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“Instead, what happens is Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer pick who they like, and there becomes the senators.”.

He suspended his 20-some-year political career in 2011 when he moved to New York to pursue a master of arts in film and media studies at the New School. Jones filed paperwork for his exploratory committee with the Federal Election Commission this year and subsequently filed disbursement reports. And by the way, that’s how it works in nearly every state,” Jones said on a recent episode of “The Matt Jones Podcast.” “It should be about the citizens picking who they like,” he went on.

, eating into Barr’s 22-point lead over his Democratic opponent in 2016.

Photo: Philip Scott Andrews for The Washington Post via Getty Images, On Friday, WLEX, an NBC affiliate in Lexington, announced that it had fired Matt Jones as the host of “Hey, Kentucky,” a show he had launched on the station four years ago. Her loss outside Lexington came despite the McGrath campaign’s heavy emphasis on engaging voters in rural areas, opening offices in every county in the district. Jones is one of several high-profile hosts who’ve left the network this summer. [1] The radio show's flagship stations are WKJK in Louisville and WLAP in Lexington and is syndicated to 50 radio stations in 37 markets in Kentucky and surrounding states[2]. Then came the pandemic and, finally, one of the largest nonnuclear explosions in human history. Jones, Kentucky’s most popular sports radio host, has been openly deliberating a challenge to Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, and has been publicly critical of the early stages of McGrath’s campaign. It is also true, because I heard from many people, that he went around bragging about it. And that’s how it works. [11] On August 15, Jones announced that he had been approached to write a book and had accepted. Matt Jones, the liberal host of a popular sports radio show in Kentucky, was off the air Thursday following a complaint by the Kentucky Republican Party that he had violated campaign finance laws. In the early aughts, he worked on the gubernatorial and House campaigns of former Rep. Ben Chandler, the gubernatorial campaign of then-state Rep. Jody Richards, the Senate campaign of Tim Johnson in South Dakota, and Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. How Mitch McConnell Sold Out Kentucky (and America Too).” Asked for comment, WLEX directed us to a statement on its website explaining that the decision to fire Jones was consistent with the station’s commitment to “fairness across its platforms.” The show was not canceled, a spokesperson said.

I disagree strongly with this decision but it is what it is. Her launch was marred by a series of missteps, odd claims, and flip-flops. Ernie Fletcher for blocking access to his blog on state computers after Nickolas was quoted in a New York Times article criticizing the governor. Trump was booed at the World Series. Her decision to run was a win for Schumer, who wouldn’t have to expend resources finding a candidate himself and could count on McGrath to tie up McConnell’s money even if she wouldn’t actually be able to pull off a win. (The McConnell campaign has said that it did not object, and there’s no evidence that they did, which leaves only the McGrath campaign.) A big appearance for KSR’s hoodie-wearing creator, Matt unstuck to sports to talk about winning back rural America. She outperformed her campaign’s projections in the central city of Lexington, but Barr held onto strongholds in 17 of the district’s 19 counties. The Intercept is an independent nonprofit news outlet. [14][15], American attorney, radio host and restaurateur, WDRB, 'Matt Jones off Kentucky TV show while he mulls Senate race,' Jul 17, 2019, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, "This Liberal Sports Radio Host Thinks He Can Take Down Mitch McConnell", "Listen to Alison Lundergan Grimes on Kentucky Sports Radio", "Meet the Sports Host Who Could Decide the McConnell-Grimes Matchup", "Is Matt Jones in for a 'rude awakening' if he challenges Mitch McConnell for Senate?
The Fox TV broadcast stuck to baseball.

Kentucky will look to take home its first victory in Knoxville since 1984 when the Wildcats take on the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday.

