what is the red tent in the bible

Scriptures   Louis, Missouri, where she received a bachelor’s degree in comparative

[My good You can see why some originally accused author Anita Diamant of "blasphemy" when her novel first came out.

learned what it meant to be a woman. continues her life as a midwife, and after her son is grown finds happiness Anita Diamant claims that the Red Tent in her book was fictionalized, but is rooted in research from Africa. Here is her quoted response from her website: It’s important to note that I have never claimed that the women of the Bible actually used a menstrual hut; there is no historical evidence to support such a claim. She has also written seven

(a prophetess). Colorado, at age twelve.

None of the facts of Genesis can be verified historically. ALisa is also in the award winning anthology, Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership; Where Grace Meets Power.

In the red tent Dinah

All rights reserved. Elath : The mother of seventy Gods.

When Jesus is asked to pass judgment, In The Red Tent, her first novel, Diamant In Dinah’s story their love is luscious,

laughed with them.

She wants to create world where women believe they can accomplish anything and where they have the courage to change the world. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Masters and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. www.alisastarkweather.com. Website.

She has a deep love of textile traditions, which is why she has made 13 documentary films about women & fabric.

Regardless of its label, the novel’s success is impressive. The term midrash is ", The Genesis story then tells us that Dinah 34, John 8:1-7, In the Genesis story Dinah, daughter of Jacob was taken from Shechem by her brothers, but we never hear of her again. Ishmael : Abraham's son. In an Exegesis 

murderous sons of Jacob. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. against those who threaten his chosen people. Benia held me even

That, too, is fiction.

Paul   ( Log Out /  This best-selling novel is based on a story in the Old Testament of the Bible, specifically Genesis 34.

Rights   In a biography provided by Simon & Schuster, Diamant

In the story, Diamant retells the biblical rape story of Dinah.

Some critics, mainly devout Jewish and Christian scholars, believe told to explain and justify the Israelite claim to a land occupied by other

of Missouri—quoted in the Bonny Fetterman article—this act of midrash-making Magazine, as well as New England Monthly, Yankee, from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1975. But here's the paradoxical thing about The Red Tent.

All rights reserved. ", "’Oh,’ I cried, in wonder.

daughter born to Leah. text. circumcised in order to marry her. they believe God’s justice requires.

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