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The "gambling king", as he was often called, showered extra attention on Josie in his lifetime, saying she reminded him of his younger self. The actions of the others in her life have hardened her, but the right circumstances can make her soften to what she used to be. In the mid-1800's, the wealthy Sloper family - widowed surgeon Dr. Austin Sloper, his adult daughter Catherine Sloper (Dr. Sloper's only surviving child), and Dr. Sloper's recently widowed sister Lavinia Penniman - live in an opulent house at 16 Washington Square, New York City. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher. I don’t even see her as necessarily cruel to Morris, she’s settling a score but she not treating him as badly as she could. But I’m glad that your father and your brother have had an opportunity to make amends.

” – Backlots.

While Covid-19 has led studios worldwide to postpone production and delay new releases, Josie has announced several big projects.

[10], Time Out London calls the film "typically plush, painstaking and cold.... highly professional and heartless. |, September 29, 2019

She’s walking away from Morris, so clearly there’s the echo of desertion and her leaving him behind.

Too right, the staircase tends to be the most divisive aspect of interpreting this film. Hollywood in all its splendor, and that's meant in a good way. That wall became more than a protection, then indeed it became power. In the play, he admits that he gave her all that schooling so she would “make it up” to him for killing his wife – by becoming her! When Morris comes in and asks for forgiveness, Catherine’s expression changes only around 6:51, when we see that she’s beginning to accept his coming on to her.

I found this for you regarding the novel: In the novel, we learn that after this tragedy, as the years pass, she becomes quite a figure, and that she goes in for charity work—hospitals and orphanages and all sorts of institutions.

The first man ever to show Catherine any attention is the handsome Morris Townsend, who she met at a family party. They have accrued their wealth largely through Dr. Sloper's hard work. Catherine is initially uncertain as to ... Monty @ 100: The influential peak of "A Place in the Sun", Emmy episode analysis: Cherry Jones (‘Succession’) decides whether to let Roy family take over her company, In Memory of: Olivia de Havilland's Best Film, Favorite Edith Head Oscar Nominated/Winner for Costume Design.

Bosley Crowther, in his review for The New York Times, wrote that the film "crackles with allusive life and fire in its tender and agonized telling of an extraordinarily characterful tale" and added, "Mr. Wyler ... has given this somewhat austere drama an absorbing intimacy and a warming illusion of nearness that it did not have on the stage.

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But once she begins to walk up the stairs for our final view of her, her face brightens as she approaches the camera and we can see that she has finally understood the duplicity of men’s ways and will be her own woman from this moment on. She chose to accept who she is to keep from being hurt or proven wrong, so to speak. At least in Washington Square. The Heiress (1949), as the theatrical poster declared, is "a truly great motion picture" - a bleak tale of crushed, heartbroken expectations and incisively-harsh retribution. The same silly phrases. Catherine firmly believes that Morris’ intentions are correct, and the conflict between Catherine and her father becomes more escalated as the film progresses. Very entertaining.

That is probably the most important lesson I've learnt as a singer," she says. Sorry, Anonymous. she says,” he’s become greedier.first he wanted my money, now her wants my love too” She knew if she married him, he’d spend all her money soon, have many lovers, and not come home for days. Morris eagerly promises to come back for her that night, and she tells him she will start packing her bags.


More importantly, she acts the part, with what feels like authentically painful shyness. I was wondering why Catherine says that this will be her last embroidery-she tells Aunt she will not do another. Catherine continues this act of happiness until he leaves, and proceeds to let her aunt know that she has no intention of going with Morris. I absolutely adore this movie, and I think it’s one of the great endings in Hollywood history! A plain young woman in Manhattan towards the end of the 19th century (Oliva de Havilland) suffers from painful social awkwardness. I believe his acrimonious relationship with Dr. Sloper was a true means to cause him to want to go off and make something of himself, thus disproving Dr. Sloper’s beliefs of him. Thank you for such an insightful comment!

well, they do say revenge is a dish best served cold, but it is a dish that requires some sort of sacrifice of character/innocence and may have some bitterness with the sweet. I haven’t read through all of the comments, but it seems as if I might be alone in thinking that Catherine is planning to kill herself.

Great comments about this movie – it really does give the viewer a lot to think about.

But he also finds ways to make those performances jump out of the film reality into the movie theater.

She gives Morris a gift of ruby buttons that she had bought for him in Paris. Her mouth turns up into a small, hopeful, optimistic smile when she hears the bell signaling Morris’ arrival. We see that she has not been totally hardened after all–a bit of the old Catherine is still there, waiting and hoping for Morris to come. "[11], Channel 4 says of the performances, "de Havilland's portrayal ... is spine-chilling ... Clift brings a subtle ambiguity to one of his least interesting roles, and Richardson is also excellent. Despite the lessons that Dr. Sloper has paid for in all the social graces for her, Catherine is a plain, simple, awkward and extremely shy woman who spends all her free time alone doing embroidery when she is not doting on her father. The only proof I have, really — besides the fact that she’s been beaten down and maligned by the two main men in her life — is that she mentions to her aunt that she’ll never embroider again. The play was suggested by the 1880 novel Washington Square by Henry James. 'The Heiress' at Stanley is Movie Melodrama."

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Soon afterwards, Dr. Sloper reveals he is dying. Cinemark I think by shutting Morris out and finishing the embroidery, she is at last a free woman who knows her own worth. Title: Being a romantic, Lavinia does whatever she can to advance their relationship. Holy emotional incest! It’s entirely possible that he did run off to make his fortune—after all he was very young and they did that in those days—and that he returned to Katherine believing she would be ready for him—– Yes, I know it was in a rather propitious time for him to return–but let’s say he did return, was in love with Katherine and she rejected him when she shouldn’t. But was willing to live that way in order to have him.

She is the only member of the Ho clan working in entertainment.

[“I’ve read everyone else’s thoughts and I do believe Katherine DID change after her father’s death….but wouldn’t it be a nice thought if she had taken Morris when he came back and they lived happily every after? Don’t worry, it won’t take long.

Catherine wanted to prove to Townsend and her father that she was no longer naive.

The film is executive produced by her husband and the story is based on Sir James Brooke, a British adventurer and the first White Rajah of Sarawak from 1841 until his death in 1868, and his exploitation of the locals in Sarawak.

Those who do not know her may be misled by her cool appearance and think she is an heiress on a pedestal.

In August, entertainment trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter ran a story about 852 Films, the production firm founded in 2009 by Josie and her husband, collaborating with French director and producer Luc Besson. Aunt Lavinia is in favor of the match regardless, being both romantic and pragmatic enough to view this as Catherine's chance at a happy married life, since Morris seems somewhat genuinely fond of Catherine's honesty and kindness, despite his largely monetary motivations.

852 Films will work with Besson on two action features and both will star Josie as the leading lady. The slight smile on her face as she ascends the stairs. The question for me is the effect her actions (although in many ways understandable) had on her. It’s a tough call and I love that about it!!

“This will soon be MINE!” It’s not like he deserved any better than she gave him.

That’s what he was after. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Maybe after some time, the older and wiser Catherine can allow more of her natural personality to shine…the Catherine who was capable of some real witty conversation when she felt safe and secure.

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He claims that he left her behind because he could not bear to see her destitute, and is quick to re-proclaim his love for her and his desire for her affections. |, September 26, 2011


Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. And would Catherine have been so bad off with him?? In movies and life, the ‘responsibility to forgive’ allows falls to the victim. Fascinating. He did try to keep her from harm, but because he was so cold & distant his true intentions for her well being were totally missed & misjudged by Catherine.

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