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Voor het eerst werd bij deze opname gebruik gemaakt van een spectrum follower, het prototype van een vocoder. You might also wish to study several of its single frames for details.) We were too busy at the time to remember to track it down - the usual when new albums are being released. So I felt in good company (understatement) to be asked to be included in such a list. 239 likes. The eventual result? The one to its right has a lotta illegible rack gear in close-up, while I sit on the floor and was asked to "look sternly at the camera, no smiles"... That's what you want, that's what you got ... next? Since Murray Brenman had done such a fine job with the Audion release, collaborating with us during many pleasant meetings, we tried to retain his good work, expanding on it with several newly minted graphic elements. Although my current studio is a very comfortable workspace, as you can see below (also as we get more current images of it up here), this was a special place, thanks particularly to Rachel's sense of design and theater.

Op Beauty in the beast uit 1986 experimenteerde Carlos met het concept van reine stemming, waarvoor ze variabele instelschalen gebruikte die ze zelf geconstrueerd had. I waited a couple of weeks (until a few odd technical networking problems had been solved) to add this to our website, but it's all working fine at last. Two long new CD tracks highlight many of the original experimental discarded attempts behind the first two albums. What constitutes the legendary? That was fine for Frank. It has taken five years to reach this stage, but we wanted to do things right. There was no stopping her, she saw what was going on, and wanted to be in the middle of it. In feite was dit het eerste ambientalbum in de popgeschiedenis. to the structural walls and so we were unable to remove them without utterly destroying them. There's a similar shot as this in the S-O Bach 2000 booklet, which you may have seen. Meanwhile, thank you, Frank, for being so well prepared, and for putting together such a nice document of an interview I won't soon forget! I was slightly concerned it might end up chopped into pieces with little context or continuity, or that it might garble our thoughts.

And see all our albums on the discography page HERE. Then Jem went bankrupt, and tracking anything became impossible. But it was a wonderful learning process, and most gratifying to return to the concept we'd originally envisioned, before CBS had ideas of its own. He used to say: ‘there are only two kinds of science: physics and butterfly collecting,’ thanks for allowing me to share a few of my favorite butterfly specimens with you.”. Digital moonscapes uit 1984 bestond als eerste uit geheel met digitale synthesizers geproduceerde muziek. In the end the reproduction still came out a bit dark, but is much improved over the original Jem versions. It took a few tricks to make it record well, like the synchronizing of the four bias oscillators. Her website contains many splendid photographs of solar eclipses from all over the world, taken since the early 1970's. Carlos is vooral bekend vanwege haar pionierswerk op het gebied van elektronische muziek en synthesizers en de soundtrack van A Clockwork Orange. Note: the vocoder modules have not been used much since purchasing a Synton SPX 216 unit in 1985. Read all about these four titles, and audition / purchase the new deluxe editions from our Discography page HERE.

All projects embraces three factors: Quality, Cost, and Time -- pick any two. The short answer was : slowly and wonderfully. Don't get such respect very often. Digital oscillators provided ultra-stable tuning, even in any arbitrary tuning scale. Here's some additional information, to give you a preview. For the moment its main use is only for copying old master tapes to digital, and for that it works surprisingly well. Carlos. In reality, the curving is not so much distortion as the accurate depiction of each element in a spherical mathematical projection not unlike map projections. In this view we are behind the console, in front of a two-track Ampex, and are looking to the right of the previous view. Some bemoaned the loss of "Secrets of Synthesis," when CBS's contract expired, and that album sold out, over a decade ago, as with our more popular titles, like the Switched-On series. Unless you consider “academic” books a form of contact sport, you really might want to reconsider your time and money. End of a L-o-n-g Haul... Two final CBS/Sony albums, in new deluxe CD editions, "By Request" (left) and "Secrets of Synthesis" (right) It has taken five years to reach this stage, but we wanted to do things right. Where the originals were not available to us any longer we came up with all-new artwork which suits the albums better than the originals. If you don't have the time to read the whole thing, that would be your best bet, read it HERE. "Um.

(Just for the record, you can see the earliest index page photo of me HERE, and then the photo used for about six years until early this year HERE.) It was great fun to showoff my homemade Wurly II pipe organ emulation for them with a mini-concert, and show how the rest of the studio had grown and changed.

It's also mentioned on the additional new notes. Aside from setting up the camera gear, I had nothing to do with the video editing and assembly. But here is what we posted after sending the masters to the factory: Many of you have been asking how the work was going on the Switched-On Boxed Set. This was an ideal way to proceed, but took much more time and work than the routine transfers of the vast majority of CD remasters.

(Most of the good photos of me on this page and elsewhere are are thanks to Vernon's handiwork.) - personalize content, search, recommendations, and offers

Once that looked pretty good, we scheduled a get together, which took place this January 18th, right after dinner.
She says, “we can at last treat them with diligence, introspection and respect. Two long new CD tracks highlight many of the original experimental discarded attempts behind the first two albums. The Broadway Studio, beginning to get filled-up. Though often excluded from the official narrative, Carlos’s work with Bob Moog was highly influential to the creation of the eponymous innovation that was the Moog Synthesizer (the instrument Carlos uses on Switched-On Bach).

The project took over a year to complete, in several stages, as master tapes were played, cataloged and transferred to new digital masters. That is how the famous "Quality Triangle" operates. Though this was certainly a turning-point for Carlos, the interview was not necessarily the introduction into the public she had trusted Playboy with delivering. We are left with a totality visible only in pieces, and perhaps this is how she always wanted it to be. The covers and graphic elements have been reworked from often faded, aging originals. This slim, mean-sprited volume is based on several false premises.

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