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Can anyone provide direction as to where I might find this information? He wished to donate it to us as a piece of University of Cincinnati heritage that he strongly felt should be preserved, and we’re very fortunate that he thought of us because the plaque that reads “Shillito Hall” is a reminder of CCM’s past and its merger with the University of Cincinnati in the 1960s. [5] It is a contributing property to the Race Street Historic District. He was my Uncle Arnold E. Hill. The landmark Shillito's department store building has been converted into the Lofts at Shillito Place luxury apartments. As I progressed through the store in my training I met many employees that had professional experience in show business prior to retiring to a less stressful life at Shillito's. My Dad worked there for 32 years he passed before he could retire,he only needed a few more years Shitllitos allowed my dad's full retirement which helped my mom financial. My mom and I would take the bus downtown and meet my dad for lunch at the employee cafeteria,my mom would shop and I would stay with my dad, he would take me all over the store. Thank you for hosting this site and allowing to note what this store meant to me.02 February, 2014 19:29. It must of been a sight to see in its day. As many know, CCM represents what were originally two separate music schools. I am interested in finding out about dresses that might have been sold at Shillito's around 1910, particularly so-called "lawn dresses." on the 2nd floor.

He didn't know where she lived but he knew she worked at Shilloto's, so he searched every department of the store till he found her in the stationary department.

My family and I always looked forward to shopping there many times a year. The store actually had been opened about 15 minutes, and we chuckled thinking that somehow the announcement was off kilter from the night before. It was also designated as a bomb shelter from the 50s, and a tornado shelter. It had a coffee shop which was in it's 100 year of service when the store was shut down.

Lofts at Shillito Place has been voted Best Apartment Community 2019 and 2020 by City Beat Readers! But we can see about asking her this weekend. That store was even more interesting, but that's a store for another day. After her death in 1912, Baur’s niece, Bertha, fully took over the administration of the conservatory and it remained in its Oak and Highland Streets location until the UC era. At that time, department stores were one of the places that women (mostly single) could get a "respectable" job. Many of the displays are displayed at Crossroads Church in Oakley during the holiday season! I loved Shillito's. Shillito's was famed for buying directly from Paris.

To learn more about CCM’s and UC’s history, please email us at, call us at 513.55.1959, or visit us on the web at Does anyone know whatever happened to the Christmas display they had at Shillito's?

before the store opened. this is truly amazing! John Shillito & Co. (commonly known as Shillito's) was Cincinnati's first department store.

I miss all the richness that Cincinnati had and has lost with technology! Consequently Shillito erected a 6-story red brick Chicago-style commercial building that the. We would always visit the candy maker for a treat. We would go in and all the ladies would come around as she would show us off and make us pose for them. She had wonderful friends. I put forth let history show how great of a leader one Big /little store and more so the people who worked and lived there challenged and changed an industry. Interestingly, the stamp actually is spelled "John Shitllito Co" but that clearly is a spelling error as I can find no company with that spelling. At the turn of the 20 th century as Clara Baur searched for a more appropriate home for the Conservatory, she obtained the mansion in Walnut Hills formerly the home of the Shillito family, which had founded one of Cincinnati’s iconic department stores. I got off the bus near my abode and from my right the street curved and it was hard to determine if traffic was coming. Dry cleaning, travel agency, toys, luggage, books, coins, watch repair, check cashing, wine, general merch, alterations, Santa Land, and even a pet store. I'd walk outside and see the Christmas displays in the front windows. My mother had me pose for a silhouette in probably 1950. I believe that they are originals and I am trying to authenticate them. WHAT - it was barely a flurry - SNOW - you want to know snow - I come from Rochester and snow is 6 feet tall. The little kids on the other end of the line were so cute. Also sold @ Giddings in the '60's. We miss Shillito's so much. One day there was an announcement telling customers to take their purchases to the nearest register as the store was closing in 10 minutes. Whenever I hear Shillito's it always brings back memories of my NeeNaw. The advertising agency was also hidden on a "half level" where the "new store" from the 30's wrapped around the old store and the floors didn't line up.

