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These dramatizations of Claudel’s life have often privileged her tragic romance with Rodin over her artistic talent. To make matters worse, Rodin refused to leave Beuret—even though he signed a contract Claudel had drawn up promising he would do precisely that. And when she applied for government commissions to produce pieces in stone, as she did in 1892 for her sculpture. Her sculptures, while lauded by critics, were too erotic for the mores of the time. Crouching Woman, purchased by the French state at the Salon of 1909 for the Musée du Luxembourg, bears witness to Rodin’s working method. He also found Claudel irresistible.

He exhibited the plaster as an independent work in 1896. Rodin reworked it in different materials and sizes, for example in I Am Beautiful and The Fallen Caryatid carrying her Stone or The Fallen Caryatid with Urn.

Neighbor and noted sculptor Alfred Boucher (who would go on to instruct, When Boucher won the Grand Prix de Salon and moved to Florence in 1881, he asked his friend Rodin to take over his teaching duties.

Thus began a decade-long relationship, during which time “Rodin’s work became a lot more sensual,” noted Ayral-Clause. Achat à Reine-Marie Paris de La Chapelle, 2008 © musée Camille Claudel. “What broke her down more than Rodin,” she notes, “was how difficult it was for her to make it in that kind of world.”, The 6 Artists of Chicago’s Electrifying ’60s Art Group the Hairy Who, The Stories behind 10 of Art History’s Most Iconic Works, María Berrío’s Lush New Paintings Show Women Persevering Despite Disaster, Genevieve Gaignard’s Timely Work Documents Racial Injustice and Calls for Change, This Frida Kahlo Painting Helped Me Bridge Divisions in My Biracial Family, The Japanese Artist Pushing the Boundaries of Botanical Sculpture. Achat à Reine-Marie Paris de La Chapelle, 2008 © musée Camille Claudel. She has since been the subject of multiple films—first in 1988, in the Academy Award-nominated. “Sculpting in those days meant the human figure,” Ayral-Clause explains. She adored the material and would sculpt and polish it herself (Rodin, on the other hand, preferred to leave that work to his assistants). Claudel began to chafe against these constant comparisons. In 1913, she was forcibly removed from her home and taken to an asylum, which is where she remained for the last 30 years of her life.

[2] For Gates, Rodin cut off its arms, left knee and part of its right leg. Portrait of Camille Claudel via Wikimedia Commons. It was a flop. Camille Claudel, L’Abandon, vers 1886-1905. Transfered to the musée Rodin in 1918. Eventually, it was too much.

Cast made by Fonderie Alexis Rudier in 1909. Rodin couldn’t abandon her.”, “There were myths that were built around Camille and the ‘nasty Rodin,’” Ayral-Clause continues. The artist was buried in an anonymous public grave; when her nephew attempted to move her body to the family tomb following the conclusion of World War II, he was informed that it would be impossible to find. Camille Claudel, La Fortune, 1902-1905. “And that’s probably why she didn't get commissions.”, Claudel desperately wanted to translate her clay maquettes into marble. Doctors recommended that she leave after five, and visiting friends insisted that she shouldn’t be locked away. Then, in 1984, the Musée Rodin staged a runaway exhibition of her sculptures. Photo by Marco Illuminati, courtesy of Musée Camille Claudel. But now, the focus is once again on her evocative sculptures. Decades later, her brother Paul (an influential poet himself) would organize a posthumous show of her work at the Musée Rodin. She continued to make work, furiously, but she struggled to get state commissions. The master sculptor recognized Claudel’s skill, enlisting her to help in modeling the feet and hands for. This block-like sculpture reflects Rodin’s aesthetic analysis of Michelangelo’s sculpture: it is a work that, to quote the great Italian artist, could roll down a hill without breaking.

Photo by Marco Illuminati, courtesy of Musée Camille Claudel. Then, in 1984, the Musée Rodin staged a runaway exhibition of her sculptures. “But she would have hated that. She didn’t want to be viewed as a victim.”. In March, a museum featuring the world’s largest collection of Claudel’s work opened in Nogent-sur-Seine, France (located some 70 miles southeast of Paris), which is where her artistic career began. She became paranoid, obsessed with hiding her work from Rodin and an imagined group of followers, which she termed “Rodin’s gang.” She destroyed much of her oeuvre, and only a fraction of it remains today. “So you had to be able to do that well in order to get any kind of recognition.” Simply gaining access to nude models was a battle for female artists at the time; after that “you were still expected to create a nude that was very modest. Eventually, a lack of money and success brought Claudel to a breaking point. Photo by Marco Illuminati, courtesy of Musée Camille Claudel. [3],, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 10:15. Claudel left Rodin—terminating the physical part of their relationship around 1893, and finally cutting off all communication by 1898. This block-like sculpture reflects Rodin’s aesthetic analysis of Crouching Woman, purchased by the French state at the Salon of 1909 for the Musée du Luxembourg, bears witness to Rodin’s working method. When she died in 1943, however, Claudel’s legacy was all but forgotten. She has since been the subject of multiple films—first in 1988, in the Academy Award-nominated Rodin’s presence, as it would be for the rest of her life, was both a curse and a blessing. Even in the 1950s, there wasn’t a place for the strong-willed female sculptor in art history.

The original figure, conceived for the tympanum of The Gates of Hell , looks like a compact block with limbs gathered together and pressed tightly against the torso. In 1884-85, Rodin modeled it after a 82 year old woman named Caira , mother of an Italian model , because he was fascinated by the inevitable decline of human beings with its different mouldings of ugliness and personality. Camille Claudel, La Valse ou Les Valseurs, 1889-avant 1895 Grès. But she couldn’t afford it on her own. Search. More than a star-crossed romance, Ayral-Clause says, Claudel’s life is a lesson in the restrictive social structures of turn-of-the-century Europe. He met the woman of his life too late,” she says.

In fact, “her mother would have preferred for her to do something else, that is, get married and have kids,” says Claudel biographer Odile Ayral-Clause. Claudel and her friend, Jessie Lipscomb, were soon employed at Rodin’s studio on rue d’Université. Neither of Claudel’s parents were artists. Installation view of Musée Camille Claudel.

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