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During his time in Springfield Fido was a great companion to Lincoln.

They promised to take good care of Fido during Mr. Lincoln's term in the White House. Recent research indicates the Fido photos may have been taken in 1865, not 1861. In fact, Fido was the first-ever presidential pet to be photographed. Lincoln loved animals, and before becoming president, he … Reassuring news regarding Fido came from Illinois late in 1863. On December 27, 1863, the president’s Springfield barber, William Florville, wrote the Lincolns a letter saying, “Tell Taddy that his (and Willys) Dog is alive and Kicking doing well he stays mostly at John E. Rolls with his Boys who are about the size now that Tad & Willy were when they left for Washington.”. For example, Lincoln insisted that Fido never be punished for coming inside with muddy paws.

We use cookies to improve user experience, remember your preferences, and analyze website traffic. Kharen Hill/Walt Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), the most famous (and strangest!) But I never knew that the Lincolns were once dog owners, so am reposting Heather’ s article for You’re History readers.

Mary Lincoln was not a big fan of dogs and she was probably happy not to have to clean up after Fido anymore. Knowing the bustle of Washington, the number of people who would be going through the White House, and the social scene surrounding it, Lincoln and his wife, Mary, decided to leave Fido in Springfield, where the family had lived. In the 1850s, the Lincoln family acquired a yellow mixed-breed dog they named Fido. [3], Fido remained with the Rolls for the rest of his life.

Fido may have been a pet of the President, but he wasn’t actually a “Presidential Pet.” That is, he never actually lived in the White House although Abraham Lincoln was President while he had Fido.

Before giving away his pet, Lincoln gave the Rolls strict instructions about Fido’s care. The two developed a dog-human bond as strong as any, to the point where Fido would walk from his home to the bus stop every single day to greet Soriano when he got off the bus after work. Heather on History is one of my favorites among the blogs I follow. Fido often accompanied Lincoln to his Springfield law office or around town on errands. In drunken rage, the man thrust his knife into the animal, and poor Fido ran away, not to be found for a month after, when his lifeless body was discovered under an old church. Talk about loyalty! Even Time magazine covered the story in 1957, helping it spread throughout the entire dog-loving world. By all accounts Mr. Lincoln's son, Tad, protested. So Fido never actually lived in the White House, but he’s still gone down in history as a famous presidential dog. Honest Abe’s Fido is the first and best-known pup to engender this naming trend, but there’s another well-known Fido that also deserves a mention for helping to secure the name’s place as synonymous with “dog.” In World War II-era Italy, a man named Carlo Soriano adopted a stray dog and named him Fido. The president’s beloved dog, Fido, was killed by a knife-wielding drunk. And like many of these trendy dog names that you’ll see today, it was inspired by a public figure—but not a human one. She is a proud Hufflepuff and member of Team Cap. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. In the funeral procession on May 4, Old Bob, wearing a mourning blanket with silver fringe, walked immediately after the hearse.

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