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Quiet and Venom Snake are reunited after Solid Snake kills him at Outer Heaven. His main function as a buddy is to automatically mark enemies, prisoners and items as you approach from a distance, making search-and-rescue missions a snap and undoing the problem of blind corners in outposts. uncanny resemblance to Italian Neurosurgeon: Dr. Canavero, nonetheless acknowledges that it makes sense, can infect others with their inner parasite, They can also spawn weaponry out of thin air, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, making action hero one liners all the way, hallucinatory cassette tape of Paz revealing the truth, You even hallucinate cassette tapes of her. After being forced to trigger the parasites which would eventually compel her to kill Snake, she wanders off into the desert believing she would rather die than let that happen, as opposed to committing suicide here and now. After promising to spare Big Boss if Paz tells him where Zero is, Skull Face immediately goes back on his word and destroys MSF. "metallic archaea", an organism that enriches the uranium to make it weapons-grade. Meta Example for anyone who had played previous Metal Gear Solid games. His refusal to (really) harm Eli, despite the kid having genuinely attempted murder him on more than one occasion lead to Eli stealing Sahelanthropus, then later becoming Liquid Snake and causing the events of, Subverted, his actions during the bulk of. A big example is during the mission to deal with the parasite outbreak on Mother Base, Kaz makes a statement then goes silent, obviously expecting Venom to finish his sentence. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from In the mission "A Quiet Exit", she is forced to speak English in order to save Big Boss. Presumably she wandered off into the Afghan desert to die after activating the English strain of the vocal cord parasite. He's attracted to the rage and vengeful feelings of the characters, but is otherwise mindless. Not only is his body burnt afterwards due to still hosting parasites, but it's implied that whatever traces of his life that still remained are in time erased thanks to the Patriots. An early hint to many players was that the medic in Ground Zeroes shares Big Boss's voice actor (tho distorted to try and mask this, as well as getting between Big Boss and the explosion, specifically blocking the right side of his head from the shrapnel (where Venom Snake's "horn" is). Glaz and Palitz, "the eye" and "the finger", are two U.S. Marines who worked as a sniper-spotter team during the Laotian Civil War. A mute sniper with strange powers who works under XOF.

Instead, they blow off his arm and leg as revenge for his destruction of MSF and leave him to die slowly... only for Huey to finish Skull Face himself. Quiet's powers are derived from a special strain of vocal cord parasites which keep her alive after suffering serious burns, which also grant her camouflaging abilities, super speed, and impeccable eyesight which makes her all the more deadly a sniper.

He doesn't take it well when Code Talker figures this out.

With everyone afraid of the nukes, release an infectious parasite that only becomes fatal when its host speaks the English language.

After everything he goes through in the run up to. Not only would this upset the global balance of power, but it would also put most of the nukes in the world under Skull Face's control, no matter who has them. Big Boss. After the hallucination ends and you get a. Then the chopper flying Eli passes over the crevice the base was inside of, which causes Eli's burning existential vengeance to overcome Skull Face's own upon Tretji Rebenok's powers, which in turn causes all hell to break loose and Sahelanthropus to run amok in a blind, destructive attack upon everything around it. As a Hungarian who lost his mother tongue he absolutely loathes the fact that he was forced to used English, viewing the language itself as nothing but a parasite. The thirst for revenge that I have planted. If he had restrained his sadistic tendencies and let Big Boss retrieve Paz and Chico unmolested and simply focused on Zero, it is likely he would have succeeded at his goals.

A blind, elderly man of Native American (specifically Navajo/Diné) descent. Of course, he also said he'd be willing to try them if smoking became less socially acceptable. Which really doesn't work that way in real life. It's Volgin's rage against Big Boss for almost killing him. The way it skates along the ground also makes it look like a stripped-down. Sort of. He is referred to at a few points as V - as in the roman numeral five - since he's the fifth Snake after Naked, Solid, Liquid, and Solidus. Subverted as of version 1.06, where she can be regained if the player completes "Cloaked In Silence" seven times. Miller sends Snake on a tip from the KGB to eliminate them in the Ground Zeroes Side Ops mission "Eliminate the Renegade Threat". La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo! who begin shooting each corpse they see in the head, though this comes with the risk of him getting shot down, if she ever spoke English again, it would be fatal to herself, and cause others to be infected with the parasite, personally executing her after draining her stamina. Not everyone can recover from having large sections of their bodies burnt up and destroyed in a helicopter crash with no repercussions. This was going to hint what was about to happen to Eli. This is because he actually ingested the parasite that gave The End his photosynthesis powers, after having done research on The End's remains. A related species, "the one that covers," is the source of Quiet's powers, as well as those of the Skulls. after the reveal that the parasites that comprise their skin need to breathe, which the masks are implied to supplement with oxygen since they can't breathe through their heavy armor. However, she prefers not to speak in English because it would activate her vocal cord parasites. The pilot that assists Snake throughout Ground Zeroes, and the only back-up that he receives for the various operations he carries out in Camp Omega. Zero himself is considered, Skull Face crossed the. Whenever it rains the Skulls immediately drop their activities in order for the parasites to absorb the rain, and water pistols can momentarily stun them as well. Their parasites love water, to the point of abandoning anything else if a large source of it appears. Dr. Strangelove; The Boss AI; Evangelos Constantinou; DD; D-Horse; Pequod; Notable Past Characters. She disappears at the end of mission 45. She can speak. Venom Snake than the real Big Boss.

survived the explosion, helicopter crash. Going a step further, the final trailer for the game details his background over footage of a changing and, Given the end-game twist, Skull-Face has more parallels with, In one of the cassette tapes, it turns out that. As it turns out, it refers to Venom Snake, the "phantom" of Big Boss. him a worthy candidate to complete Operation Snake Eater if Snake himself could not. This causes her vocal cord parasites to become infectious, and so she leaves Boss with. eat soap if they spoke a word of their native language. Did his helicopter get shot down while he was flying over the base? The codenames "Ahab" and "Ishmael" were glaring hints to each's identities for anyone familiar with the story of. Venom Snake's eye is green, while Big Boss was known for his striking BLUE eye(s). At the end of the game, when they come across Skull Face crushed under a collapsed radio tower, begging for a quick death, Venom and Miller instead elect to use Skull Face's own Mare's Leg to blow most of his limbs off, leaving him to die slowly as revenge for his destruction of MSF nine years ago. Its H-Discharger main weapon is identical to the Pupa AI-Weapon's Shock unit. So, he made one to infect Zero, and all who speak Zero's tongue. This can be mitigated by giving her a sniper rifle that can pierce the helmets, but that sniper rifle can't be silenced and quickly gives away her position, forcing the player to micromanage her to prevent her from being injured. The horn made of shrapnel served as a reminder of his punishment. Likewise, D-Walker bears a resemblance to the Metal Gears seen in the first two games. Rescuing him in Ground Zeroes causes him to join Diamond Dogs in The Phantom Pain. It's also heavily implied that he forces. Every once of misery from Ground Zeroes onward is thanks to Skullface.

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