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There is no video evidence of him leaving the consulate.
She is part of Erdogan’s inner circle. NSA intercepts proved that Iran had prior knowledge of the attack. But, of course, there is no evidence from these photos of the “oven” being on the property of anyone, much less the Saudi consul. For more information contact: drswier@gmail.com.

Remember that old burger ad where the old lady asks “where’s the beef?”  Well, in the Khashoqji case we all have to ask “where’s the beef, or body?”. But where were our Republican senators and Congresspersons? So, this is the great champion of “democracy” that our media and politicians have gushed their false sympathy for, and virtually deified. So, that was a ho hum. Erdogan, BTW, possesses exactly that fantasy. The allegations are that certain individuals close to MBS were the ones who carried out the operation. The one thing you don’t want to do is to send in 15 guys who all fly in on only two jets (charter jets at that), and who all arrive on the same day into the major city of a … Excommunicating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) effectively kills those efforts. When a dog sees someone it likes, its tail wags predominately to its right (corresponding to the left brain). The second city is Buenos Aires, and that murder will be exposed later in this essay. Turkey can also use this crisis to gain standing in the Islamic world at Saudi Arabia’s expense, and to further its goal of establishing a renewed Caliphate under its leadership. This issue will lead to many more American tragedies as long as the MB and its affiliates are allowed to operate freely in the United States. American failure to declare the MB to be a terrorist organization has not only damaged the Trump administration on this issue, but has also allowed two MB sympathizers to be admitted to Congress. One of the goals of Erdogan’s policies to achieve this reunited Caliphate is to dethrone all of the existing secular Arab governments and replace them with MB governments which would then join with Turkey (whose ruling AKP party is a clone of the MB) in reconstituting the real Caliphate. Yet, our media has been virtually silent about this murder, and the resultant investigation. Maybe. It is of the type that potters use to fire their pots. and ran dab smack into one brick wall after another. If the Saudis are forced to abandon their war against the Iranian-supported Houthi rebellion in neighboring Yemen, then Shi’a Iran gets a client state on Sunni Saudi Arabia’s doorstep. And, in the Middle East symbolism is everything. After years of foot dragging and cover-ups so blatant, obvious, and corrupt that they’d make an Obama administration blush . Turkey, of course, continues to finance and supply arms for terror groups across the Middle East as well as conducting its own “ethnic cleansing” operations in Iraq and Syria. Yes, I know, the media will defend their position by saying that Khashoqji founded an organization called DAWN (Democracy for the Arab World Now), which sounds to touchy-feely sweet to naïve western ears (because they think that it proves that he was a champion of Democracy and the free press and freedom of speech that the moniker   implies). Now for my favorite historical animal story.
Everybody “knows” that the Mossad did it, but there is no “proof” because the Israelis left no trail. In 1992 a suicide bomber in a pick-up blew up the Israeli embassy with collateral damage to a nearby Catholic church. Of course, but their critics in that area give Turkey and Iran a free pass though their human rights records are equally repugnant. On 18 January 2019, one day before he was to testify before the Argentine Congress, Alberto Nisman’s mother found him dead in his apartment. Israel and Egypt lose whenever Saudi Arabia is weakened. In other words, as was said of American GI’s during WWII, the American squirrels were “overfed, oversexed, and over here.”. Following is the background to the case. China has been making great inroads into Africa and the Middle East by telling countries “We don’t care what religion you are, we don’t care what your state ideology is, we don’t care what your human rights record is, all we want is to do business with you–no strings attached.”, Thus, it is extremely painful to watch on TV as our senators and congresspersons of both parties insist upon prostrating themselves in abject submission before the dictates of. (Alia al-Ganis). The amount of bear cubs in this studio’s work is quite something! A Mr. Fuqara’, who is the head of the al-Jazeera Washington office held a “love-fest” with the “journalists” from the Washington Post, allowing them to vent their anger over the dastardliness of the Saudi Regime, and MBS in particular, for this gruesome murder. So, let’s keep these double standards in mind as we now turn to the: Who were the winners? They finally ended up with the theory that the body was cut up into pieces, then transported in suitcases to the airport where it was taken out of the country. Another element of this affair that did not add up was the Fiance Khashoqji was supposed to marry. But I will bet you that MBS thought that something of the sort was in the works. A Tale of Two Critters is a 1977 live-action adventure film produced by Walt Disney Productions about a bear cub and a young raccoon accidentally thrown together who become friends. Considering that all of the fuss was being generated by Erdogan’s Turkey made me doubly suspicious. . The Democrats have been able to exploit the bi-partisan fake revulsion over the murder of a Muslim Brotherhood propagandist to paint a picture of Trump as being “too friendly to tyrants.”  The hypocrisy of that effort is farcical coming from the political party that strove to empower the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran (both of whom are declared enemies of the United States, and are totalitarian systems) when they were in power. That is so obvious it is like hiring a skywriter to blazen across the sky “we did it.”. A lemming is a small rodent, usually found in or near the Arctic in tundra biomes.Lemmings make up the subfamily Arvicolinae (also known as Microtinae) together with voles and muskrats, which form part of the superfamily Muroidea, which also includes rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils.In popular culture, a longstanding myth holds that they commit mass suicide. The main point, however, is that all 26 arrived at different times on different regular civilian airlines, and from numerous different countries and carried passports from all the different countries. One thing that made me very, very suspicious from the very beginning about this whole affair was that everything we learned about the case, every shred of intelligence, was provided by Turkish intelligence and police entities. There was no body, and there still isn’t any body. Why? They devised a transportation system of ropes that the apes could use to get from their living space to the learning center.

This event was not held in al-Jazeera’s DC offices, nor was it held inside the WAPO building. He spent as much, or more, of his time in Istanbul where he contributed articles to several Turkish news entities. It would start with just a few alighting. Armed with my research, I went to an anti-American squirrel protest that advocated “execution” of the “murderers.” I discussed my findings. But starlings subvert what they hear, abruptly halting a song in the middle, mixing up tunes and syntax in a way that must have amused Mozart to no end. Can you imagine what a tool that would be for Erdogan to unite the entire Islamic world into a new, gigantic Caliphate with him as its Caliph? However, given their double standards and hypocrisies over similar political murders as discussed in this essay, that line of reasoning holds no water. A prime example of this occurred the day after the alleged event. This “oven” is fairly large. So, stop and think for a moment what is going to happen to those human rights advances already achieved, much less that impetus for moving forward on more human rights if the KSA is forced to hook up with countries that have zero interests in human rights? No wonder “we” were taking over! I’m not saying that killing people is a nice thing to do, but dictators snuff out journalists all the time with nary a whimper of protest from the media figures making such a fuss like they did over this one. A Florida Cooperation. So, let’s look at the facts, that is, what do we actually know for sure. Perhaps. You can have a single agent follow them into a restaurant, pretend to be a regular customer, then when the target is not looking drop certain biological or chemical properties into their soup, or drink. But there is one other little tidbit that came up early, and that has been completely forgotten. Whereas, of course, the American squirrels could eat anything: bagels, chicken, popcorn, you name it.

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