Amy Coney Barrett and the Looming Google Antitrust Case, After the Beirut Explosion, Lebanon’s Women-Led Civil Society Is Building on the Edge of Despair. But then, on Friday, Jones announced that WLEX fired him from the “Hey, Kentucky” show, citing his involvement in politics and, , “Mitch, Please! Ryan Grim talks to Ilyse Hogue about Amy Coney Barrett and Luther Lowe about the possible antitrust case against Google. As Jones inched closer to a decision, observers in the state speculated that he would ultimately be uninterested in giving up his position as a popular radio and TV host in exchange for a long-shot bid for the Senate. I mean, he went around to people, Amy McGrath’s campaign man, and bragged that he was the person to do it.”. , and she very quickly returned to saying that she would have opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination. It was part of her ultimately unsuccessful bid to unseat Republican Rep. Andy Barr in Kentucky’s 6th District — her first run for public office. [3] On "Hey Kentucky! Ryan Grim[email protected]​, Akela Lacy[email protected]​ After all, he no longer has a TV show to lose. Mark Nickolas, McGrath’s campaign manager, has boasted in Kentucky political circles that he was responsible for Jones’s firing, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.
After all, he no longer has a TV show to lose. In July, Jones was pulled from the air temporarily, a move that the station said came, from one of the Senate campaigns. “She announces and all the Democratic presidential candidates — or most of them — endorse her, all the congressional people endorse her, all the big donors endorse her, and all of a sudden, she has $5.5 million and the theory is, well, that scares everybody else out and now we have our nominee. [1] After graduation from Duke, Jones returned to Lexington to practice law and began Kentucky Sports Radio. While Jones identifies as a progressive, Politico has said that he "espouses a doctrine of empathy that you won’t hear from many liberals today." When pressed, he identifies as a “Southern populist progressive,” wary of using the term “liberal” in his home state. [4] The conversation with Grimes on September 25 lasted 20 minutes and was called by The Daily Beast as "perhaps her most substantive interview. She outperformed her campaign’s projections in the central city of Lexington, but Barr held onto strongholds in 17 of the district’s 19 counties. After graduating from Duke Law School, Jones returned to Kentucky to practice law before founding Kentucky Sports Radio (colloquially known by its initials "KSR"), a website and radio show dedicated to sports coverage involving the University of Kentucky Wildcats, in 2005.

Kentucky Sports Radio Host Matt Jones bows out of U.S. Senate bid",, "Kentucky sports radio host plans book-length rebuke of Mitch McConnell", "Today WLEX made the decision to end my time as host of @hey_kentucky due my decision to write the "Mitch, Please" book. Jones discussed his firing in a Monday interview on his radio show, saying he believed Nickolas to be responsible. McGrath is now running for Senate in Kentucky. Amy McGrath meets supporters after conceding the election for Kentucky's 6th Congressional District to Republican incumbent Andy Barr in Richmond, Ky. on Nov. 6, 2018. ", a nightly sports and news recap program on WLEX-TV in Lexington, since also syndicated to WBNA in Louisville. Jones attended Transylvania University on a full scholarship before receiving a scholarship to Duke Law School, where he graduated second in his class. Her loss outside Lexington came despite the McGrath campaign’s heavy emphasis on engaging voters in rural areas, opening offices in every county in the district.

” read a statement from WLEX Vice President and General Manager Pat Dalbey. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. At a Democratic banquet held the night before the 2016 Fancy Farm picnic, he blasted the party for abandoning working-class voters, focusing on liberal strongholds in Louisville and Lexington, and compromising on core values to appeal to conservatives.

Who would hold party elites accountable to the values they proclaim to have? Jones bounced around several smaller radio shows before then launching KSR as a radio show in 2010. "[1], He had also considered running for the U.S. Senate seat held by McConnell in 2020,[7][8] but announced on November 15, 2019 that he would not enter the race. McGrath burst out of the gate raising more than $7 million and locking down support from the national Democratic Party establishment when she launched on July 9, setting up what looked to be a two-person match between her and McConnell. In August, Jones announced that he was writing a book titled, “Mitch, Please,” a critical look at McConnell’s tenure as a senator, for which Jones would travel to all 120 counties in the commonwealth.

Jones' criticism of Kentucky political figures is not limited to Republicans; he has publicly labeled the state's Democratic Party as "a disaster". McGrath’s 2018 campaign largely marked a return to politics for the longtime Democratic consultant and former Kentucky political hand and commentator who had withdrawn from the space for much of the last decade. on about your day, ask yourself: How likely is it that the story you just read would have been produced by a different news outlet if The Intercept hadn’t done it? These stances almost universally find root not in party allegiance but in the effect on Kentucky’s working class, a mooring so deep that Jones says he would vote against his personal beliefs in the Senate—on coal, for instance—if he felt it was in the best interest of his constituents.

A California native, Nickolas spent about a decade managing and consulting on Democratic campaigns around the country before launching his widely read and influential Kentucky political blog, the Bluegrass Report, in 2005. former Kentucky Gov. The radio show's flagship stations are WKJK in Louisville and WLAPin Lexington and is syndicated to 50 radio stations in 37 market… Jones saw an opening for the Senate seat after McGrath’s bizarre launch last month. “I like her, this is not a knock on her, but she has become so robotic and become so consulted that I don’t even know what she stands for anymore. "[5], The next year, Jones hosted a Republican gubernatorial primary debate between the four candidates vying to win the Republican nomination for Kentucky Governor. But her launch was marred by a series of missteps, odd claims, and flip-flops, capped by her assertion that she would have supported Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

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