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The grain level is consistent and cinematic throughout, with the 4K exhibiting stronger color saturation and more accurate skin tones. An in depth interview with Brad Stevens, a British film critic and novelist, which includes Monte Hellman: His Life and Films, as well as a thorough and revealing interview with the director, Abel Ferrara, who provides a detailed commentary for the film alongside Brad Stevens. The Holy Mountain encompasses a heady brew of Eastern and Western thought: alchemy, tarot, the Kabbalah, and especially Zen Buddhism. Kathleen pleads with Casanova and is bitten in the neck in retaliation, which Ferrara stages as a tenderly erotic suckling of the flesh. Gradations of light and shadow are nuanced and wide-ranging, from the rising sunlight that illuminates a harbor at the cusp of dawn, to the shrill overhead lighting of various office buildings, to the darkness that shrouds the streets at night. He also demonstrates how one of the slug props (which he says looks more like a penis than a turd) was operated with a length of wire and two wooden paddles. Philosophy student Kathleen (Lili Taylor, The Conjuring) is dragged into an alleyway on her way home from class by Casanova (Annabella Sciorra, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) and bitten on the neck. Film scholar Charles Ramirez Berg explains how the coming of sound saved Mexican cinema, with Dos Monjes playing a key role in that momentous event. Though the whiz-bang, comic book-panel aesthetic of Pierrot le Fou is as potentially intoxicating as any contemporaneous head movie, it’s also one of his most finely balanced works, one that successfully straddles generational gaps far wider than the one separating Ferdinand and Marianne—even the one separating 1960s-era Godard from latter-day JLG/JLG. ), who openly discuss everything from their own personal accounts to the films New York City setting and what it means to be an addict. Wald also shares compelling inside anecdotes on the film’s production, such as actor Barry Fitzgerald’s suspicion that he couldn’t play a police detective because he wasn’t a Humphrey Bogart type. The commentary track featuring David Cronenberg, moderated by critic and magazine editor Chris Alexander, is engaging and full of wry observations. Utilizing an entire stable of visual tricks, from split-screens to slow- and fast-motion to rhythmically repeated inserts, these early moments are an exciting and purely cinematic experience. The transfer is a bona fide feast of visual details, from the slums of old East London to the fine clothes and accessories of the wealthy. The latest Green Arrow comic has finally brought one of the most famous and controversial scenes in Oliver Queen's history into canon: the night when Green Lantern and Green Arrow discovered Roy "Speedy" Harper was a heroin addict. One can draw a direct line from The Naked City to Elia Kazan’s Panic in the Streets and On the Waterfront, as well as Alfred Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man, among others. View all posts by Greg Mucci. Despite plenty of bizarro flourishes, the first part of the film is its most conventional. Withdrawal from substances is the first step towards sobriety and recovery from addiction. Its only egregious flaw was the occasionally soft edge, which isn’t evident on either the Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD disc included with this new release. When she meets Peina, it’s the first time she’s confronted with the idea of eternity, of what a lifelong habit looks like, even if he’s lived long enough to be able to consume actual food. The soundtracks are slightly more variable. They’re a mirror of this mother’s single-minded determination to carve out a life for her family. Singlehandedly inaugurating the midnight-movie craze upon its release in 1970, El Topo combines the arid landscapes and ultraviolent showdowns of the Italian western with the dogged quest for spiritual illumination that’s at the heart of King Hu’s Touch of Zen. His 1998 feature-length debut, Pi, was stylish but empty; later, he would elevate The Fountain’s philosophical hooey through sheer operatic force of will and The Wrestler’s solid but rote script through an expressive and soulful appropriation of the Dardenne brothers’ close-up tracking shots. El Topo faces off against four masters of the gun, each of whom embodies a different philosophical or spiritual path.
Taking place over the course of one year, structured into four chapters tied to the seasons, the film starts bleakly and just gets bleaker, and as it progresses these stylistic decisions start to feel more and more oppressive. The notion of hiding from one’s sins is a recurring motif throughout, and is often symbolically attached to the town’s giant gravel pit, which doubles as a makeshift burial ground. From a series of meetings with people from a broad spectrum of society, Brand invokes insights into addiction … Shivers opens with an advertisement that introduces the film’s central location, the science fiction-sounding Starliner Towers, in all its petit-bourgeois perfection. Raoul Coutard’s ravishing Techniscope cinematography looks livelier than ever. Her often arduous endeavors are backed by Gladys Knight & the Pips’s rousing soul soundtrack, which was written and produced by Curtis Mayfield and features songs full of biting humor (“Mr. Only one person, tellingly a man and even more tellingly a demon, can rise to the occasion of these terms. Here, the film’s structural and technical ambitions are usurped by a scene that frankly acknowledges the tolls of death.
And both adopt an affectless, almost clinical style. There was a time when President Trump talked a lot about the opioid epidemic gripping the United States. Both Ferdinand and Marianne ultimately fail to better themselves romantically, intellectually, politically, or philosophically, and it’s one of Pierrot le Fou’s unique charms—and one reason why the film stands out as a particularly beloved entry among those who adore the French New Wave—that Godard doesn’t regard their situation with emphatic mockery or inordinate reverence. In the end, Jodorowsky goes meta by turning the camera back on the very act of filmmaking.

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