sound chip.

Dinosaurs all behave differently. This colorful sidescrolling beat-em-up includes a cohesive theme and character design, lushly illustrated backgrounds (and a neat rainy set piece), great controls, and satisfying co-op action. And it did so with “showbol”, before Maradona and other former players made it popular.

Every element of Earthworm Jim is marked by a psychedelic design, with the soundtrack standing out, especially the second level What the Heck? Sega tried to pull a fast one on us here. It’s an arcade boxer through and through, with your attacks limited to looping over hands to the skull and quick jabs to the stomach. All of these elements made gaming on the Genesis a distinctive experience that is easy to recognize and hard to forget. It's a masterpiece. As we jump from cartoon to cartoon, the difficulty increases, the enemies become stranger and harder to beat. Added to a delirious aesthetic – with some similarities to the cartoons of the early nineties – that drew attention to the first eye contact and its labyrinthine levels full of riddles prepared us to make a refrigerator fall on a branch so that a cow would fly away something normal.

Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage, 48. There isn’t a lot of replay value here. Not as renowned as Earthworm Jim, but with a design just as unique that makes it one of those strangely fun video games.

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One of the most addictive racing games in history for two main reasons. Jungle Strike was the sequel to Desert Strike, that action game where we controlled a helicopter and solved a series of complex missions. As in the original game, the player controls a ninja accompanied by his faithful dog. Purely class-B movies. It’s worth mentioning that everything was on top of a Ferrari convertible and in heavenly places. Six mini-games. We could improve our car in different features to face increasingly demanding races.

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