the ghost song creepy

I shouldn't have. Whoever had made the Song knew what they were doing, and did it well.

The "Occurrences," as I've come to call them, began almost immediately, on the night we had first heard the dreaded sounds of the Song. Just like electrical disturbances at certain wavelengths it can cause emotions such as paranoia (that feeling that someone's watching you), anxiety, and in some cases even hallucinations over a long period of exposure. But again, I tried to ignore it. I've come to learn that I wasn't wrong, but I had no clue of the whole truth... That night, as I lay in bed trying to sleep (an act which I already have a problem doing with a history of insomnia) I found myself on edge once more. Quick little blips at the edge of my vision that would dart away as soon as I tried to focus on them. Eventually, passed all the thought and the paranoia I managed to fall asleep.

So I blamed my emotions on that. And now on nearly permanent repeat in my brain. I've had this before though, when I would have long bouts of insomnia with sleep deprivation, so it was nothing new and I just wrote it off as hallucinations once again.

It didn't belong here. I'll be writing more in this journal as I attempt to recollect the events that have lead up to this point. Something about the Song just felt unnatural. Along with all the other thoughts buzzing around I now had to try and deal with this unsettling Song. Even before that, even as I was first hearing those noises, I knew something wasn't...right.

Then I began to see the shadows.

But I shoved those thoughts away. Damn that song for what it's worth, it was catchy. It's been about three months since I listened to the Song. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I had no clue that they were still there.

It shouldn't have existed at all. Along with the fact that I had an idea as to how the science of the Song worked: low frequencies. It started off as something do innocent; we were just passing by a boring Saturday by looking up ghost videos and other most-likely fake paranormal phenomena caught on video or audio.

The notes of the song. I tried to keep this short, so sorry for dragging on, but the story so far will take awhile to catch up on.

Blamed it on my usual easily-paranoid self. It's been about three months since I listened to the Song.

Until then, I warn you to read on, but appreciate the attention to my existence in these possibly last few days. CreepyPasta Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The Ghost Song by MantisInMyPantis. The hollow chorus noises were stuck in my head. It started off as something do innocent; we were just passing by a boring Saturday by looking up ghost videos and other most-likely fake paranormal phenomena caught on video or audio.

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