Jeffery Leitner said...My Grandmother Mabel Gribbons worked in the jewelry department up until near the closing of this Cincinnati icon of history. Wow, I can still taste it!! After having children, I took them to see Santa at Shillito's every year.

Other things I am proud to be associated with is that the downtown store was at one time the largest department store. Christmastime was a very special time in downtown Cincinnati during those years.. My mother, Betty Yanakos, worked for Shillito's and the changed-name versions until 1987. Any tips on where I can find images of what this store used to look like, inside? Shillitos's probably wasn't the biggest store W of the Alleghenies for long, if at all. It had planting beds you put little plastic flowers in, rock walls, columns and plastic wrought Iron gates. It had its own candy department and candy was made on premises and had it's own secret ingrediants passed down from candy maker to candy maker.

Just reading all the comments puts a smile on my face! In that year, he left his employer and formed a partnership with William McLughlin.

I was found by a associate who knew me by isn't this Don's kid what a place it was. He gave me money for the bus ride home, as we normally drove in together. I have to admit, that story still chokes me up when I think of how awful working in retail has become, it's basically soulless slave labor.After I left Shillito's, I moved to Pogues and Ayers. Mall shopping cannot even begin to compare. In 1966 I was a newlywed from Rochester NY. It was a great place to work but it was also one big family.

So many memories! Does anyone remember seeing them?

They would also buy from New York. MY MEMORIES OF CINNCINNATI OHIO AND SHILLITO'S. In those days "Mr. Fred" used to roam the store on Christmas eve and hand out bonuses to employees out of his own pocket who he knew were struggling. I still try to duplicate that dressing, but it never matches the original. Also, I bought my first dress coat from the ladies department in 1978,Full length suede with the fake fur collar. In fact, Shillito's prospered during the depression years, and found itself again with a shortage of space in its 58-year old store. I worked for the company in a corporate capacity for 20 years and my dad worked there for 26 years. I have come into possession of "The One and Only Ice Princess" that was displayed in the front window every Christmas for over 40 years downtown. [6], Meier & Frank added to division in 2002; Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution (2001, to Meier & Frank),, "Shillito's was a retail palace with panache", Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution,, Defunct department stores based in Cincinnati, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 20:37. So, I submitted the suggestion to management who not only whole heartedly indorsed the concept but Fred Lazruth, Jr was the first employee to sign up as a member and I was assigned the responsibiliies of Executive Director. Some folks hold up a parade and a movie.

I can remember my grandmother taking the four of us grandkids to Shillito's to buy us Easter outfits.

I bought one and would like to find another (not sure if it was at Shillito's or Pogue's but it was definitely one of the two). That was a long day, the day the pipe burst and flooded the place. The others are presented so that they may be properly remembered as a tangible part of the lives of their customers, shopping destinations where memories were often made. Yesterday I met him at the gatehouse on Clifton and hauled it in to the Archives & Rare Books Library. In 1842, he gained sole ownership of the store, which dealt in the wholesale and retail trade. Shillito's, in addition to being Cincinnati's largest department store, was a landmark of the city, and one of the oldest in the country, having been founded in 1830. When Christmas time came my dad was one of many that put up the Christmas displays inculding the Santa's village and the outside lights with the star on top of the store. Proudly powered by WordPress. We lived in Groesbeck but downtown is where they earned thier income. Everyone seemed to love her there. Shillito, Burnett & Pullen's business was such that a larger premises on the other side of Main Street between Fourth and Fifth streets was secured in 1833, but even this location was superseded when Shillito bought out his partners in 1837, and renaming the business John Shillito & Company. The people working were the best in the world and kept christmas very very well. I was born and raised in Cincinnati but now live in Arizona! She deserves to be in a museum for all to remember. It is in excellent Condition. Until the 1930's it was the largest west if the Appalachian Mtns.

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